issue2 frontpageI must confess that I was a bit sceptical after checking their logo with clear resemblances to modern core bands akin to Suicide Silence or Whitechapel. Yes, they have a modern flavour but much of their aggression resides on old Swedish death metal traditions and bands like At The Gates or In Flames come to mind frequently. “Of Apathy” is a step forward and a sort of turning point for the Italian band From The Shores that previously had a larger portion of modern metal influences on their previous efforts and especially on the 2008 EP “Until My Last Breath”. The main factor for this entrenching on older traditions was due to line-up changes where the new elements brought their own death and even black metal influences to the already vicious blend, which is definitely a good thing. After the small bland instrumental introduction, the band starts its reaping with fast tempos, sharp riffing and brutal enraged vocalizations (Luca’s vocals wander between guttural and deep raspy vociferations) on the form of ‘Heaven’s Dark Harbringer’ leaving no space whatsoever for the listener to digest what was coming. There is a constant putrid smell that reeks from “Of Apathy” and despite the dry edge that Maurizio Baggio gave to the album at Hate Studio (sometimes slightly too much with needed extra punch on the superior, though if you like one song you should like them all, barring the disappointing ‘What You Need’. All in all, Furyon have created that paradoxical thing - a perfect formula that doesn’t work.

6.5 / 10 
EDMUND MORTON (Metalegion #2/2017)

Avec son logo métalcore à la con dessiné sur la carlingue, je ne partais pas en toute confiance quand l’italien s’est arrêté pour me prendre sur le bord de la route. Limite j’ai failli feindre le mec qu’avait un handicap au pouce gauche et qui le brandissait malgré lui, mais finalement les nuages anthracites qui menaçaient de craquer ont eu raison de mon courage et j’ai pris place dans l’habitacle. A peine installé sur la banquette arrière, le gars glisse un cd dans l'autoradio et fait cracher les enceintes : "t'aimes le death?" qu'il me demande. "Du death, du death oui, mais faut qu’il sente moisi" que je lui rétorque pas peu fier de ma vanne qui faisait allusion à Don Patillo. "Ça tombe bien, j'ai pas changé de slip depuis une semaine" qu'il ajoute en referment fissa tous les carreaux de sa Fiat 500. A partir de là j'ai arrêté de lui répondre, sachant qu'on était pas du même monde, j'ai pris mon mal en patience en me pinçant fort le nez et en tentant d’me concentrer sur ce qu’hurlaient ses enceintes 2x12 watts dans un crépitement de distorsion dû au son infernal qui saturait dans ses portières. Bon faut avouer que pour un 1er album, ces gaillards envoient du lourd dans une veine à cheval entre un death brutal et technique qui fait référence à Necrophagist et l’école death/thrash suédoise qui idolâtre Soilwork. Avec grosso-merdo aucun élément qui pêche pour saloper le plaisir de l’aficionado, des riff qui lobotomisent tout en jouant à cache-cache dans les circonvolutions du cerveau, une voix pile-poil entre grosses éructations gutturales et quelques gueulantes plus corrosives et
voraces, des poussées presque thrash en fait. Le batteur maltraite ses peaux comme un adolescents crèverait ses pustules acnéiques devant le miroir de la salle-de-bain, frénétique et sans pitié à la fois. On ne peut même pas dire qu’elle sonne trop moderne sa batterie, tellement on a déjà entendu pire chez tous ces groupes adeptes de modernité à la con. Non franchement y a pas grand-chose à redire ou critiquer ouvertement… si ce n’est que c’est pas du tout un genre que j’apprécie d’écouter. Ça m’emmerde de dire ça parce qu’en plus les mecs font des efforts, rien que le passage à la basse dans "Incest of the Wretched" juste avant le solo de guitare est auréolé d’une finesse inattendue. Mais c’est le problème avec tous ces styles qui ne nous font ni chaud ni froid, au bout d’un court moment on décroche et patatra, tout finit par se ressembler. Nul doute que chez certains, ce disque a sûrement fait un carton, perso c’est pas ma came du tout. A toi de voir si tu te considères un indécrottable supporter du souterrain ou un vendu à la solde des torchons sur papier-glacé.


