DRUKNROLL "Unbalanced"
/Metal Scrap Records/


1. Hundred 05:29
2. Unbalanced 04:40
3. Bad Math 05:31
4. It's Not My Way 04:06
5. Philosophy of Life 04:47
6. On the Hook 04:23
7. Eternal Confrontation 03:12
8. Mirror 05:22
9. The Heroes of the War 04:50
10. Dark Matter 05:22

                                            HORTUS ANIMAE GLP Cover 450 







To już trzeci krążek tego Rosyjskiego zespołu jaki przychodzi mi tu recenzować. Przyznać trzeba, że zespół regularnie wydaje swoje materiały konsekwentnie rozwijając swój styl. Tak więc i tym razem mamy kilka nowinek- jak dla mnie zaskakujących. Po pierwsze, brutalizacji uległa sama muzyka. Mniej jest tu już typowo nastrojowych, zahaczających o gotyckie plumkanie motywów. Więcej za to mamy ostrych, acz strasznie technicznych fragmentów, także aranżacje są zakręcone jak baranie rogi. Zupełnie jakby wszyscy na raz chcieli zagrać solówkę prześcigając się w pomysłach na zrobienie sobie miejsca. Powinno więc brzmieć to chaotycznie, a jednak ma ręce i nogi. Podczas słuchania do głowy często przychodzi mi projekt IHSAHN, który do łatwych lektur z pewnością nie należy. No, ale czy komuś to wchodzi czy nie to jakby inna bajka. Tymczasem na „Unbalanced” nie bagatelną role odgrywają też klawisze o „kosmicznych” brzmieniach. Nie brak też czystych wokali we fragmentach, czy akustyków „z przytupem” pod środkowy THERION („It’s Not My Way”). Pomimo rozrzutu stylistycznego jaki tutaj mamy, trzyma się to kupy i daje radę. Drugą zmianą szczególną w DRUKNROLL jest zmiana językowa. Nareszcie zespół porzucił język rosyjski w lirykach na rzecz przaśnej angielszczyzny. I to się chwali. Ruski w takiej muzyce by nie przeszedł. Cóż mogę dodać- fajne to w sumie i czekam na jeszcze. Wydawcą jest Metal Scrap.

R'Lyeh #15

Druknroll is one of the hardest working Russian bands I know, them and Grenouer, but contrary to Grenouer's trajectory from Thrash Death Metal to a way softer kind of Rock / Metal, Druknroll have seriously impressed me with their switch to heavier and heavier music along the years to a point where now on this fifth album of theirs the band plays a mix of Industrial Metal (obviously) with Progressive Thrash and Death Metal and even Symphonic influences here and there. The 10 tracks clocking almost 50 minutes of playing time offer plenty to discover and enjoy, the compositions are so complex and diverse one from another that it's no wonder the band worked for 2 years for this new material. The part where the band fails is the production of this album, it gives me the constant feeling I'm listening to two or more different recordings at the same time; probably the band wanted to give a certain SF atmosphere to the whole, and that is understandable as the music certainly leads to such a medium, a journey through space and cosmos, but to be honest I don't like the final mix. The compositions on the other hand are top notch Prog Thrash Death a la '90's mixed with classy Industrial Metal, very well structured and expressive; there are plenty of interesting and surprising moments throughout the album so I suggest if you give it a chance to spin it at least once in full otherwise you'll miss out on a few hooks hidden here and there that might make the difference between a material you like or one you dislike. Also this fact that Druknroll's music become heavier and heavier over time is quite impressive, there are very few bands that actually do or ever did this, so here's another reason to support them.

Adrian (Pest Webzine)

I have heard a couple of DRUKNROLL’s albums but I cannot say that I do remember them that well. I do know that I have liked what I have heard at that time but I cannot for the life of me remember what they sound like. And I guess much has to do with the fact that the band seem to change style as often as possible. This new album sound like a cross between Pain and Hypocrisy. It has elements of both thrash, death and goth. It is an amalgamation of styles that strangely enough work as a unit. This is actually a pretty cool album.

