ARKANA CODE "Brutal Conflict"
/Metal Scrap Records/

1. Intro 00:53
2. Violent Human Corruption 03:32
3. Oprressor of Darkness 04:07
4. Escape from My Mind 03:23
5. Tortured by My Mind 04:41
6. Mutilated Reality 05:17
7. Dismember the Control 05:15
8. The Holocaust Horde 03:22
9. Mortuary March 04:37
10. Psychiatric Kingdom 04:10
11. Astral Illusion 04:29
Total playing time: 44:01

Metal Scrap Compilation 9 Witchery Flames Of Underground Lust



Hailing from Italy, Arkana Code plays technical thrash death metal and this is their second album and it came out on mighty Metal Scrap Records Inc.
The album contains 10 songs plus intro. After the ominous intro in which we hear someone walking followed by evil sounding music, the opener “Violent Human Corruption” feasts our eyes with brutal thrash metal almost bordering with pure death metal. The song is really fast with wicked screamning guitars that even Slayer wouldnt be ashamed of. “Oppressor of Darkness” and “Escape from my Mind” are two more grenades on the territory of modern brutal deadly thrash metal. These guys were originally formed in 2008.under other moniker and enduring some lineup changes through the years, they gathered experience and the results are evident. For me the absolute highlight and the best song on the album is definitely “The Holocaust Horde” being a lesson in energy made for moshing. I liked this album and I am eager to hear the new stuff by this band in the future.


L’Italie a depuis longtemps hébergé sur son sol des formations de brutal/death, on connaît Natron qui traumatise les tifosi depuis déjà deux décennies. Voici la relève dont on avait ressenti les prémices à travers la succession de tremblements de terre destructeurs qui a touché la péninsule en son centre (elle a bon dos la tectonique des plaques), à ceci près qu’Arkana Code en délivre une formule moins intense. Oui parce que d’Italie, on aura aussi vu débarqué plus récemment des choses techniques et subtiles en matière de deathmetal, on se souvient de Gory Blister par exemple. Et bien ce 1er album propose un adroit mélange de l’une et l’autre de ces tendances, mais agrémenté à l’occasion de riffs qui savent aussi sonner accrocheurs voire mélodiques, un peu à la Carcass époque "Heartwork". Du coup on se trouve ballotté entre différentes scènes et différentes époques, mais j’dois dire que le plaisir d’écoute est maintenu sur toute la durée vu que ça s’écoute sans aucune sensation de lassitude. La brutalité inhérente au style est au rendez-vous tout du long, les gars ont une technique suffisante pour éviter que la monotonie ne s’installe, avec aussi ce petit côté accessible pas dégueulasse du tout. Bon ok la batterie a ce désagréable son ultra moderne et compact, mais j’dois dire qu’on s’y fait rapido, et puis surtout le sens de composition des gaillards fait qu’on l’oublie sans se forcer. C’est d’abord les solos de guitares qui scotchent, limpides, lumineux, tout en étant super tordus, franchement le mec est un as du manche car non seulement il sait l’astiquer avec frénésie, mais en plus il garde toujours en mémoire de ne jamais trop en faire. Chose rare chez ses congénères qui, dès qu’ils maîtrisent leur art, en font des caisses et ne semblent jamais vouloir s’arrêter. Ici les solos sont super technique certes, mais ils passent comme une lettre à la poste car tout y est bien dosé, le rythme, la durée, et les tripatouillages de cordes insensés. Difficile de sortir un morceau du lot étant donné que le tout forme un bloc très cohérent, mais peut-être je citerais "Violent Human Corruption" pour la forme, pour ce semblant de refrain qui déchire. Sinon l’autre aspect moderne vient des vocaux, plutôt hurlés à la manière hardcore ou façon métal pour djeuns, à mon avis c’est par cet aspect que le groupe pourra rebuter un max d’auditeurs potentiels. Perso, même si j’avoue que c’est pas un skeud que j’aurais acheté, finalement j’suis pas déçu de cette découverte ma foi fort sympathique. Oublie la pochette toute moche et le logo salopé qui va avec, le contenu est bien mieux que ne semble l’annoncer l’emballage.