Debut album from this band founded back in 2008, not a prolifc band I'd say, because they have only a Single and an EP released prior to this debut, but at least these 10 tracks are new and not published before. From the Shores are playing some sort of Modern Death Metal with Heavy Metal influenced guitar riffs, a few melodic leads here and there, a Metalcore-like speed and energy (and look, for that matter), and at times an almost Death Grind punch, all fronted by a manly, pissed off vocalist that spits out anger from the start till the end. Not original stuff, but still impressive through its vitality, variety of the guitar work, intensity of the drums section, and as said before, by the kick-ass vocals of Luca Cassone (well, the production also has a solid word in this since it's mixed that way to fully benefit from the vocal potential). I'm pretty much sure this has chances to appeal to both old-school and newer Death Metal fans at the same time.

Adrian (

This Is Metal 171Debut para esta banda naliana de death metal Metodios, que no acosibles, tienen ntomentos realmente intensos, al mas puro estilo At The Gates. No bajan la intensidad en tado el LP, lo que mantienelel interes. Huyen, literaimente, de los productos fabricados en serie que tanto abundan en el mercado.

Bloody Bunny (This Is Metal #17)


If there is something I can’t get enough of it is good old Swedeath. It doesn’t have to be from Swedish bands as long as it has that Boss heavy metal pedal sound. Being present smack in the middle of that explosion I am damaged for life. An injury that I carry with great pride. This is a nasty piece of death metal. You get the frenzy of early Swedish death mixed with a sense of “melody” that really kills. I wasn’t hoping for much with this one but it turned out to be a real stomper. Short, sharp killers of songs that leaves you exhausted. The way I like it.

Anders Ekdahl (

Venice, Italy is arguably one of the most serene and picturesque places in Europe and somewhere you’re more likely to find gentle Opera rather than Death Metal, right? Wrong! Enter FROM THE SHORES and their debut full length album “Of Apathy”, they formed back in 2008 and have been hiding away, patiently honing their sound with only an EP and a single forming their back catalogue. Before we get started on the music itself I have to mention the album artwork, in glossy blue with a great shot of our lord and saviour Cthulhu. It really stands out and sets this album apart and is something that I would definitely pick up myself.
The music kicks off with “This Aint Another Feast For Crows”, this is a short snappy introduction to the chaos that lurks within the rest of the album. It gives us our first taste of the brutally punishing riffs further on and leads seamlessly into “Heaven’s Dark Harbinger”. This is where we hear the vocal talents of Luca Cassone for the first time, his deep growling vocals compliment the aggressive riffs well and with assistance from bassist Theo they give the music a kind of hectic energy. It’s the kind of track that you just can’t stop yourself banging your head to.
One of the best things about FROM THE SHORES is melody, they aren’t happy with simply cranking up the most bone – breakingly gnarly riff they can and growling along with it, they have added a finely crafted melody to compliment the pulverising riffs that guitarists Leonardo Manente and Giorgio Dorigo can produce. “Hourglass” and “Primal” are brilliant examples of this approach, they have the riffs but they added a melodic groove and some superb Heavy Metal style solos, it makes the whole thing sound so much more polished and shows real skill when it comes to song writing.
For a debut album this is brilliant, the time they have taken to release it really shows In the quality of the music. The whole album retains their hectic pace and electrifying energy, through their brilliant song writing and the very talented Leonardo Manente and Giorgio Dorigo. Truth be told I’m having difficulty Finding anything amiss with this album, the instruments are played brilliantly, the vocals suit the riffs perfectly and never show any signs of fatigue and the production is on point. I’ve heard worse from decades old bands. If this is the beginning of FROM THE SHORES then we can expect great things from them in the future.

