AETERNUS PROPHET "Exclusion of Non-Dominated Material" 2016
/Metal Scrap Records/

1. Вийняті очі / Removed Eyes 05:51
2. Тотальне домінування / Total Dominance 05:35
3. Діапауза розумових процесів / Diapause of Thought Processes 04:32
4. Хворе бачення / Sick Vision 07:06
5. Виключення недомінантного матеріалу / Exclusion of Non-Dominated Material 03:34
6. Одвічне злотворення / Uncaused Defacement 04:31
7. Доля буде чекати до смерті твоєї... / Fate Will Expect Your Death... 05:46
8. Зобов'язані жити - Obliged to Live 05:15
9. Зітри з себе мітку - Wipe off the Mark 06:02
10. Погляд у вічність - A Look into Eternity 04:24
Total playing time: 53:04

               full MIND AFFLICTION Into The Void



Given that this album was issued in 2016 the union had been in existence six years at the time of the disc’s release by Metal Scrap Records. There is no hope for this band if this is what it could write and record after so many years.
Not every band features master instrumentalists or expert note and theory practitioners. Listen to Impaled Nazarene’s Tol Cormpt Norz Norz debut. It is clear that the Finns could not play their instruments anywhere near what anyone would term skillfully. With that said, the album is mega-good, interesting and shows a lot of character and originality among other things. Aeternus Prophet’s ‘Exclusion Of Non-Dominated Material’ is boring and disappointing not only because the men cannot handle their instruments, but also because riff after weak riff is repeated, the rhythms are tepid, the drummer follows the rest of the act with no sense of excitement and the singer’s growls showcase repeated patterns and words. Sole moments, and that is all they are, that are passable are the guitar leads on a song like Sick Vision and the Dissection-clone opening – which of course is soon enough repeated - of Wipe Off The Mark, but just listen to the rat-tat-tat drumming and puny guitar sound that follows it. There is nothing on this album that anyone needs or wants unless Ukrainian titles and lyrics are some kind of a fetish. Metal Scrap usually does better than this. Certainly, there are a million better bands out there waiting for a label, which makes the signing of these underachievers even more of a mystery. Someone please tell me that at the very least the band’s lyrics translated are a major social justice revelation or something; otherwise, all this reviewer hears is an invite to order ‘peri peri’ sauce on the song Total Dominance!

Ali (

The band was formed in 2010 in Fastiv near Kiev. They have released two demos in 2011 and 2014 so far and the full length album “Безжальність” in 2012.
The music on the latest album AETERNUS PROPHET is a technical death-black metal. The members can use their instruments very well as well as they are in tune. But worse is with devising of interesting compositions. And in addition the singer sings in a little interesting way. The drummer has not original ideas. The tracks 4 and 9 are the best.
“Хворе бачення” from the beginning is dynamic, the interesting playing of guitar, the rhythmic section drives the development of musical events. In this long piece (seven minutes) is energy and life. “Зітри з себе мітку” is kept in a dark mood. From the beginning it has an interesting melody line and a lot of interesting guitar licks as well as there is a lot of drama. It is worth to mention – aggressive black metal “Одвічне злотворення” and last – heavy and dark “Погляд у вічність”. However, both of these songs do not belong to the first league of metal – mildly saying. The rest of tracks is not very interesting. The first track “Вийняті очі” is monotonous. The singer in the circle repeats the same refrain. Others songs aren’t thrilling but sometimes have interesting fragments, but it as a whole does not impress. The title song “Виключення недомінантного матеріалу” has a interesting, short solo part of bass. In the track “Зобов’язані жити” the drums are more interesting than the rest of the disc .
I think that the possibility of Ukrainians are larger than they shown on the album. They can afford more and they should look for ideas for better compositions. And the singer and the drummer should enrich their the means of expression. Sorry, but I don’t rate highly this album.

Musashi (

Honestly I'd rather be listening to Ukrainian black metal but I didn't get that draw. Yes AETERNUS PROPHET are three piece act from the Ukraine and are basic death metal, as in their release here is really simplistic. The songs trudge along at a snail's pace until a melodic break and a guitar solo rips through. Vocals are sung in old school brutal fashion. The tempos are played in two speeds, slow and slower but this ain't death doom. This is their second full length and you would think that would be, how shall I put this nicely, ah exciting. Unfortunately that ain't the case here.


RockHard335Babylonisches SprachKuddelmuddel: Ein aus lateinischen und englischen Worten zusammengewürfelter Bandname trifft auf russische Texte und einen ebensolchen Albumtitel (der übersetzt „Exclusion Of NonDominated Material“ bedeuten soll; unter diesem Titel ist die digitale Version des Albums auch bei den bekannten Download-Plattformen eingestellt). Die drei Kapuzenträger aus der Ukraine liegen zwischen Black Thrash und Death Metal, erinnern an eine Kreuzung von Behemoth, Sodom und Belphegor. Praktischerweise ist die Gitarre meist recht thrashig unterwegs, sodass die Scheibe sehr schön groovt.