Anders Ekdahl (http://battlehelm.com)

I remember when Strapping Young Lad started releasing albums and fans didn’t know what to think… The dissonant rhythms, maniac ideas, and song structures were disconcerting to say the least. Fans needed time to embrace the whole idea and this is where Druknroll come in to some extent. For most of us, the name Druknroll is totally unknown, but the fact is, ‘‘Unbalanced’’ is their fifth full-length. The Russian scene may be too self-absorbed and one of the reasons may be because bands usually use their own native language to express themselves, which shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing at all. The problem lays when they export their music. I remember in the previous issue being impressed by a Ukrainian band called Hesperion but the vocals were a drawback for me. Druknroll had the perception of this fact and on the previous record started using English lyrics that have led to some light exposition on the European metal scene. “Unbalanced” seems to be their most ambitious record, displaying a band that does not follow preconceived ideas in regards to music by blending an amalgam of different genres, thus giving a real progressive edge to their modem sonority. Try to imagine a blend between Strapping Young Lad, Nevermore, In Flames, and Soilwork-probably something hard to visualize I confess. Right from the opener ‘Hundred’ the listener is led towards an ongoing journey through fast rhythmic variations, different moods, and vocal styles. The title track and ‘Bad Math’ pick up right from that point, displaying strong guitar leads that rest on the more aggressive side of both thrash and death metal but having always in mind labyrinthine song structures that also incorporate elements from heavy metal and subtle keyboard melodies. Much of the aggression lays upon a strong and in-your-face modern production that provides enough punch (from drums and bass) but also clarity for the guitars to shine. The vocals are not forgotten either: in terms of variety, they range from guttural sections, to raspy, screams, clean parts, and even some female lines on ‘It’s Not My Way’. They are definitely on their way to something quite big, songs like ‘Philosophy of Life’, ‘Mirror’, the catchy ‘The Heroes of the War’, or the closer ‘Dark Matter’ follow on the same progressive note with constant tempo changes and rhythmic variations. Despite having that modern edge that some fans may not appreciate or less brilliant moments (‘It’s Not My Way’) on some occasions, they have certainly achieved their very own unique progressive I sound, which is more than most bands do.


«Как вы яхту назовёте – так она и поплывёт» – пел в своё время легендарный капитан Врунгель. Соответственно, и название для метал-команды не менее важно. Такие наименования, как Cannibal Corpse, Vomitory, Suffocation, Dying Fetus однозначно позволяют отнести команду к дэт-металу, a Carpathian Forest и Ragnarok-к блэку. С другой стороны, всё не так однозначно – вот к какой категории, не зная о коллективе, отнести, например, Deicide или Slayer, исходя чисто из названия? По идее, тот же блэк и брутал-дэт, хотя на самом деле играют ребята satanic death и классический трэш. То же самое ждёт и решивших ознакомиться с творчеством банды Druknroll, выпустивших нонче уже пятый альбом. Хоть в названии и содержится намёк на фолк и пьяный угар, поспешим отчасти разочаровать – угар будет (и, возможно, пьяный), но вот замес будет из ядрёного модерн-метала, трэша, альтернативы, грува и даже чуток припанкованного дэта (да, именно так!). Ибо работают ребята на совесть и готовы проперчить любого чешского кабанчика под чешское же пиво. Ну а что до названий… Как говорится, хоть горшком назови, только в печку не ставь. Проще говоря, ярлык можно навесить любой и играть хоть присимфованный трэш с элементами a capella. Вот только ценить будут твой талант, а не гирлянду из стилей.

