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Виключення недомінантного матеріалу’ or ‘Exclusion Of Non-Dominated Material’ is Aeternus Prophet’s second full-length after 2012’s ‘Безжальність’, which was released through Rostock Records. The band also released some (digital only) demo’s. Maybe you can find them somewhere on the Web. Aeternus Prophet consists of Veritas (vocals, guitars, bass guitar), Oberon (guitars) and Dessident (drums) and hails from Fastiv, Ukraine. The Ukrainian band plays death metal that is quite straight forwarded and I think this is not a band that is worrying about looking super stylish and trendy. They are all dressed in hoods (like Batushka). Their music also isn’t quite super fashionable and up-to-the-minute, just the way I like it. This is a no nonsense death metal CD that will attract underground death metal fans with a main focus on non-trendy Eastern European impact.

70 / 100
Koen B. (http://www.lordsofmetal.nl/)


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