Atmosfear 20На своем втором альбоме итальянцы из ARCANA CODE пытаются играть мелодичный и прогрессив ATMOSFEARный дэз, но играть его потяжелее. Им это неплохо удается, а лейбл рекомендует их музыку фанатам Carcass, Children Of Bodom, Obscura, Arch Enemy, Death, Impaled Nazarene, Obituary, и Cannibal Corpse. Немного Каркаса, Арков и Чилдренов здесь встретить можно, но остальное все мимо. У меня есть другие аналогии. Например, итальянцы из CORAM LETHE или французские коллективы CARCARIASS и DUNGORTHEB. Не особо они известны, но их музыка очень похожа на наших итальянцев и стилистически и идейно. Если же вы не знакомы с творчеством вышеупомянутых групп, то вам следует ожидать техничный мелодичный прогрессивный дэз металл. Качество записи хорошее и здорово щелкают бас бочки на барабанах. Классный альбом..


Slowly We Rot 10If there's such a thing like Old School Technical Progressive Death Metal, Arkana Code fits right in it with this debut full-length album finally released 9 years after the band's foundation. Except for Paolo Ponzi, guitarist and band leader, all other 4 members are quite new, joining the band starting 2014; I'm not even sure this album was recorded in a full line-up to be honest, I'd rather say it's a one man work as there's no mention about the line-up in the CD booklet, but I could be wrong, of course. The important thing is the band has a full line-up now and they seem to be active live as well, so maybe this debut gave them the push they needed to take things seriously. As I was saying, I'd fit this into a Progressive Technical Death Metal a la '80's or '90's at most, it has the same patterns used by bands like Death, Atheist, Carcass, Pestilence or their countrymen Sadist back in the days, maybe with a bit of an influence from the later spawned US Brutal Death Metal, with compositions built around a whirlwind of technical guitar work and highlighted by a dual vocal segment, a main growling vocala and a shrieking one that actually reminded me mostly of Sadist. At first audition, it might seem a bit dull and not up to par with what's happening nowadays in this genre, but give it a few more spins and it will grow on you while revealing all sort of interesting elements with each new listen. The lyrical concept behind it is a very interesting one, too, but the cover and booklet artwork adds nothing positive to the whole. All in all, a good debut, hope it's not also a swan song...

7/10 (Slowly We Rot #10)

Poderâ algo soar vin-tage mas ao mesmg tempo moderno? E a questao que "Brutal Conflict" levanta. Por um lado temos o som do death metal moderno - prin- cipaimente no' sorti da bateria - mas por outro, a formula é do death metal clâssico, levemente melôdico e corn um grande foco na guitarra solo. Se a produçâo por vezes soa desajustada do que podemos ouvir, as müsicas em si sâo bem concebidas mesmo que nâotenham um impacto suficiente forte para que setornem memorâveis. Ainda assim é algo que nâo nos importamos de ouvir se nos cruzar à nossa frente. Um bom trabalho de estreia.

Fernando Ferreira (World Of Metal Magazine #7)