Menschenmaterial (Dark City #105/2018)

Metal Scrap Records, 2018 Быстро бежит время на самом деле. Вот совсем, казалось бы, недавно саратовская группа DRUKNROLL делала первые шаги на музыкальной сцене. А сейчас они представили публике уже пятый свой альбом. Предшествовал альбому прошлогодний цифровой ЕР и все интересующиеся могли послушать как будет звучать группа на своем пятом альбоме. Уже давно стиль DRUKNROLL принято относить к модерн металу, так как подход музыкантов несомненно современный, а музыка раздающаяся из колонок ни к какому ортодоксальному стилю не принадлежит. И для того чтобы не писать symphonic progressive melodic death / thrash metal with industrial influences была придумана формулировка modern metal, хотя настоящий модерн метал в исполнении тех же IN FLAMES это нечто иное. Короче, если в приличной компании вы заявите, что саратовцы наяривают модерн метал, бить вас скорее всего не будут. Итак, 10 треков на диске и все очень достойные, и все звучат. Есть те, которые мне входят лучше (The Heroes of the War, например), но отстойных нет. Очень сложно описывать музыку россиян, ее нужно слушать. Она спокойно подходит как для фонового прослушивания, так и для вдумчивого, когда ничто не отвлекает. Лирика на английском языке. Каким-то сногсшибательным оформлением своих альбомов группа никогда не славилась. Вот и сейчас имеем странную обложку и четырехстраничный буклет. Все самое главное заключается в музыке.

Neophyte (ATMOSFEAR #22/2018)

Formed in 2006 by Andrey "Druknroll" (guitars, bass, keys, and drum programming), Druknroll is a Russian metal band that I have had the pleasure of covering in the past (link). The recently-released "Unbalanced" is the fifth full-length album from this dark & dangerous group that is currently fronted by Alexander "Horror" Tolgaev (Svartstorm). Having started out in life as a solo project, Druknroll's one of a kind sound combines elements of hard & heavy rock, progressive metal, melodic thrash metal, death metal, and modern metal. Now in it's twelfth year of existence (and every-bit as different as their name implies!), this edgy-outfit has a lot to offer to modern metal fans and heavy death thrashers.

Andy (http://metalmark.blogspot.com)

Aus der Ukraine erreicht uns eine Death/Thrash Metal-Band mit dem etwas irrefuhrenden Namen DRUKNROLL. Der Bandname weist wohl auf die alltagstauglichen Themen in den Texten der Band hin. Die Stiicke wirken etwas roh und unbelassen. Der leicht gruntige Gesang tut sein Ubriges. „Unbalanced” zeichnet sich durch eine etwas steril wirkende Produktion aus; es wirkt leicht holzern, wenn man sich mit einem solchen, vielleicht auch etwas schiefen Vergleich behelfen mochte. DRUKNROLL fiigen dem Death/Thrash noch Keyboards hinzu. In .It’s Not My Way’ gesellt sich Frauengesang zum eigentlich doch recht straighten Metal. Sagt einem noch der Name Deadhead etwas? Okay, das ist ein bisschen zynisch jetzt, weil die Niederlander letztes Jahr ein neues Album veroffentlichten. DRUKNROLL kniipfen etwas, wohl eher unbewusst, an den Thrash Metal von Deadhead an. Ab und zu tendieren DRUKNROLL auch mehr zu Death Metal-Grunts, wie in .Eternal Confrontation’. Schlecht ist das Album nicht unbedingt, aber es fehlt noch etwas der letzte Schliff. Zuweilen hat es auch den Anschein, als ob DRUKNROLL zu viel auf einmal wollen: extreme Songs schreiben, dann wiederum progressive Elemente einflieBen lassen, symphonische Versatzstiicke integrieren. Auf dem nachsten Album ware vielleicht etwas Zuspitzung gut.

