"Witchery Flames Of Underground Lust" Metal Scrap Compilation #9
/Metal Scrap Records/

1. DRUKNROLL - The Loop of World Creation 04:16
2. PSYCHOPHOBIA - The Fall 04:46
3. AETERNUS PROPHET - White Rot of Missing Thoughts 04:42
4. HORTUS ANIMAE - Ungrateful Fate 05:07
5. SABOTAGE - Don't Panic 02:58
6. ESTATE - Hero 3:49
7. ONE STEP BEYOND - Enlightenment 03:14
8. BROKDAR - Lycanthropy 08:41
9. PHANTASMAL - Specter of Death 03:24
10. SUNLIGHT - Struggle for Deliverance 04:01
11. DARK MOROK - Night of the Shadows 03:01
12. NIHILISTINEN BARBAARISUUS - The Child Must Die 02:56
13. STRIDENT - Final Warhead Blast 04:49
14. XPUS - Primordial Evil Essence 04:15
15. GRENOUER - No Sense Aligned 04:17
16. DIVINE WEEP - Age of the Immortal 08:29
17. UNGRACE - Dead Ugly Hearts 05:40
Total playing time: 78:27

Metal Scrap Compilation 9 Witchery Flames Of Underground Lust






Almost no one buys compilation albums. It is rather sad that no one is sampling bands from discs like this any longer, but convenience and reality being what they are it is likely that CDs like this are more bonus fodder and given away freely as promotional tools. Either way, this disc – which seems to have derived its title from an amalgamation of multiple underground bands – features seventeen songs by seventeen bands.
It showcases a diverse set of metal and pseudo-metal acts on the Ukraine-based label. There is the Sepultura, the My Dying Bride and there is also Helloween. There is even the confused band, which is both Dimmu Borgir and Pantera on the same song. Yes, everyone guessed that band is Druknroll. Several bands have committed the mistake of including tracks where half the song is an intro or a dub or whatever thus not taking full advantage of their space. That is silly.
There are several personal favourites on this disc and they are Estate, Dark Morok and Xpus and its incantation influenced pounding death metal.
With all of that said, fans can sample many, but not all of the, bands on this underground label and find a dedicated column inside the jacket for each band.

Ali “The Metallian” (http://metallian.com)

Slowly We Rot 10

It's not often nowadays to stumble upon a compilation CD, let alone one that reached its 9th edition, so horns up for Metal Scrap for keeping this method of promoting bands still alive. 17 bands, 17 tracks, almost 80 minutes of playing time, so let's take them one by one:
Druknroll - one of the most (if not THE most) promoted bands in Metal Scrap's roster, Druknroll sounds damn experienced and not afraid to experiment; an original Modern Heavy Metal band that you should check out
Psychophobia - a Polish band that apparently started out as a Melodic Black Metal outfit, but this track, and probably the whole EP it's taken off, have nothing to do with Black Metal anymore, maybe just some minor reminiscences on vocals; Melodic Heavy Death Metal with good and catchy guitar work, promising stuff although not original
Aeternus Prophet - vicious, raw and dark Black Death Metal from Ukraine characterized by long, chaotic, old-school Death Metal-like guitar solos, upfront and massive bass lines and angry growls
Hortus Animae - this one sounds like Theatre of Tragedy and Graveworm met and started creating a mix between Thrash and Black Metal, but still keeping their specific features intact; pretty cool!
Sabotage - Russian Heavy Thrash Metal band with native tongue lyrics, pretty powerful but without understanding what they sing about you'll only feel like you've heard this before
Estate - Russian Melodic Power Metal band led by a vocalist with excellent tone for this music but who still has some work on his English pronounciation; the music is entertaining, energetic, complex and modern sounding while still following the traditional patterns of this genre, I'd say this is a band with great potential
One Step Beyond - Aussie trio bringing forth an interesting and quite original Experimental Metal, a mix of Extreme Metal with Doom, Stoner, and Hard Rock, or at least that's how this track sounds like
Brokdar - Melodic Extreme Metal from Russia; the longest track on this compilation takes almost 2 minutes to become a bit interesting and then falls into mid-tempo, overly repetitive rhythms, I've heard multiple times in the '90's but nowadays sound pretty dull, not to mention the extremely stale and synthetic drum machine; the fast parts, the upfront metallic bass lines and the growling vocals are pretty neat, but the rest I found mediocre, sorry
Phantasmal - Thrash Metal from USA; entertaining, involving, but not original one bit, just the usual fast paced Thrash with cool riffs, nothing more, nothing less
Sunlight - well, after all the Extreme Metal this band really sounds like their name; melodic, mid-paced Heavy Metal with Power Metal keyboard backgrounds and a vocalist that seems to be capable of more than what he delivered here, he seems bored on this recording; nice track, nice band
Dark Morok - from Russia this quartet mixing Thrash, Death and Black Metal, a short and energetic track demonstrating clear potential; the band is pretty lazy releasing stuff, not sure if they are taking things seriously though
Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus - Ambient Black Metal from Finland, an excellent band although the drums' sound is close to crap; mystical, vicious, fast paced Finnish Black Metal
Strident - traditional Thrash Metal from Israel; fast and energetic, quite catchy and based on regular patterns of this genre; in the beginning of the 90's this would have been a true hit, nowadays it's enjoying and that's all
X Pus - one of the most blasphemous and offensive newcomers on the Italian scene X Pus debuted in 2015 on Metal Scrap Records and this track is an extract from their debut album; low-tuned, dark, oppressive, unrelenting, cavernous, satanic Black Death Metal from the pits of hell
Grenouer - to me this seems to be one of the most hard-working bands from Russia; ferocious, groovy, precise, intricate Industrial Metal, really powerful and professional sounding
Divine Weep - Polish Heavy Metal led by an excellent, powerful vocalist supported by a team of great musicians, one of the best bands on this compilation regardless of genre; their track is the second longest here (over 8 minutes!) and I'd still like to hear more
Ungrace - solid Death Metal with both an industrial and a groove side to it; mid-tempo and heavy as fuck, with a dark, atmospheric side to it, cool stuff.