Craig Matthews (

From The Shores deliver some tasty riffs with this E.P. that came out at the end of 2016. somehow it flew under our radar, but alas we have been rocking it hard and are ready to spread the word on this very catchy and awesome E.P.
They start out with an introductory track titled “This aint another feast for Crows”
and it is more than what you would normally expect. They begin with some atmospheric sounds but within seconds go right into a tasty riff and ravenous blast beats delivered by Nicolo. It may be only forty three seconds long but it really sets up the pace of this E.P. from this track you instantly know what you are diving into.
“Heavens Dark Harbinger” is absolutely a catchy song, from the very first note you hear, it grabs you. Much like that beast on the cover. you get locked in the powerful jaws of this ferocious beast of a song. Those guitars, the drums, they blend perfectly, and I really dig the guitar tone. I am no expert on guitars by any means, but I know what I like and what sounds good and this song delivers. That section at the 1:30 mark is a great example of how catchy this song is, because the riff before the solo gets the job done. However the solo adds that finishing touch to get you really hooked.
“The Constellation Thirst” is yet another song that has zero fluff, no time wasted getting the ball rolling. They hit you with the vocals, blast beats, and an infectious guitar line to get you ready for the first verse. I can guarantee when you listen to this E.P. you will not be disappointed. Right after the first verse, they have a short transition before the next verse. That little eight second long section is great. It’s not too long, not too short, its enough to sink its hooks in you and get you to listen to this E.P. start to finish.
“To Rest In Arms of Perfection” seems to have a deeper tone, but they have not fallen down on the job here, this song is catchy as hell. Just like the previous tracks. This song has a great sound, the song has a slightly not much but slightly slower tempo to it, and the deeper tone adds a bit of a change up but not a bad one. Its a more sinister sounding song, but the way the song ends is just badass. Those last thirty plus seconds of the song are killer. I don’t know who is doing lead guitar or rhythm but both are on point and sound great.
“Incest of the Wretched” is the song I will not talk about in this review but its because if I come across something I haven’t seen get the attention it deserves I want to let all you metal heads out there give it a listen and see how you like it. I don’t want you to take my word for it, I want the music to do the talking. I set you up to know that this E.P. kick a lot of ass, but you should ultimately be your own judge. So do yourself a favor hit the play button below, then click the bandcamp link and get this in your digital music collection. I have had the opportunity to listen to all the limited press songs and I can tell you From The Shores will be a band I keep my eye on. This was the first time I have ever even heard of this band, but they impressed me. Its always been my opinion that from every corner of the world there is great music, killer metal. and bands that are all about the same thing, making heavy and hard hitting music that is enjoyable to listen to. These guys are from Venezia, Italy and if I find myself ever in that area you bet I will be trying to catch a live show from these guys.

Badger (

From The Shores are a band from Italy that plays a melodic mixture of black, death metal and metalcore and this is a review of their 2016 album "Of Apathy" which was released by Metal Scrap Records.
A very fast, heavy and melodic sound starts off the album along with a decent amount of blast beats and after awhile the brutality of death metal can be heard and after the intro growling vocals are added onto the recording along with some black metal screams also being utilized in some parts of the songs.
Throughout the recording you can hear a great mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts while the solos and leads stick to a very melodic style and some of the riffing also brings in a decent amount of tremolo picking and metalcore influences can also be heard at times while the death and black metal influence has more dominance.
As the album progresses clean playing is added onto the album along with thunder sounds also being added onto a couple of the tracks and their is also a brief use of synths along with an instrumental before reverting back to vocals and the last track is very long and epic in length and also mixes in a few seconds of stringed instruments.
From The Shores plays a musical style that takes melodic black metal and mixes it with death metal and a touch of metalcore to create a sound of their own, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover pain and death themes.
In my opinion From The Shores are a very great sounding mixture of melodic black, death metal and metalcore and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "This Ain't Another Feast For Crows" "Incest Of The Wretched" "Hourglass" and "Weakness Of The Flesh".