Second full-length album from this Ukrainian band founded in 2010; 4 years apart from their debut album, this new one offers 10 tracks in a bit over 50 minutes of playing time. Their music as described by the label, is old-school raw Black Death Metal a la Novembers Doom, Rotting Christ, Sceptic Flesh, Belphegor, and Behemoth, but unfortunately this is far, far from the mentioned bands in terms of both composition and intensity. Aeternus Prophet's music is mostly slow to mid-paced, almost lazy sounding I might say, with an acute lack of brutality in it, maybe except for the vicious vocals but that's not enough to make it a successful Extreme Metal material. I've listened to a couple of tracks from their debut album, too, in order to compare them, and indeed, the band progressed, it's more credible and intense now, but not enough to impress nowadays when the above mentioned bands are continuously struggling to reach new and new levels of brutality and technicality. All lyrics are in their native tongue, so for countrymates they could be a good addition to the whole (if they are interesing enough), but for the rest I don't think this album will make any difference at all. Sorry, it sound too stale even for an Old-School Extreme Metal release, I wouldn't have been mad about it in the '90's either...

Adrian (

Rockcor 62016C этой группой любители тяжелой музыки познакомились недавно. Созданная в 2010 году, недалеко от Киева, тремя одаренными музыкантами, команда в 2016 году выпустила в свет свой второй полноформатный альбом. Диск со звучным и трушнымЪ названием «Исключение недоминантного материала» включает в себя 8 композиций, исполненных на достаточно высоком уровне. Баланс блэка и дэта заметно смещен в сторону последнего, при этом музыка в целом звучит очень современно, я бы сказал даже коммерчески, однако это не умоляет всей тяжести звучания размеренных рифов и пониженного строя гитар. Звучный гроул здесь также очень подходит для исполнения материала. Обратив внимание на тексты мы увидим обычные для стиля темы. Ненависть и социопатия, абстрагирование себя от толпы, единение с природой – как раз то, чему обычно посвящены блэк и дэт композиций. Metal Scrap требовательно и внимательно относятся к своим подопечным, не смотря на ориентированность, главным образом, на андерграундную сцену, лейблу удается открывать миру интересных и очень основательно звучащих музыкантов. Для меня у этой группы есть один существенный недостаток. Украинской команде недостает атмосферности композиций, и дело не в том, как звучат инструменты. Прослушав этот диск я прекрасно воспринял уровень музыкантов, для этого достаточно прослушать любой из треков, но особой дэтовой атмосферы и холодной красоты блэка здесь не увидел. В сети мне на глаза попалось сравнение коллектива с бегомотом и белфегором, одноко у этихто банд с атмосферой как раз всё в полном порядке. Мне посыл материала Aeternus Prophet больше напомнил мелодэтовые группы, такие как Dethklok или At The Gates. Эти ребята без сомнения хороши, но от них не требуют особого погружения в музыку. Им достаточно обеспечить мощное, мелодичное и качёвое звучание, однако действительно отменного дэта, и тем паче блэка без особой мистики и магии быть не может. В итоге, несмотря не все очевидные плюсы этого издания, моя оценка альбому будет 4 балла.

Сурин Захар (Rockcor 6/2016)


Aeternus Prophet is a 3 piece, black/death metal project from Fastiv, Ukraine.
Founded in 2010- “Exclusion of Non Dominated Material” is their second full release in 2016.
“Removed Eyes” launches straight into a melodic and technically sound track combined with distinct blackened death elements. Brutal death growls combined with a musically tight background complete with exceptional drum work ensures captivating listening.
“Total Dominance” displays a more grind element to the track- while still displaying the customary blackened death brutality the listener has come to associate with Aeternus Prophet. A musically cohesive and technically tight track allowing the listener to focus on the respective talents of all members.
“Diapause of Thought Processes” utilizes a more technical grind core, death style- displaying another aspect of musical diversity. The brutal and relentless growls are complimented and amplified perfectly by the grinding background music.
“Sick Vision” projects the listener into a melodic and brutal blackened death track. Understated yet complimentary background music perfectly contrasts both the vocals and solos in a comprehensive and cohesive manner.
A grinding, relentless introduction commences “Exclusion of Non- Dominated Material” with a particularly relentless tone to this track. A more brutal death metal approach with systematic instrumental interludes ensures a technically strong track remaining consistent with Aeternus Prophet’s distinctive sound.
“Uncaused Defacement” strikes the listener as a particularly relentless track. Combining brutal vocals with harsh and unapologetically aggressive background music ensures the listener’s attention is captivated by the continual musical diversity.
“Fate will expect your death” displays a more blackened death sound combined with unrelenting brutal vocals. Slightly more melodic than the previous track, it is a welcome track to display the rapid pitch shifts and the cohesiveness of Aeternus Prophet both individually and as a whole.
A more grind- groove aspect is displayed in “Obligated to live” while still remaining consistent with the customary brutality and technical aspects expected of this release. An intense and musically cohesive track complete with a grinding aspect actively suiting “Exclusion of Non-Dominated Material” consistently.
“Wipe off the Mark” shows a lower tempo, melodic death metal style combined with brutal growls. Interlaced with intense sections of melancholy brutal instrumental intervals and rapid tempo shifts ensure a technically strong track, which naturally the listener has come to associate with Aeternus Prophet.
“A Look into Eternity” is the concluding track of “Exclusion of Non-Dominated Material” with its classical blackened death style and slightly more relaxed feel suited to a musically intense release. While remaining technically and aesthetically sound to Aeternus Prophet distinctive sound, a more melodic, death metal influence is apparent.

