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Hungarian band Symphony Of Symbols was founded in 1997. Yet this is only their second record, after ‘Stupefying Beliefs’ from 2012. And when I take a glance at the number of changes in the line-up I think I know where to find the most important explanation for that. As an example, the current singer is in the band only since last year. And the number of ex guitar players is comparable to that of the singers.
It seems the band insists on biting off a bit more than they can chew. There is absolutely no denying that they have the capacity aboard to manifest very, very interesting stuff. But there is more to it than that. Structure and most of all musical identity and direction are lacking a bit. That makes the technical passage come across as a desperate attempt to showcase themselves. That is not so much criticism, but more like a warning, as this is a shame of the talent they possess. If someone would take them by the hand and told them where to be just a little bit more conforming to expectations at the moments it matters, if they would want that, they would easily climb up a few steps on the ladder. The genre they venture into, progressive blackened death metal, is exploding with talented bands with the best of intentions. But only so many can make a lasting impression. On an individual level they all have what it takes to be part of that, really. Now all it takes is getting the collective there. And in all honesty, that must be done before the third record, because you can get to be a promising band only for so long. Fingers crossed, I hope I one day get to hear the full potential of this band.

66 / 100
Ramon (http://www.lordsofmetal.nl)


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