From the Shores are an Italian melodic death metal band. This is their debut album.
Are you in the market for some fast, melodic, cutting death metal? Well look no further!
The vocals on this release are very good indeed. Mainly deep growls, these are also backed up by charismatic screams that add a further level of savagery to things when they appear.
As for the music – this is fast and melodic, using melodic death metal as a stylistic base. The band add a blackened sheen to this in places too. I’ve seen them described as blackened death metal, and I can see why.
The songwriting plays to the skills of the band, and the album is structured and composed with a good flow through the entire playing time. The band’s high-energy delivery means that the attention doesn’t waver, and in the end you want more of their sugary treats, so sweet are they. Thankfully the band offer more than just the instant satiety of this side of their sound, and there’s some real substantial meat to these songs too.
The melodic guitars have lots of bite. Some decent solos appear too, and overall the guitars are one of the things about this release that really hit the spot. Add to this the punishing drums and impressive vocals, and you have an album that satisfies.
This really is a very strong release. If you mix The Black Dahlia Murder with At the Gates, you’ll have a good idea of where From the Shores are coming from.


This is a debut by this Italian quintet. Of Apathy starts with a short intro that is unlike most other intros because it feels like a song, it is almost 43 seconds of fast riffing and fast drumming. It is rather aptly titled as This Ain't Another Feast For Crows. The intro jumps straight into the first full song, Heaven's Dark Harbinger. From The Shores play an At The Gates and Americanized style that is something close to melodic death metal. The songs are mostly on the shorter side, at least they feel that way as the aforementioned song to song transitions are no frills and direct. There is little slowing down here, the middle and end of Incest Of The Wretched are short exceptions, the start of the intermission named Opus XIII is one too. The vocals are a mix of deep growls and screams; Luca Cassone has the Tomas Lindberg sound down pat. Not fully unexpected that originality is difficult to produce and From The Shores doesn't break any new ground either. I, The Firebreather and Weakness Of The Flesh see the band add a small dose of speedy 'blackened' metal to Of Apathy. The latter is over eight minutes and by far the longest song on this release, and unsurprisingly the second half of it includes a classical sounding section.

Anna Tergel (

Rockcor 32017На всём протяжении, материал вызы-вает ассоциации с Arghoslent и Norther. От первых здесь напор на стыке мдм и дэта обыкновенного, объёмный бас и гроул (осо-бенно, когда он чеканит слова). От вторых – сочный лающий харш, дисторшн в тех ме-стах, когда риффы сливаются в пульсиру-ющую шумовую взвесь, поднимаемая на тон выше риффовка в инструментальных фраг-ментах и однотипность композиций. При-чём, однотипность нарочитая – в течение всего альбома музыканты сохраняют задан-ные вначале темп и атмосферу, да и ритм почти не меняется. Соло партий, да и просто ходов, выделявшихся бы из общей карти-ны, крайне мало, в результате все песни сливаются в одну большую. Тем не менее, материал не вызывает скуки – на плаву его держат энергичное исполнение и… даже не знаю, как это обозвать – харизматичное зву-чание, наверное. С Norther (с ранними, во всяком случае) то же самое было – вроде бы, одно и то же играют из трека в трек, а слушаешь и внутри что-то откликается, и не надоедает совершенно. В сумме имеем плотную качовую музыку, с минимумом со-ляков и максимумом перегруза, не чуждую при этом и мелодичности, которая либо вам понравится полностью, либо так же полно-стью пройдёт мимо.

miamortu (Rockcor #3/2017)