AP (LEGACY #3/2018)

Благодаря «открытому» подбору групп на #Volga_Metal_Compilation Vol.2, мне довелось познакомиться с несколькими ранее неведомыми для меня командами. И самой яркой, среди прочих, пожалуй, могу назвать DRUKNROLL из Саратова. Эти парни стали для меня настоящим открытием!
Если бы кто-либо спросил меня о том, какие ассоциации вызывает у меня свежайший альбом DRUKNROLL, «Unbalanced», то я не раздумывая назвал бы «Футуристический бронепоезд, несущийся на максимальной скорости». Уверенно можно сказать, что такой «Махине», вопреки названию альбома, стоило бы быть как раз таки максимально-сбалансированной. И именно таким и является альбом «Unbalanced». Скоростной Modern Metal с серьёзными прогрессивными элементами и вкраплениями Индастриала создают гнетущую атмосферу постапокалиптической реальности, в которой уже нет места мелким суетам сегодняшнего Хомо-Сапиенса. Главное здесь – Выжить!
Сам альбом здесь представлен лишь частично и «добит» более ранними, мощнейшими хитами. Встречайте Драк-н-ролльшиков из Саратова!

Евгений Трубецкой (VOLGA Metal Community)

DRUKNROLL was established in 2006 in Saratov, a city of millions located in central Russia, on the river Volga. At the beginning, the Russians played melodic heavy-metal / hard-rock, then switched to violent sounds. Before the latest “Unbalanced” they released four full-time albums, two EP and one single.
The latest album contains primarily aggressive, motoric and melodic music. Only the track “It’s Not My Way” is more atmospheric, and “The Heroes of the War” can be classified as strong climates. The guitarists bring the most to music, this album is based on their playing. They are able to use their instruments very technically. Each song contains at least one great solo, and there are often more. You can hear the heavy-metal roots of the band in the way of pulling the strings. But the rest of the musicians also present a high level. The many short solos of bass guitar are great. The Russians amply use keyboard, but they do not overdo it. The keyboard is just as much as should be – neither too much nor too little. The vocals are varied: clean male, snarling male and cleanfemale. In some tracks, male and female voices were woven as from a radio. This metal gallop was embellish by climatic inserts, slowdowns, giving the listener moments of breath.
The music from “Unbalanced” is well organized – the band knows what they want to create and they implement it. The production is clean, expressive. DRUKNROLL belongs to the brutal league, but their message has no negativism, no darkness. Even though the record ends with the sound of a huge explosion but their music is rather positive – at least form me.
The Russians from Saratov present a high level, they can make a career in the West.

Livius Pilavi (http://www.metalcentre.com)

These Russians' fifth release starts thrashy and speedy and for about a minute exudes potential but the clean vocals, piano et al bring it back to earth. The solo and riffing raise it again. In other words Hundred is all over the place. The title track introduces keyboards even earlier than one minute in, the song can even be a Kamelot one for about 30 seconds but travels into metalcore realms later. Bad Math is about numbers and math?! As expected it does offer a pinch of variety so perhaps it is about calculus and geometry at the same time. It's Not My Way is a 2018 version of power ballad. Philosophy Of Life features a mix of progressive and hardcore-ish sounds aided by some catchiness and proficient solos courtesy of Denys Malyuga. Malyuga does the lead work on six songs and shares the spotlight with Max Perepyolkin. On The Hook is as aggressive as the songs before it but suffers from the clean vocals dread. Eternal Confrontation suffers from the keyboards dread instead. Mirror and The Heroes Of The War keep the varied mantra going with pianos and more. Dark Matter starts very promisingly and is mostly enjoyable. Unbalanced is indeed unbalanced.

Anna Tergel (Metallian)

Druknroll is a Russian band that bears the name of the bandleader, also called Druknroll. A bit of a weird name perhaps, but this will probably be a pseudonym, just like that of other band member Horror. The band already released about four albums with metal that is based on numerous influences. Until now I was not really charmed by the albums (partly due to the mediocre vocals of Horror at the time), but with this new album 'Unbalanced' they have made a good step forward, also in the vocal area. In my opinion, the amount of influences is still too large, making it sometimes a complex album but there is clearly a greater sense of structure. New to me are the more progressive sounds, such as the added piano in opener 'Hundred'. This is also the least heavy song on the album, because after this the song the amount of decibels per song increases considerably. Everything stays within certain song structures and that makes songs like 'On The Hook' and 'The Heroes Of The War' very nice to listen to. If you are not afraid of a band that incorporates a lot of influences into their songs (and are immediately labeled as progressive by the record company), then you should definitely give Druknroll a chance, because as they produce more albums, they become better and better.