This disc is a compilation of the bands released by the Ukrainian label Metal Scrap Recordings Inc. The label is shop, distribution, promo & record agency and makes concerts & booking. On the compilation, already ninth in turn, released by Metal Scrap Records we find seventeen songf of seventeen bands presenting many genres of metal. The bands come from different regions of the world: from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Greece, Italy, Israel, USA, Australia.
The disparity in the approach to making music is huge, but the disc sounds consistent, and despite of the variety, the all bands retain the spirit of traditional metalwork. We will not find here Nu Metal or some Disco-Death. The good quality of sound and constant level of volume are kept from the begining to the end. I rated three songs as “great”, five as “very good”, three as “good” and six as “average-good” from all of songs. This means that there is no bad track on this disc.
I will write something about three tracks from all of tracks that caught my attention. HORTUS ANIMAE “Ungrateful Fate” was presented by progressive Black metallers from Italy. They used romantic violins and keys alternating with Black aggression with addition of melodic Heavy-metal guitar and rock solos of keys. These are very original searchings.
STRIDENT “Final Warhead Blast” is a traditional thrash from Israel. Dynamic, galloping track. The musicians are well-knit and professional, the interesting solo of guitar. The good Thrash blows.
I could not miss the Polish DIVINE WEEP with the song “Age of the Immortal”. Over eight minutes of epic Heavy Metal work. The melodious guitars, the great rhythmic section, the vocalist with a high and pure voice, the complexity and dramatic composition, the spectacular solos of guitarist. This one must be listened!
The compilation as a whole is also very positive.

Musashi (http://www.metalcentre.com)