FROM THE SHORES was set up in 2008 in picturesque Venice. They previously released one EP in 2008 and one single in 2011. In the cover-art of the latest Italians work featured interesting drawings, kept in icy cold blue-violet colors. But the music on the disc is hot. It’s a fast, sharp Melodic Death Metal with very few quantity of short tranquil breaths.
The only drawback of “Of Apathy” is the small diversity. The musicians have good skills and they are well-knit. But this Venetian quintet plays almost always sharply and forward at the same pace and rhythm on this album. The first four songs are very similar to themselves. If you are not looking at the display of your player, you may not realize that one track has already ended and was started another. After that comes the most interesting piece on the album “Incest of the Wretched”. It starts with a sublime mood and full of despair singing, alternating with hoarsed vocals. After a moment’s slow-down, we hear some interesting solo performances of the bassist, then the music accelerates, and the whole ends with a quiet guitar against the background of gentle keyboards and the sounds of storms and rain. The song “Opus XIII” is a neatly arranged short intro. Initially the cold keyboards play, then the mysterious sounds dominate, then the music start uncoil violently to suddenly ending. The other songs do not differ much from the main style of “Of Apathy”. But we will find there the fragments of the climate, also heavy, interesting guitar solos, also the drummer has its moments. The main screamer sings in different ways: hoarsely, low growl and black-metal scream. Often, these vocals are supported by the second vocalist. After the last track and after two minutes of silence is hidden track in style of short outro, which was played by keyboards.
The latest work of FROM THE SHORES is not an outstanding record, but nor is it a failure. This is a good album, but it depends on the band whether their music will be progressive on subsequent releases.

Musashi (

Founded in 2008 by five Italians with a penchant for lyrical themes revolving around pain and death. And, in order to convey this to a suitable audience, they have chosen the Melodic Death Metal approach to use as their backdrop. Their chosen moniker is From the Shores, and their second (and most recent) endeavour carries the name Of Apathy; Thirty-seven minutes almost to the second divided across eight tracks, an intro and a single interlude slightly more than halfway through. Now, that would be the shortest, most efficient way to explain both the album Of Apathy and, to some extent, the band behind it. However, this explanation is, in my own opinion, not satisfactory: Because it fails to answer if From the Shores delivers any modium of a good performance. Again, the simple and short answer would be yes; This is not surprising, since the Italians have always been good at catchy melodies and a general flow in a track. This record is no different, with all of the tracks being well-performed, catchy and riddled with both powerful and prominent growls, underlying guitar riffs as well as the occassional solo and, of course both a strong, efficient bass track and a rapid-firing drum in order to chain it all together and give it depth. All in all: The band does not only seem to be fans of the old-school Gothenburg Metal scene, they are also worthy contributers and spiritual successors to it (albeit, if the old definition is to be followed, they have to be of Swedish descent to qualify. But I digress). The tracks vary greatly in length from the shortest raking in a small three minutes with the longest (as well as last) song on the album spanning nearly three times that much, as eight-and-three-quarter minutes. For a second release, Of Apathy is a very good one: But then again, From the Shores did also spend eight years perfecting their sound before unleashing their own version of Melodic Death Metal upon the world. Now, sadly, I have not had the pleasure of listening to their first record prior to spinning this one, but then I suppose that is inconsequential: Tracks such as ”To Rest in Arms of Perfection” are four minutes of text-book melodious Death Metal the likes of which made the early 2000’s famous. And as such, I would recommend From the Shores to any fans of the legends of that previous decade, many of which are, as stated above, Swedish. But From the Shores proves that this genre is not bound to the Scandinavic countries, and once again proves that rhythm and catchy solos are two things that Italy does in abundance. And if want to hear them show off, listen to the interlude ”Opus XIII” – It carries that name for a reason.