78 / 100
Berto (http://www.lordsofmetal.nl)

rockor 418Страшные саратовские эксперимента-торы снова вышли на тропу войны, и на этот раз не с синглом или миником, а с настоя-щим увесистым полноформатом. Ребята продолжают попытки покорить придирчивых западных слушателей, в связи с чем не только по-прежнему поют на английском, но и добавили себе какой-то особой универ-сальности. Лейбл утверждает, что “Unbalanced” гарантированно дестабилизи-рует и разбалансирует даже самый устой-чивый разум своей дикой смесью симфо, прога, дэта, трэша, грува, альтернативы и болезненных, въедливых мелодий, а для убедительности проводит параллели с Children Of Bodom, Soilwork, Mercenary, Degradead, Dark Tranquillity и In Flames. От-крывающая пластинку “Hundred” атакует ба-рабанные перепонки в лучших традициях Soilwork и прочих мелодичных шведов, чи-стоголосые припевы в ней шикарны, атмо-сферные куски эмоциональны, а мощный риффинг напорист и зол. Когда дело дохо-дит до соло, понимаешь, что математиче-ские эксперименты лид-изувера из Druknroll не пропали всуе, а всячески углубляются и усложняются, становясь всё более абстрактными и зверскими. Соло-партий на “Unbalanced” много. Они сложны, умны, вкусны и вообще замечательны. Я бы сказал, что слушать Druknroll можно только ради соло-гитары – есть что-то в самом подходе к написанию партий и в том, как со-четаются друг с другом риффы и соло от классических работ Annihilator, которые лично мне всегда казались безупречно слу-шабельными. Несмотря на страшное назва-ние, актуальный релиз саратовских умель-цев показался мне намного более гармонич-ным и сбалансированным, чем их преды-дущие творения. Практически бесследно сгинувшие в прошлом симфо-влияния, уступили место основательной философ-ской глубине и взрослой размеренности, ко-торые, однако, совсем не сделали альбом менее интригующим и неожиданным. Наоборот. На диске вдоволь самых разных (стилистических, вокальных, музыкальных) сюрпризов, но сама суть, идея, замысел чи-таются намного более ясно, рельефно и од-нозначно.

Алексей “Astarte Eel” Иринеев (Rockcor #4/2018)

