Slowly We Rot #10

Slowly We Rot 10Second full-length album from this Ukrainian band founded in 2010; 4 years apart from their debut album, this new one offers 10 tracks in a bit over 50 minutes of playing time. Their music as described by the label, is old-school raw Black Death Metal a la Novembers Doom, Rotting Christ, Sceptic Flesh, Belphegor, and Behemoth, but unfortunately this is far, far from the mentioned bands in terms of both composition and intensity. Aeternus Prophet's music is mostly slow to mid-paced, almost lazy sounding I might say, with an acute lack of brutality in it, maybe except for the vicious vocals but that's not enough to make it a successful Extreme Metal material. I've listened to a couple of tracks from their debut album, too, in order to compare them, and indeed, the band progressed, it's more credible and intense now, but not enough to impress nowadays when the above-mentioned bands are continuously struggling to reach new and new levels of brutality and technicality. All lyrics are in their native tongue, so for countrymates they could be a good addition to the whole (if they are interesting enough), but for the rest I don't think this album will make any difference at all. Sorry, it sounds too stale even for an Old-School Extreme Metal release, I wouldn't have been mad about it in the '90's either...

6/10 (Slowly We Rot #10)


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