Brian (

FROM THE SHORES es un combo de Melodic Death Metal procedentes de Italia. Iniciaron su carrera en 2008, publicando en ese mismo año su primer E.P “Until My Last Breath”. En 2011 aparece el sencillo “From the Shores” donde nos ponía en guardia para lo que se avecinaba. Finalmente, el 24 de noviembre de 2016 nos llegó “Of Apathy” su flamante nuevo L.P lanzado vía Metal Scrap Records. Obviamente este Larga Duración es la razón de que existan estas purulentas esquelas.
El line up es el siguiente: Theo (bajo), Leonardo Manente (guitarra. Ex ARKHAM ASYLUM), Luca Cassone (voz. Ex A FOOT IN THE GRAVE), Giorgio Dorigo (guitarra), Nicolò (batería).
En este primer asalto, el conjunto nos regala un trabajo impoluto en todos los sentidos, demostrándonos con creces su pasión por la velocidad y las guitarras trepidantes cargadas de melodías. El nivel de composición y ejecución es simplemente perfecto, manteniendo en todo momento tanto la intensidad como el interés del oyente. También cabe recalcar los cambios de dirección a las seis cuerdas. Asombroso, os garantizo que quedaréis con la boca abierta. No os dejéis engañar por sus pintas, esto es Melo Death con mayúsculas, no apto para posers ni cardíacos. Desde mi punto de vista algo así es lo que tenía que haber ofrecido AT THE GATES en su último y al menos para mi realmente decepcionante disco.
Por otro lado la producción es nítida y potente, con un artwork a la altura de las circunstancias. Aquí todo es bueno de verdad os lo digo.
Los riffs son increíblemente intensos, con una pegada indescriptible. La cantidad de los susodichos por canción es apabullante. Los hallamos a dobles armonías, a una cuerda, potentes y fluidos, con alguna que otra incursión de momentos en limpio. Todo ello lo aderezan con unos espectaculares y melodiosos solos de guitarra. Impresionante.
Los registros vocales se basan en un doble ataque de los predominantes growls junto con guturales agudos rasgados.
En cuanto a lo que batería se refiere, estos tipos pisan el acelerador al máximo la mayor parte del tiempo. Los blats y up tempos predominan y campan a sus anchas a lo largo y ancho del minutage de este cd, sin olvidar los momentos más contundentes.
Ante tan magna obra resulta realmente difícil poder resaltar algún track entre los 10 que conforman esta acometida. A pesar de ello, destacaría “Incest of the Wretched” por las terroríficas secciones carentes de distorsión incluidas. Fantástico.
Yo de vosotros después de leer esta review me haría con una copia ya. Prestadle atención sí o sí. Os certifico que se convertirán en uno de vuestros grupos favoritos de inmediato.

Jesús Muñoz Caballero (

Rock Hard 38Močaristé podložie pod hociktorým mestom na svete neznie moc priaznivo ani prívetivo. No nájdu sa i také paradoxy, že práve toto je neskutočným lákadlom, ktoré tieto miesta a mestá robí jedinečným a neopakovateľným zjavom. Veď taký Petrohrad či Benátky patria k najkrajším mestám na svete. A práve Benátky sú domovom death metalovej kapely FROM THE SHORES. Hoc pôvodná, plytká benátska lagúna je už dávnejšie rozšírená aj o kus pobrežia medzi ústia dvoch riek, stále sa toto mesto radí medzi historické skvosty. To, či sa aj FTS zaradí medzi metalové skvosty, tak to ukáže až čas. Pred sebou mám debut tejto kapely, ktorý dostal názov „Of Apathy“. Kapela fungujúca od roku 2008 sa na tento počin odhodlala po skutočne dlhom čase, takže som zvedavý, čo po jednom singli a jednom miničku predhodí na debute. 10 skladieb v celkovej dĺžke máličko cez tridsaťsedem minút toho však povie dosť veľa. Nedajte sa pomýliť jednoduchším (možno trocha core) logom i obalom platne. Po spustení sa dostanete na kobylku starému dobrému death metalu, s moderným zvukom, hutnou atmosférou, hromovým growlingom, ktorý je občas dopĺňaný tiež klasickým škrekom. Možno si poviete, že nič svetoborného alebo výnimočného, no duch starého death metalu nikdy nezomrie a či chcete alebo nechcete, stále sú tu a stále tu budú kapely, ktoré nám týmto štýlom budú masírovať uši a mozgy. Na záver iba v krátkosti – na debut v tejto dobe veľmi dobrá robota.

