DRUKNROLL "Bad Math" 2017
/Metal Scrap Records/

1. Bad Math 05:31
2. On the Hook 04:25
3. The Heroes of the War 04:51
Total playing time: 14:52

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Druknroll was formed in 2006. in Saratov, Russia as a one man band. Eleven years later, now as a quartet, band has a couple of full length albums and a couple of e.p.-s under their belt, “Bad Math” being the latest e.p.they released.
The e.p.contains three songs. The title track is a piece of technical modern metal, with violent vocals, technical groove riffs and usage of some samples which I personally like when bands use the samples. That song kinda reminded me of for example Mercenary or Hatesphere. The second song “On The Hook” is more straightforward melodic death metal song, not unlike some Gothenburg death metal a la In Flames, minus some progressive stop and go parts that I didnt like very much. The final song “The Heroes of the War” is by far the most melodic and somehow the most complex song of the e.p. For me, that song is the best on this release. This is a decent metal e.p. but somehow it just didnt work really well for me, maybe too modern sound or maybe too many stop and go parts, dont know. But, give it a listen, youll like it.


This is another review of a recording from Druknroll with the music being a progressive and symphonic mixture of death and thrash metal and the ep is called 'Bad Math" and was released by Metal Scrap Records.
News samples start off the ep before going into a very fast and heavy symphonic direction which also uses a decent amount of blast beats along with the synths also mixing in progressive elements while the vocals are aggressive thrash style vocals which also mixes in some death metal growls.
Throughout the recording you can hear a great mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts and clean guitars are also added into certain sections of the recording while t he solos and leads are done in a very melodic fashion and as the ep progresses melodic vocals are finally added onto the recording.
On this recording Druknroll plays a more aggressive style of death, thrash and heavy metal while still also having its melodic and symphonic moments, the production sounds very professional while t he lyrics cover dark and real life themes.
In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from Druknroll and if you are a fan of progressive and symphonic death/thrash metal, you should check out this ep. RECOMMENDED TRACK "On The Hook".

OccultBlackMetal (http://extrememetalzine.blogspot.com)


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