ARKANA CODE was established in 2008. The band was created by musicians living in several towns in the Italian region of Abruzzo. Earlier, before this disc they released only a demo in 2010. The graphic theme of the cover-art fits the type of music. There is an idea, but the color is dominated by blurry gray, and it is a bit sad. I think it could was possible to use more aggressive colors to more impact on the viewer.
The content of “Brutal Conflict” is a classic Death Metal, based on genre patterns, but this playing is with a vigor and involvement. The beginning of the album is the climatic intro through 48 seconds based on the keyboard and the delicate guitar. The next 10 tracks are just a metal slaughterhouse. However, we will not be disappointed by monotony or repetitions. In each composition, something is going on, the changes in rhythms and melodies, the temporary slowing-downs, the climatic fragments, insertions of short declamations, whispers. The Abruzzo’s quintet do not grumble about lack of musical ideas.
The Italians have controlled their instruments perfectly, and the singer is very engaged, singing with devotion. All musicians are well-knit, they cooperate for the final artistic effect. The guitarist is most noticeable musicians. Every song has the interesting guitar’s motives and solos, the aggressive but also melodious. He colours this brutal Metal of death by its playing.
In this music is audible an enthusiasm and joy with the playing and the community of creation. The metallers from Italy do not discover America, but not only the most diehardly Death Metal fans can listen this music. The every fan of aggressive and intelligent music should like “Brutal Conflict”. It is A successful debut.

Musashi (Metal Centre)


Nicht nur flatternde Drachen und hübsche Ladys kommen aus Italien, sondern auch die Death Metal-Szene wächst zunehmend bei unseren südlichen Nachbarn. Mit ARKANA CODE stieß nun das neueste Mitglied hinzu, und fast so walzend wie Memoriam kommt dieses Erstlingswerk daher. Vom technischen Gefrickel leihen die Italiener sich einige Allüren von Nile und so stößt hier infernales Gegrunze in der tiefsten Lage auf rasantes, manchmal schon übertrieben aufwändiges Gefrickel, sodass ein Gitarrensolo das nächste jagt, während die Tracks wie ein Eisbrecher erbarmungslos weiterwalzen. Leicht hörbar sind die Songs damit nicht, und gern werden die Sinne durch die fixen Tempowechsel und manchmal unkoordiniert wirkenden Gitarreneinlagen überladen. Immer wieder entsteht der Eindruck, dass speziell die Klampferfraktion hier das „höher, weiter, schneller“-Prinzip etwas zu aufdringlich anwendet und das Auftischen von Können über dem Allgemeinwohl der Songs selbst steht, doch brutal und erbarmungslos klingen ARKANA CODE damit dennoch. Für die Harten im Garten sind die Italiener deshalb wohl ein Anspieltipp, an die bereits genannten Acts kommen sie mit diesem Album jedoch noch nicht heran, und so ist weniger eben manchmal mehr.

9 Punkte
ACS (Legacy #108)

This is a good death metal album with high octane arrangements and very complex structures. Coming from Italy, these guys released a demo in 2010 before this debut full length, but seems like they practiced hours and hours behind rehearsal room.
All tracks sound technical and full of heaviness, but we are talking about people with big criteria, and high skills in music. Almost everything is composed around guitar riffs and dynamic structures, but I have to say they added incisive dose of melody in the entire album. Also, you will hear tons of thrash elements here and there, as well as rhythm guitars are very fast, just not to mention the volatile sections and corrosive distortions. As aforementioned, this is an album forged in complexity and good taste in musical arrangements. I like when they include dissonant notes and irregular structures in “The Holocaust Horde” which definitely adds an apocalyptic sense to the whole concept. This is a good release with modern elements and great moments of progressive structures. It’s highly recommended for those who like solid bands with high musical skills and modern stuff.