KREMATOR (Rock Hard #38)

Scream Magazine 213Italienske From The Shores har holdt det gäende siden 2008, men kun utgitt en EP og en single tidligere. «Of Apathy» er dermed debutalbumet og musikken her kan beskrives som melodies death metal drapert i et metalcore-sound. Det läter altsä ganske moderne av From The Shores. Men ogsa veldig statisk og kjedelig. «Of Apathy» bestir av musikk man feler man har herttusen ganger for- bare mer plastikk og uten sjel. Jeg blir lei av From The Shores lenge for skiva er ferdig, til tross for i bare vaere 37 minutter lang. Det er ikke det at From The Shores er et därlig band. For det er si utvil- somt flinke folk. Det er bare det at «Of Apathy» har blitt en tilmodighetspreve bestiende av kjedsom- het Som i vente pi forsinket buss.

Runar Pettersen (Scream Magazine 213)


Legacy 107Die fünf Italiener FROM THE SHORES machen auf ihrem ersten vollständigen Album so ziemlich alles richtig. Zunächst einmal hat man die auf der Debüt- EP noch deutlich wahrnehmbaren Core-Anteile entsorgt. Weiterhin ist man zwar schwer auf dem The Black Dahlia Murder-Trip, aber verliert nie den Song aus den Augen. Und so ist „Of Apathy“ ein höchst musikalisches, von frischen Ideen nur so wimmelndes Album geworden, das in ‘The Constellation Thirst’ ein flüchtiges Danke an Iron Maiden sendet, in ‘Incest Of The Wretched’ aber auch durchaus mal glaubhaft seine Old School Death Metal-Einflüsse aufblitzen lässt. Shouter Luca Cassone hält die Achterbahnfahrt mit seinem aggressiven Organ zusammen, das so ziemlich alle Bereiche abdeckt, ohne dabei dauernd in hysterisches Gekeife abzudriften. Der kleinwüchsige Schlagwerker Niccolo Sambo sorgt für abwechslungsreiche Highspeed-Rhythmen, und die Gitarrenfraktion hat zu allen Zeiten der metallischen Historie gut aufgepasst. Was FROM THE SHORES aus der Masse der gesichtslosen, weil ewig gleich klingenden Modern Death-Konkurrenz hervorstechen lässt, ist die Tatsache, dass man es trotz spürbarer Technik-Affnität geschafft hat, packende Riffs und Melodien zu schreiben und in nachvollziehbare Songs umzuwandeln.

Volltreffer! (MI) (Legacy 107)

The Venetian From The Shores was founded back in 2008 and previously released an EP and a single, respectively in 2008 and 2011. Through that they knew to catch the attention of Deathscrap Records and now they finally they have released their first ever album. And I must admit, they were served well, as the production is nice and even though the album is out two months already, they do have generated a good reach in the international press. There are roughly two kinds of death metal bands; bands that are as rough and hard as they can and bands that have more mature approach to the genre. The latter is where you will find From The Shores.
The band often keeps the pace a little up from the middle, with naturally the necessary outbursts and drops to keep things interesting enough, but they do bear in mind the good song structures. The vocals are low roars most of the time and every now and then a death-thrash-like scream, but he remains audible at all times. The music is very much founded on the melody lines and although they play well distinguished and fairly adventurous, after a while I tend to disconnect a little. This is the kind of death metal you can let your parents know about with a safe heart, provided they are a little bit open-minded that is. And they in return give the feedback “I think the music is sort of okay at some points, but the vocals are a waste of the music ”, we all recognise it too well. Yet I don’t want to put them away as risk-less, they do in fact put a lot of energy and resourcefulness in their music and they in fact absolutely deserve our attention. Maybe it is just me being too spoiled in the music I was offered this month, as in all honesty, the band is as firm and tight as can be, and even developed a solid style.

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