DEFACE "Blatant Denial"
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1. Intro 00:51
2. N1 02:19
3. No Pride 03:23
4. Time to Deal with the Guilt 03:29
5. Do Me A Favor 02:51
6. Blatant Denial 04:18
7. Forever Alone 02:30
8. I Depend 02:49
9. Spit Swallow 03:12
10. Disappear 02:49
11. Hate Lynch Terror Burn 03:33
12. Death for All 02:21
13. About Nine 03:43
14. Shmokie 04:03
15. Not This Time Friend 02:44
Total playing time: 45:28

                                            DEFACE Blatant Denial cover 450 (Matias Melim) (Fernando Ferreira)


В последние деньки уходящего 2019 года израильская группа DEFACE выпустила свой дебютный альбом Blatant Denial. Существует еще штатовская команда с таким именем и они тоже выпустили альбом в этом году. Не перепутайте. Так вот, по непроверенной информации группа существует еще с начала нулевых и все это время писала песни для этого альбома. Должно получиться нечто. Послушал пару раз и действительно мощно получилось. Грувовый дэз металл. Песни по две – три минуты в основном построены на несложных риффах, но встречаются и исключения. Для такой музыки характерен средний темп, тогда лучше кач воспринимается. При определении потенциальной аудитории, кому был бы интересен этот релиз, лейбл отсылает нас к таким группам как Sepultura, Machine Head и Benediction. И я абсолютно с ним согласен. Даже несмотря на то, что Бенедикшн старо школьная команда, что-то похожее на них есть в музыке израильтян. На данный момент альбом доступен только в цифре, будем надеяться, что физическая версия не заставит себя долго ждать.

Neophyte (Atmosfear #25)

Israeli Groove/Death Metal band Deface formed in 2002 but the debut album they release only this year. Of course, many will ask a reasonable question: “Why it took so long, 17 years?” Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for this question. Maybe because it’s a totally underground band or because such music isn’t reclaimed in Israel, I don’t know, really. But this is the fact: the album named Blatant Denial is out.
Since 2002 the line-up was changed many times, of course. The only constant member through all these years is the founder, guitarist and vocalist Michael Korotayev. Today bassist Jack Gravedancer and drummer Vadim Freidkin also play in Deface.
The band tells about Blatant Denial: “The album consists of songs written over a decade. Each song reflects bands state of perception at a certain point but with common concept in mind. The album explores inherent human tendency to ignore the obvious.”
13 songs of an album (plus instrumental “Intro” and “About Nine”) can be really defined as Groove/Death. There can be heard a huge influence of Sepultura from 1991-1996, a little bit of, let’s say, Machine Head and a really tiny touch of St. Anger (if you can find something good in this album; if not, just forget about this comparison). Basically, it’s a technically simple, powerful and very aggressive music. Also this played a sick joke with the album but I’ll talk about it later.
The first song “N1” is exactly as I described: simple guitar riff, fast drums and low brutal vocal. It sounds mighty, aggressive and I’m sure it will sound better played live. Tempo is also changing from song to song: there are really fast songs like “Time To Deal With The Guilt” and slow-paced like “Shmokie”. Sometimes the band goes Death Metal (“Blatant Denial”, “Death For All”), sometimes to some Hardcore territory (“I Depend”).
But the main lack of the album is its sameness. Maybe it feels like that because of the amount of the songs, but I can understand musicians’ wish to give all what they got for all these years to the listeners. Or is it some “genre’s narrow frames”? Well, that don’t relieve from the feeling that “Spit Swallow” and “Disappear” based on the same riff). Anyway, the fact is the album would be better if it was shorter.
With this, Blatant Denial is a qualitative, mighty and aggressive work, full of anger. And I really hope that Deface won’t stop but continue to play and release new songs.

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