Victor Varas (

I seem to recall having made the statement a few years ago that the Italians truly shine when making epic-style Power Metal, back then referring to bands such as Rhapsody of Fire. Well, I am big enough of a man (barely, but still) to admit when I am wrong. In this case, I was happily corrected by a Death Metal quintet by the name of Arcana Code. A band that, on the surface at least, seems to have incredibly high standards in regards to releases (I reach this conclusion from the fact that the band has spent nearly a decade before releasing first a Demo back in 2010 and then their first full-length, Brutal Conflict, as late as last month). This is nearly always, in mt humble opinion at least, a good thing since it guarantees a high standard all throughout said release, to which Brutal Conflict is a prime example. Eleven tracks. Forty-three minutes. All-out aggression. It is a simple approach, that Arkana Code has mastered and uses to devastating effect. Mind you, the five Italians have not used their nine years as a band to re-invent the wheel – Instead, they have worked hard to improve it and give it a more personal, distinguished feel. The end result is an album that I am sure will end up being a welcome addition to any Death Metal collection, as it has become in mine. Arcana Code has all the hallmarks of a band, that I am sure will go far: Dedication, talent, a sense of perfection and, most importantly, they understand to make their own sound within their chosen genre. There is an obvious downside to this approach, however: Since it took the band nine years to release their first full-length, there is no real reason to expect another record to be released in the near future. However, that merely means (if you put on your positive glasses that is) that we have a good, long while to enjoy relentless Death Metal tracks such as ”Psychiatric Kingdom” (to which the band has been gracious enough to provide us with a music video). So, in order to sum up, Arkana Code is a new up-an-coming Death Metal band who focuses on delivering few, but very impressive releases, regardless of the amount of time it takes to deliver said releases. This seems to remind me of another, legendary, Death Metal act…

Brian (

Rock Hard 39

Čo zaujímavé nám prináša Metal Scrap Records? Je tým prvý album talianskych death metal hrajúcich ARKANA CODE. Nie je to síce čistokrvný death metal, ale nájdeme tu veľa progresívnych prvkov, ktoré ich posúvajú o niekoľko priečok vyššie. Brutalitu a tvrdosť tým ale vôbec nestrácajú. Spev vás bude sprevádzať od growlingu až po screaming. V niektorých pasážach mi spev nehorázne pripomínal starý dobrý CARCASS. Nezabúdajú ani na melodiku, čo v spojení s tvrdosťou dáva veľmi dobrý pocit. V takomto duchu sa nesie prvá skladba až po poslednú jedenástu. Zvuk mi pripomínal dobu z 90-tych rokov, tak že tým vyznejú oveľa zaujímavejšie a líšia sa od ostatných kapiel hrajúcich death metal. Texty nás prenesú do sveta utrpení našej civilizácie v minulosti a desivej budúcnosti. Ak bude kapela pokračovať aj naďalej v takomto štýle, verím, že si získa viac a viac fanúšikov!!!

PAVEL MADOLA (Rock Hard #39)

Rockcor 32017Несмотря на то, что проект существует вот уже 9 лет, альбом «Brutal Conflict» стал лишь вторым студийным релизом группы. При этом, из первого состава, оставившего после себя лишь демо «Galleries of Absurde», остался лишь гитарист Паоло Понци. Хотя группа обновилась практически полностью, качественное отличие от Arkana Code об-разца 2010 года, когда и вышло упомянутое демо, лишь в том, что в группе появился еще один гитарист. Да-да, перед нами олдскуль-ный death metal в лучшем смысле этого сло-ва. Жесткие барабанные ритмы, в меру пе-регруженные гитары, агрессивная лирика и, конечно же, оголтелый экстремальный во-кал. При этом в голосовом арсенале Франче-ско Торреси есть не только гроулинг, но и скриминг, а порой, вслушиваясь в его пар-тии, кажется, будто вокал являет собой что-то среднее. При этом тексты, что немало-важно, при желании и минимальном знании английского вполне можно разобрать без буклета. Нет, альбом ни в коем случае нельзя назвать тупым или примитивным, просто все интересные детали создаются при помощи проверенных временем инстру-ментов без подключения электроники. Тут и упомянутая периодическая смена вокала, и ажурные гитарные кружева, больше харак-терные для олдскульного хэви или трэш металла, чем для дэта. Варьируется и темп мелодии, не давая слушателю заскучать. Что касается лирики, то она не просто агрес-сивна, а порой отдает левым радикализ-мом. При этом в текстах отсутствуют какие-либо политические призывы – скорее, ли-рический герой противопоставляет себя по-грязшему в жестокости человечеству, неза-метно для себя становясь мизантропом, так что стихи эти не назовешь пацифистскими. Отдельные вещи и вовсе получились скорее болезненными, нежели агрессивными: так трек «Psychiatric Kingdom» – это поток мыс-лей сумасшедшего, обреченного до конца жизни находиться в стенах лечебницы. Подводя итог, перед нами на первый взгляд простая, но по факту очень добротная и ин-тересная пластинка, которая наверняка пора-дует ценителей олдскульного тяжеляка.

