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The latest release brings one hour of aggressive, technical, twisted, ambitious metal. Stylistically, I would classify the band’s work as progressive death metal, but in some fragments as technical black metal. In addition the three short pieces titled “Gates”, “Giant Signs” and “In the Serve of Evil” are based on atmospheric electronics, using tribal rhythms. However, the last song “Everything Reveals”, finishing album is not brutal, but is moody, in which the keys and the guitar are alternately put in the foreground. The rest of the tracks, usually multi-minute, is a sound attack that uses high technical skills of the musicians. The guitarist creates complicated virtuosery. The drummer is very good, it is accompanied by the fast electronic drums. The bass player has many interesting moments. The vocal is very varied from low growl across whispered spoken, hoarsed, black scream to voice spoken like from a radio. The music is enriched by frugal keys. All instruments play simultaneously in their own way, but these all musical activity create coherent whole.
The transfer is aggressive, but sometimes this aggression is still growing. Teh oroduction does not lose the value of individual elements, everything can be heard. In addition, “Historiocriticism” was recorded in full analogue, which emphatically confirms the professionalism of SYMPHONY OF SYMBOLS members.
The Magyars’ work is undoubtedly very valuable, but for me it is difficult for my mental perception. However certainly many metal lovers will appreciate it.

Livius Pilavi (


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