Slowly We Rot #12/2018

Slowly We Rot 12 2018 coverSix years after their debut album was released, Symphony of Symbols are back with a followup studio effort this time focused more on Death Metal and loosing whatever Black / Black Death influences they still had. The compositions, 5 tracks divided into 11 chapters, are way more intricate, faster played and benefit from a better, more powerful production that their debut had. The tracks structures are as complex and complicated as possible, they actually feel rather chaotic, a programmed chaos if you will, but tough, very tough for the listener to digest, so this will narrow down their audience even more. We don't get melodic parts here, now melancholy or acoustic intermezzos, just plain (I'll skip the "and simple" in this case) brutality and fanatic assault on senses. It is indeed an impressive effort, you'll keep wondering if they can keep this up on live shows, but strictly from a "playing it at home" point of view, this CD is rather repugnant, only the initiated will have the guts to take it to the end. The lyrics are about all sort of stories and myths, nationalism not missing either, but I won't go into that, you'll have to make your own mind.

Slowly We Rot #12/2018


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