Ник Кащеев (Rockcor #3/2017)

Scream Magazine 79Det er mange säkalte death metal band det gär mange pä dusinet av, og italienske Arkana Code mä dessverre sies ä vaere et av disse. Det | er en anonym affaere bandet har kommet opp med her, og selv om man spiller godt, har en god produksjon, sä blir resultatet likevel sä generisk og kjedelig at det nesten er til ä fa mark av. Disse gutta har hert pä alle band som er i vinden, og deretter prevd ä kopiere alle sammen pä samme skive. En stor tommel ned herfra, og et band med sä lite originalitet for- tjener da selvsagt ikke noe mer heller.

Bjorn Norsterud (Scream Magazine #79)

Arkana Code are a band from Russia that plays a traditional form of death metal and this is a review of their 2017 album "Brutal Conflict" which was released by Metal Scrap Records.
Clean guitars and atmospheric soundscapes start off the album and after the intro the music goes into more of a heavier and melodic musical direction and after awhile death metal growls and high pitched screams are added onto the recording along with all of the instruments sounding very powerful.
When the music speeds up a decent amount of blast beats can be heard while the songs also bring in a great mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts and when guitar solos and leads are utilized they are done in a very old school fashion while also utilizing a decent amount of melody and whispers along with spoken word parts are also used at times and the music is very heavily rooted in the 90's while still retaining a very modern edge.
Arkana Code plays a style of death metal t hat is very traditional while also mixing in influences from the old school and modern era of the genre, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover dark and violent themes.
In my opinion Arkana Code are a very great sounding traditional death metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Violent Human Corruption" "Tortured by My Mind" "The Holocaust Horde" and "Astral Illusion".

OccultBlackMetal (

The second - or is that first? only a previous demo is listed for this band - full length by these Italians starts off with a short intro and then jumps into Violent Human Corruption. Brutal Conflict is said to be a concept album about a civilization experiencing terrible times, this could perhaps be interpreted as the current state of humanity, but the claim is of an 'ancestral civilization' whose history has now been decrypted. The vocals are growling with harsh sounding screams and the music is what could be termed as death metal with technicality thrown in. The fourth song, Escape From My Mind, is the first highlight of the album with a driving faster riff. There is something of a Sadist influence in the guitar playing and melody here too. The band bio throws out almost random names such as Arch Enemy, Children Of Bodom and Impaled Nazarene in its 'for fans of' section but one will be hard pressed to compare this quintet to any of those three at least. In Mutilated Reality the band take a more standard approach, the song has a more conventional speedy death metal sound and structure. An American death metal sound becomes more pronounced in Dismember The Control. The album closes with Astral Illusion, a song with a catchier tone. Brutal Conflict is standard death metal owing more to the 90's style than anything more recent.

Anna Tergel (

Arkana Code is a band from Abruzzo, Italy that exists since 2008. Their first ever effort ‘Galleries Of Absurde’, a seven track demo, came out in 2010. Now their second placenta ‘Brutal Conflict’ was bred upon the earth. It was released on Metal Scrap Records, the Ukrainian record label that keeps releasing fine materials but never seems to break through to a wider audience. Most of their releases are top notch though, and I find each of them interesting to say the least.
Arkana Code is another interesting act on the label. The ‘Brutal Conflict’ CD has some references to bigger and more common names within the genre such as Morbid Angel, but I think these five Italians try to invent their own blend of death metal instead of copying or stealing from others. This is a remarkably great album that needs your attention if you adore technical death metal with touches of melody and a dose of artistic originality.

76 / 100
Koen B. (


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