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1. My Scars Tell A Story 06:03
2. Unzen 03:04
3. Under the Oak's Shadow 03:11
4. You Tomb 04:42
5. The Fate That Life Gives 05:59
6. Not for the Mass 04:56
7. Shock 05:16
8. Monomania 04:56
9. Reflected Soul 03:03
10. Memento 04:43
Total playing time: 46:14 min.

                                            CREPUSCOLO You Tomb Cover 450


This band has the blues, the wolverine blues.
As such, and by all rights, no one at Metallian Towers should like this album. Entombed’s debut album, Left Hand Path, was original, brutal, talented and occult. The subsequent albums, Clandestine and Wolverine Blues, became progressively worse and less intense. By the time Wolverine Blues came out in 1993 Entombed was the typical former death metal band yielding to commercialism and tiring of heaviness. It is why Crepuscolo’s adherence to Swedeath and penchant for copying Entombed is not an issue, but it choosing the weaker albums of a band that by 1993 was a husk of its former self that is problematic. With that said, You Tomb ends up convincing.
How? The riffs are decent, the guttural singing is earnest, if not actually strong in a vocal sense, and the band shows off more than a mere couple of strong tracks on this record. You Tomb, the title, is obviously inspired by YouTube and down to the logo, but the references to the digital age aside (“You Tomb, You Porn, You Tomb…”) fans of the second era of Swedish death metal will get genuine pleasure out of this very underground and little-known album. The track The Fate That Life Gives even includes a Dismember-inspired lead to the listener. In need of mention is also the drumming of Lorenzo Ambrogi and the distortion on the bass of Franz Minnozzi. They certainly add to the proceedings.
In summary, this album is unoriginal, inspired by an era and development not favoured Metallian Towers, but nonetheless heavy, fast and engaging enough to garner a mark of seventy out of a hundred. There is something about the band’s delivery.

Ali “The Metallian” (

CREPUSCOLO was founded in 1995 in Macerata, a small town in central Italy, distant 30 km from the Adriatic Sea. This town has a rich and long history, dating back to antiquity.
Before this album the Italian trio released a lot of rehearsals, three EPs and one full-length album. The title of newest album “You Tomb” makes an allusion to the well-known portal.
The music is largely based on hardcore. The album’s production is raw, but correct, except the drums, which sound like knocking or they are too hidden in the background. The musicians are not virtuosos, but they play at a good level, none of them stands out. The guitarist enriches the music with interesting playing, melodies and solos. The bass is used extensively and often it gives show its playing. The vocalist primarily sings with a hardcore’s mannerism, grunting, but he can also use growling and screaming.
The base for Italians is sharp hardcore, but often combined with different types of metal music, death-metal as well as dark-trance climates. There also are moody and mysterious fragments. The song “Shock” refers to rap-metal, “Reflected Soul” is a metal, instrumental ballad, while in “Memento” you can hear Black Sabbath echoes.
CREPUSCOLO creates an aggressive message, but it is not extreme music. The Italians combine different types of playing in an interesting, graceful way. The songs are skillfully composed, varied, have many colors and shades. The trio from Macerata did not invent gunpowder, but yet they have its own individual countenance. Together, the musicians form a convincing, coherent whole. For me it is another successful album from Italy.

Pavel (

Founded in 1995, Italian trio Crepuscolo released a debut full-length Revolution Evilution in 2014 and are now back with a sophomore 10-tracker (45 minutes of playing time) entitled You Tomb. Just like its predecessor this new material is in the vein of old-school brutal style Swedish/US death metal.
This is as brutal and old-school as it sounds. You Tomb explodes with thunderous and distorted guitars with catchy riffs, a massive bass guitar crushes and hammering and intense yet varied drumming. It’s all accompanied by some excellent old-school solos. The vocals are reminiscent of Entombed, Benediction and Dismember. Deliberately or not it still sounds mature, confident and convincing. The same applies for the production, being very crispy, edgy and just again… old-school.
I’m a huge fan of almost anything that is old-school, so listening to You Tomb was a pleasant and refreshing experience for me. Meanwhile, I think you should give it a try and check it for yourselves esp. if you’re a fan of Entombed, Dismember, At The Gates, Autopsy, Deicide, Dimmu Borgir, Six Feet Under, Kataklysm etc.

Bato (

After a debut album released on US based Horror Pain Gore Death label, Italian Crepuscolo change orientation and sign with Ukraine based Metal Scrap and here we have the first fruit of this new collaboration, a second studio album featuring 10 new tracks in 45 minutes of playing time. The music, if you are not familiar with this band (as I was too to be honest), I would characterize as a more Hardcore version of Dismember, with a vocalist that's a cross between Benediction (Dave Ingram's The Dreams You Dread period) and Six Feet Under (the more recent period where Chris Barnes sounds quite tired), a bass that sounds like a machine-gun after it has fired all bullets, metallic and damn angry, an intense drums section and catchy guitar riffs enhanced by some excellent old-school solos that make it as the cherry on top of the cake. I know, Swedish Death Metal has been used and abused too many times along the way, but at least Crepuscolo are shaping it their own way and although it may seem tiresome to listen to it for three quarters of an hour (because of the abrasive and upfront vocals), this one is pretty well done, if released at the beginning of the '90's this would have been a total blast. Check it out for yourselves.

Adrian (

Namen wie Franz Minnozzi oder Vün Speranza Perticarini lassen nicht gerade an an ollen Death Metal denken. Und doch malträtieren die beiden seit 1995 Bass beziehungsweise Gitarre im Auftrag des schwedisch geprägten Death Metal. Dabei grunzt Franz weniger tief, als er aggressivschreit – weshalb der Hörer in den Genuss kommt, die Lyrics auch nachhören zu können. Das könnte sich lohnen, geht es doch um das harte Leben, Naturkatastrophen und Krieg, um Computer- und Handy-Abhängigkeit, E.A. Poe und vieles andere. Musikalisch spannen die Italiener den Bogen von Amon Amarth (,Under The Oak‘s Shadow‘), Schweden-Bands wie Dismember oder Grave (ganz viele Songs) bis hin zu amerikanischen Bands wie Obituary (,You Tomb‘). Allen Stücken gemein sind aber die knackigen Gitarren, der bollernde Bass, das kraftvolle Drumming – und der seltsam hölzerne, aber doch irgendwie passende, weil undergroundige Sound. Und so macht der zweite Langspieler jede Menge Spaß, wenn der Rezipient nicht gerade auf perfekten, gestylten Death Metal oder die ganz böse Variante dessen steht. Nicht perfekt, aber handgemacht und ehrlich klingen die zehn CREPUSCOLO-Songs und damit voll sympathisch.

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