Quando il mio capo redattore mi ha assegnato questi DRUNKROLL, e ho scorso la loro biografia mi si è accesa la luce, TRASH / DEATH / SIMPHONIC / PROGRESSIVE / ALTERNATIVE /MELODIC sono gli appellativi che hanno dato loro stessi alla proposta musicale che ci presentano…. poteva essere il caos o qualcosa di geniale, poteva essere un grande album oppure un flop, e visto che da vecchio metallaro, quale sono, amo le cose complicate (musicalmente parlando, ovvio) mi son messo all'ascolto di questo Album con l'entusiasmo di un ragazzino impaziente di scoprire cose nuove.
Ebbene, devo dire che UNBALANCED (questo il titolo dell’album) è un disco difficile da catalogare, tanti sono gli elementi che lo compongono. Composizioni veloci dalle atmosfere sinfoniche e Progressive lasciano posto ad attacchi all'arma bianca maligni e dannatamente pesanti con la sezione ritmica che passa da essere un rullo compressore a dettare tempi più pacati e che vengono supportate da ottimi riff di chitarra, che oltretutto cesellano solos impeccabili e dall'elevato tasso tecnico, momenti estremamente pesanti fanno da contraltare a parti riflessive ed affascinanti... vocals malvage contrapposte a cori ed a parti orecchiabili (quasi rock ) in un continuo mutare d’atmosfera spiazzano l’ascoltatore trasportandolo in una dimensione dove tutto muta ad una velocità pazzesca.
L'attacco sonoro parte con “Hundred “ che apre con un riff quasi epico per poi trasformarsi in un susseguirsi di atmosfere, con brutali voci death metal, prima di passare a un coro pulito e dominante, pur mantenendo tutta la violenza musicale, parti di tastiera si intervallano ad accelerazioni brucianti rendendo questo brano il manifesto ideale di tutto l'album. Unbalanced" e "Bad Math" sono molto più aggressive e pesanti, qui troviamo molto più trash metal, con il vocalist Horror che passa dal growling più nero a cleaning vocals efficaci e perfettamente consone al contesto, fatto di riff Killer e da atmosfere malate e Malvage.
It's Not My Way", è una traccia più morbida che parte con un arpeggio ed un andamento progressive per poi crescere di intensità con cori e parti accelerate che lo rendono vario ed estremamente affascinante. Ottimi i solos di chitarra, quasi Rock, che mostrano un gran gusto del chitarrista Denys Malyuga.
"Philosphy of Life" e “On the Hook“ sono brutali e malvage con riff doom metal veloci ed atmosfere darkeggianti, i continui cambi di tempo riportano alla mente gruppi come Watchtower per le articolazioni musicali ed i Mekong Delta per le atmosfere veramente oscure e sinfoniche.
“Eternal Confrontation“ e “The Heroes of the War“ sono brani, che pur avendo ben impresso il l marchio di fabbrica dei Drunkroll, devono molto all'Epic Metal, con il loro incedere cadenzato e salmodiante, mentre “Mirror“ è oscura ed assolutamente accattivante, con sensazioni pungenti ed accelerazioni brucianti che la rendono letale.
Si Chiude con "Dark Matter" che riassume perfettamente la natura camaleontica e progressiva dell'album, una strumentale che cambia forma continuamente facendo un'ipotetico riassunto dell'intero lavoro.
Altamente raccomandato per tutti coloro che amano la musica potente ed hanno una mentalità aperta. Potrebbe non essere quello che ti aspetti, ma lo apprezzerai sicuramente, difatti i DRUKNROLL hanno confezionato un lavoro vario, ben suonato e ben prodotto, che pur con molteplici influenze riesce a non essere mai troppo caotico ed avere una propria identità... compito tutt'altro che facile.

Alessandro Bettoni (https://www.insane-voices-labirynth.it)

DRUKNROLL is kind of a tough band to pin down. Here’s what we know: they love combining and mashing up all sorts of different metal styles with a drunken vigor, and they’re super duper Russian. Their latest full length, “Unbalanced,” is no different. A ferocious mashup of countless styles of metal: it thrashes, it djents, it slams, it grooves, it has softer moments, and it has PLENTY of heavy moments. A constant feeling of organized chaos and total mayhem carry the vibe of the album, and all things considered, it works really well. The heavy moments will have you head banging, the catchy moments will grab your attention, and it’s all topped off with solid production value and crushing vocal work from vocalist Horror. It begins at an unrelenting pace with the epic and soaring track “Hundred,” and doesn’t slow down through the entire album.
“Hundred” is in fact one of my favorite tracks of the year so far, and does an excellent job of encapsulating what the album is about. It begins with a thrashy and proggy guitar line that carries into a verse layered with brutal death metal vocals, before transitioning into a clean vocal dominant chorus, all while maintaining the proggy nature of the instruments playing in the background. It’s, generally speaking, one of the softer songs on the album, which is awesome. They don’t give you their heaviest stuff right out the gate. This song also makes FANTASTIC use of piano, perfectly added, their talent as musicians on full display.
Track 2 “Unbalanced” takes a much more aggressive and heavy note, we get a lot more of a djent feel here. Also the bridge guitar solo is wicked cool. Track 3 is the aptly titled “Bad Math,” heavy but also proggy, and it does vaguely remind me of math rock bands. Whether that was intentional with the title? Who knows. But it’s a killer track, 3 songs deep and the album is already stuffed to the brim with variety. This number also features a killer guitar solo.
The album doesn’t really let up. With the exception of track 4 “It’s Not My Way” which is a softer track, relatively speaking, it’s a constant barrage of chaotic and pounding metal. Other choice tracks for me include the brutal and wicked “Philosphy of Life” with it’s quick and dark doom/death metal riffs, “Mirror” with it’s epic droning of chunking djent-esque riffs, and closer “Dark Matter” which perfectly sums up the chaotic and prog nature of the album.
“Mirror” in particular is a favorite, although I am having a hard time choosing one track that stands out above the rest (a true sign of excellence). The droning and dark nature of the song is absolutely captivating, with a pounding and chunky feel that I absolutely LOVE. It reminds me of some bastard combination of DARK TRANQUILITY, IN FLAMES, and BLIND GUARDIAN. But that’s pretty specific, so take it with a grain of salt. The point is: it's fucked up. In a GREAT way.
All said and done, if you’re open in minded and in the mood for something fresh, give this album a listen. It may not be what you’re expecting, but you’re definitely going to love it.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

