OMEGA DIATRIBE You Cant Save Me 450   Humility
GROMADAH Masquerade Cover 450    OMEGA DIATRIBE Mirror Neuron Cover 450    OMEGA DIATRIBE Parallel Cover 450    DRUKNROLL Dead Phone cover 450    DEFACE Blatant Denial cover 450    Przeminela Official Single Music
VADIKAN Farewell cover 450   DRUKNROLL Doomed Love cover 450   OBSCURA QALMA From The Sheol To The Apeiron cover 450   MIRIUM I Am Free cover 450   SHAME YOURSELF Driving Force cover 1500   CODE NOIR Burn Card 450
DRUKNROLL Bad Math 450   SMYTE Paradise Lost   KADAR Essence   DRUKNROLL Петля Мироздания   CRIMSON SKY Transcendental Trip   UNGRACE Dead Ugly Hearts
BLOODY TERROR Diaboli Celeritate   ONE STEP BEYOND The Music Of Chance   KADAR Infidel   RAM PAGE The Retribution   BLOODY HARVEST Abstinence Syndrome   THE SCARLET EMBRACE Talio


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