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PEDOPHILE PRIESTS is a duo of Poles living in Dublin. The leader is Piotr Niemczewski, a former member of the Polish-Irish THY WORSHIPER.The line-up from the debut “Dark Transgression of the Soul” was also with two persons, only with another drummer. Here is the link to the review of that release of my authorship:
Four years later, the successor to the debut entitled “Cancer” came. It contains mainly brutal, very technical, full of death-metal twisted riffss. Sometimes the music is dark and haunted, psychedelic, reminiscent of NILE. There are also sad moments.
The vocals on the album are very diverse: growls, strong singing through a constricted throat, typical for HC, clean, desperate, squeak, spoken, strangely modulated. Often, two different vocals are used simultaneously, which gives an interesting effect. The guitar is not inferior to the vocals. The guitars are complicated, difficult and full of creativity. The guitarist is characterized by high musicality, the ability to create interesting melodies, solos, licks. The drummer is adapted to the level of play with the other instruments. The electronics were used very sparingly but interestingly in these compositions.
The final song “Zejście w zaświaty” is an instrumental track based on an acoustic guitar, full of melancholy. It has captivating drama. This is an intriguing, thoughtful outro.
The music on “Cancer” is rich, full of ideas and imagination, requiring focus on its reception. You have to listen to the disc many times to get to know it well. For me, the latest opus of PEDOPHILE PRIESTS is breathtaking and is cool!

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