Metal Scrap Records is a Ukraine independent label run by Alexander Kondyuk who manages Total Metal Records and Another Side Records. I examined the official site showcasing all three labels Kondyuk has his act together. Metal Scrap, Total Metal and Another Side are to the Ukraine what Metal Blade and Relapse are to the States. Total Metal is furthermore involved in promotion, distribution and booking performances. If you’re new to Kondyuk’s activities you should explore website because he’ll likely be a vital underground force in the near future. Metal Scrap is supporting its myriad of artists on Bandcamp. With previews of new releases the ninth volume of its compilation series is streamed in its entirety. At close to 80 minutes, there are artists from the Ukraine, the States, Greece, Italy, Israel, Poland, Russia and Australia featured. Like all worthwhile compilations it’s well rounded and gives you a good idea how diverse the label is. Each song is something different to subsist on, from traditional metal to thrash and power metal to black and death metal to Viking to industrial to groove. With Halloween around the corner, Druknroll’s The Loop Of World Creation constructs an appropriate motif to start the compilation off. The keyboard introduction got me thinking of Mike Myers in Carpenter’s 1978 film walking the streets searching for a home to terrorize. Many keyboards are added to enhance the verses and choruses of this song and do a fine job. The same can be said for Hortus Anime’s Ungrateful Fate for its subtle keyboard additions, especially those underscoring the Metallica/Iron Maiden inspired guitar interlude. This is a strange addition to black metal but it seems to work. And there was Brokdar’s Lycanthropy, an inventive black/death metal selection with a piano introduction, slightly dissonant guitars and creepy guitar solos. What really grew on me was the in-the-hands-of-the-fans philosophy uniting all the artists who submitted material to this compilation. Yet again, listening felt as if it was 1996 or 1997 as these bands had the same deviceful hunger as bands did in those days. Aeternus Prophet, One Step Beyond, Phantasmal, Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus, Grenouer and Divine Weep are good examples of this label’s underground stance.

Dave Wolff (http://aeafanzine.blogspot.com/)

RockHard 362016Deviaty kompilacny, alebo ak chcete vyberovy album ukrajinskeho vydavatefstva Metal Scrap Records, dostal nazov „Witchery Flames of Underground Lust". Prinasa vefku davku cerstvych, ale i staronovych hudobnych prfrastkov do tejto stajne. Tato medzinarodna kompilacia pozbierala skladby od kaplel v podstate z celeho sveta, napr. z Australie, Grecka, Izraelu, Talianska, Pofska, Ruska, Ukrajiny a USA. Obsahuje sedemnasf kapiel a sedemnasf skladieb roznych metalovych stylov - od heavy metalu, cez thrash, black, death, power, groove, viking, industrial attf. Z najznamejsich kapiel mozem spomenuf napr. PSYCHOPHOBIA, AETERNUS PROPHET, HORTUS ANIMAE, PHANTASMAL, SUNLIGHT, NIHILISTINEN BARBAARISUUS, XPUS ci UNGRACE. Taktiez musi'm pochvalif 12-strankovy vefmi podareny booklet, a to nielen kvoli tym dvom zenam s peknym poprsim. Na druhej strane ja osobne nie som vefkym priaznivcom takychto labelovych kompilaciek, prave pre vyssie spomfnane veci - vel'mi vefka roznorodosf stylov. Ako sa hovorl ani ovca ani vlk. No pre fanusikov so sirokym hudobnym zaberom to moze byf celkom zaujimava vec.

KREMATOR (RockHard #36/2016)

Rockcor 62016Очередная компиляция работ исполнителей, собравшихся под крылом украинской компании Metal Scrap Records и её подразделения Total Metal Records, появилась в 2016м, и она, черт возьми, великолепна!
Такие релизы очень радуют, ведь откровенно раздражает тот факт, что среди «трушных» поклонников тяжелой музыки, мне слишком часто приходится наблюдать удивлённые, большие и непонимающие глаза, когда речь заходит о молодых группах:
Привет! Ты можешь какуюнибудь из новых команд порекомендовать?
Да, пожалуй, никакую...
Да? А ты вообще молодняк слушаешь?
Неее, я последнюю метлу постоянно переслушиваю!
К сожалению, многие редко смотрят дальше своего носа и пропускают мимо действительно хорошую музыку, звучащую уж точно не хуже многого из того, что играют на том же Вакене. Metal Scrap выпускают свои компиляции и мочат сразу двух зайцев. Вопервых, это прекрасный дайджест их подопечных, а вовторых, предельно ясные аргументы в пользу расширения кругозора и внимательного поиска качественной музыки. В девятую компиляцию вошло 17 исполнителей, охватывающих своим творчеством, главным образом околодэтовую и блэковую музыку различной тяжести и мелодичности. Также на диске присутствуют группы, играющие Power, Heavy и Thrash. Составляя такие сборники, есть большой шанс провалиться, ведь зачастую поклонники Power или Heavy не обращают внимания на более тяжелые и мрачные стили. В обратном порядке это тоже работает. Для тех же, кому нравится музыка разных направлений, этот релиз будет очень и очень интересен. Посудите сами: отличное качество записи, подборка понастоящему характерных песен для групп, большое количество представителей наших с Вами соседних стран…вот то, что ждёт Вас в этом сборнике. Оставьте скепсис в отношении неизвестных ранее команд, ведь преемственность поколений и развитие чрезвычайно важны, особенно в тяжелой музыке! Эта пластинка отлично проработана, и я уверен, что Metal Scrap, с таким подходом к поиску талантов, ждёт яркое будущее.