Jon Conant (http://www.metal-temple.com)

2018 04 09 194804Kapela DRUKNROLL pochádza z ruského mesta Saratov a určite už nepatrí k nováčikom na metalovej scéne. Od svojho vzniku v roku 2006 vydali vrátane novinky už päť plnohodnotných albumov a dve minička. Tvorbu do roku 2015 nahrávali výhradne v ruskom jazyku, ale od svojho štvrtého albumu „In the Game“ z roku 2016 sa preorientovali na angličtinu, ktorej zatiaľ ostávajú verní do  súčasnej doby. Aktuálnu novinku, piaty štúdiový album „Unbalanced“, tvorí desať skladieb s celkovým časom mierne prekračujúcim ¾ hodiny. Hudobná produkcia na tomto albume veľmi výrazne prebúrava mantinely štýlu heavy metal, nakoľko tu členovia DRUKNROLL využívajú a miešajú rôzne metalové štýly a robia tak nahrávku veľmi modernou a veľmi pestrou. V podstate sa už ani nedá povedať, že sa jedná o heavy metal, nakoľko tu prevládajú nekompromisné a razantné groovy a thrash vplyvy, ktoré často zabŕdnu dokonca i do death metalových vôd a to nielen vokálom, ale i hudbou. Niektoré skladby však zostávajú vo vodách melodického heavy metalu, ktorý je prikrášlený ľubozvučným ženským spevom. Možno, že niektorí z  vás budú trocha zmätení z  predošlých riadkov, ale verte, funguje to. Pestrosť, to je to pravé, na čo vsadili títo ruskí hudobníci. Porovnávať to s  inými kapelami, je veľmi ťažké, ale pre moderných a  „neomantilovaných“ fanúšikov túto nahrávku vrelo odporúčam.

KREMATOR (Rock Hard #45)

2018 04 03 192212Este é um álbum difícil de definir. A editora ucraniana traz-nos o quinto álbum da banda russa de thrash metal dinâmico - e por dinâmico dizemos que a banda vai a todas desde o gótico sinfónico até ao death metal, sendo o thrash o género que mais se mantém ao longo destas dez faixas. Como não conhecíamos nada sobre a banda, voltámo-nos obviamente para o apoio nestes casos e no Metal Archives, tínhamos a indicação de que se tratava de hard'n'heavy melódico. Bem... mais confuso ficámos. Apesar da amplitude grande da sua sonoridade, é inegável que a banda consegue apresentar uma sonoridade muito própria e que esta consegue er eficaz ao darnos melodia e agressividade em, quase sempre, iguais medidas, sendo que agressividade tem tendência a sobrepôr-se. O único problema que temos é que a diferença de alguns temas (como "It's Not My Way") faz-nos pensar que estamos a ouvir uma compilação em vez de um álbum de uma única banda.

Fernando Ferreira (World Of Metal)


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