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The band was formed in 2010 in Fastiv near Kiev. They have released two demos in 2011 and 2014 so far and the full length album “Безжальність” in 2012.
The music on the latest album AETERNUS PROPHET is a technical death-black metal. The members can use their instruments very well as well as they are in tune. But worse is with devising of interesting compositions. And in addition the singer sings in a little interesting way. The drummer has not original ideas. The tracks 4 and 9 are the best.
“Хворе бачення” from the beginning is dynamic, the interesting playing of guitar, the rhythmic section drives the development of musical events. In this long piece (seven minutes) is energy and life. “Зітри з себе мітку” is kept in a dark mood. From the beginning it has an interesting melody line and a lot of interesting guitar licks as well as there is a lot of drama. It is worth to mention – aggressive black metal “Одвічне злотворення” and last – heavy and dark “Погляд у вічність”. However, both of these songs do not belong to the first league of metal – mildly saying. The rest of tracks is not very interesting. The first track “Вийняті очі” is monotonous. The singer in the circle repeats the same refrain. Others songs aren’t thrilling but sometimes have interesting fragments, but it as a whole does not impress. The title song “Виключення недомінантного матеріалу” has a interesting, short solo part of bass. In the track “Зобов’язані жити” the drums are more interesting than the rest of the disc .
I think that the possibility of Ukrainians are larger than they shown on the album. They can afford more and they should look for ideas for better compositions. And the singer and the drummer should enrich their the means of expression. Sorry, but I don’t rate highly this album.

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