Сурин Захар (Rockcor 6/2016)


Legacy Issue 104Schade, Ausgabe acht aus der Sampler-Reihe des größten unabhängigen ukrainischen Metal-Labels lag uns offenbar nicht zum Rezensieren vor, der Name „F.U.C.K. Your Ass“ - gebildet aus „Finest Underground Kicks Your Ass“ - spricht aber für einen hemdsärmeligen Humor. Ganz ernst allerdings ist diese Aussage des aktuellen Booklets zum Thema Copyrights und Ehrlichkeit unter Metallern: „Support Metal by supporting the bands and labelsü If you have cash for beer and pot so you have money to buy albums & keep Metal aliveü!“ Traurig, dass so etwas überhaupt gesagt werden muss. Die 17 Songs von ebenso vielen Bands haben bis auf wenige Ausnahmen qualitativ internationales Format und sind stilistisch im härteren Sektor beheimatet, mit Ausnahmen wie den russischen True-Metallern ESTATE. Tatsächlich sind deutlich mehr russische als ukrainische Bands darunter, dazu je zwei polnische, amerikanische und italienische Acts, sowie Vertreter aus Griechenland (SUNLIGHT), Israel (die Thrasher STRIDENT) und Australien (ONE STEP BEYOND; experimenteller Death Metal). Highlight ist der Beitrag von HORTUS ANIMAE, deren Entity-Cover mit echten Streichern veredelt ist. Exklusive Songs wurden von den Russen SABOTAGE (fieser Groove Metal) und DARK MOROK (Deathm’Speed), den genannten Männern aus Down Under (verstärkt um den schwedischem Anata-Drummer) sowie Israel beigesteuert. Der UNGRACE-Beitrag (Ukraine) war bislang nur eine digitale Single. Das Booklet mit Bandfoto, Cover, Credits und Links zu jeder Band komplettiert diesen Streifzug durch die aktuellen Veröffentlichungen, einige 2015er-Exponate und eben den Blick in die Zukunft von Metal Scrap. So erfüllen Sampler auch heute noch ihren Sinn und Zweck: Man kann auf Entdeckungsreise beispielsweise die atmosphärischen US-Prügel-Blackies NIHILISTINEN BARBAARISUUS auftun.

BTJ (Legacy #104/2016)

With this album the Ukrainian Metal Scrap Records releases their ninth in the ‘Witchery Flames Of Lust Underground’ compilation series. Just for the nothing revealing artistic nude on the album you would take this already in the house. But despite this visual tour de force we are a rock journalist and music is our core business. The bands are from countries such as Australia, Greece, Israel, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and the United States so the label had looked very international. With styles like thrash metal, heavy metal, black metal, death metal and power metal you will hear a lot of variation. The playing level and the production are of well quality and while listening, we still got some great songs discovered. It’s only seems right that most of the bands that have already their own album.
Some absolute highlights were DRUKNROLL who are laying a lot of variation in their music. Clean vocals, roaring metalcore and death metal assisted by keyboards. The Italian black metal band HORTUS ANIMAE delivered a song that musically is put very well together. The Russian ESTATE has then chosen for the power metal and they don’t have to underdo for their Finnish brothers. STRIDENT brings a mix of black metal and heavy metal from a dark past but with modern vocals. The Russian GRENOUER uses by their metalcore some djent. Their music sounds very innovative and they have a strong singer. The revelation was Polish DIVINE SWEEP. With a running time of 8:29 minutes they not only have the longest track on the album, their heavy metal contains beautiful arrangements which is fine player with an excellent singer.

Koen W. (Lords of Metal)


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