Sarah McKellar (

ROCK HARD35Po obdrzarn materiâlov od ukrajinského vydavaterstva Metal Scrap Records, к mne doteraz neznâmej kapele s nâzvom AETERNUS PROPHET, som si podra ciernobieleho obalu a v podstate aj podra loga kapely myslel, ze sa jednâ о na Ukrajine dost оЬГйЬепу black metal. Aj podfa promo-materiâlov sa ku tejto kapele a о jej Style pfsalo ako о old school raw black/death metale. Takze predpoklad bola kombinâcia .brüsky a motorove] pily". No po spustenf ma z omylu vyvledli uz prvé akordy. Tazké, temné, valivé, uhrancivé az atmosférické tony zalejü posluchâca ako najôernej- sia smola. Viem, ze tÿch pridavnÿch mien je troska vefa, aie je to skutoCne to najvystihujucejSie. Toto vsetko je doplnené hromovÿm growlingom, takze z tÿchto slov je zrejmé, le sa jednâ skôr о starÿ death metal dobre reznutÿ doomom (toho black metalu som tu nasiel fakt veTmi mâlo). .Exclusion Of Non- Dominated Material" je druhy radovy album kapely, ktorÿ obsahuje desaf skladieb s nâzvami v azbuke (a s anglickÿm prekladom) a aj naspievané v ukrajin- skom jazyku. Toto musfm skôr vyzdvihnûf, пакоГко to tu nadmieru pasuje. Kto chce teda na viac ako pâfdesiat minüt zâjsf do krajiny temnosti a tienov, ma moznosf v podobe ukrajinskych tvorcov kultu fazkej nenâvisti.

KRIMATOR (Rock Hard #35/2016)

Виключення недомінантного матеріалу’ or ‘Exclusion Of Non-Dominated Material’ is Aeternus Prophet’s second full-length after 2012’s ‘Безжальність’, which was released through Rostock Records. The band also released some (digital only) demo’s. Maybe you can find them somewhere on the Web. Aeternus Prophet consists of Veritas (vocals, guitars, bass guitar), Oberon (guitars) and Dessident (drums) and hails from Fastiv, Ukraine. The Ukrainian band plays death metal that is quite straight forwarded and I think this is not a band that is worrying about looking super stylish and trendy. They are all dressed in hoods (like Batushka). Their music also isn’t quite super fashionable and up-to-the-minute, just the way I like it. This is a no nonsense death metal CD that will attract underground death metal fans with a main focus on non-trendy Eastern European impact.

70 / 100
Koen B. (

scream magazine 207Oenne trioen fra Ukraina er ute med sin andre full-lengder pâ 6 âr. De spiller death metal, men det er ikke slik jeg foretrekker min dedsmetal.
Det lâter faktisk sâ kjedelig at jeg tenker pâ helt andre ting, og plutselig kommer det en gitarsolo ut fra intet Det er platt vokal, kjedelige riff og forut- sigbar lâtstruktur. Det kan til tider minne litt om Triptykon, men selvsagt pâ et helt annet nivâ enn Tom G. Warrior & co. Det hele virker rimelig til- feldig sammensatt, og det blir en veldig trist affære. Denne skiva ber forbigâs i stillhet, jeg har problemer med â se for meg at noen kan like dette.

Arild Bendixen (Scream Magazine #207)

LEGACY103Im Jahre 2010 wurden AETERNUS PROPHET aus der Ukraine von Schlagzeuger Dessident und dem Gitarristen Oberon ins Leben gerufen. Nachdem sich nach ein paar Monaten noch Sänger Veritas hinzugesellte, stellte man im November des selben Jahres das erste Album fertig, mit dem man in der Ukraine bereits fleißig auf Tour ging. Mit seinem zweiten Album „Exclusion Of Non-Dominated Material“ giert das Trio nun auch nach internationalem Publikum, was angesichts des neues Tonmaterials nicht unrealistisch zu sein scheint. Denn die Jungs von AETERNUS PROPHET bieten einen düsteren und wuchtigen Mix aus Black- und Death Metal, der hauptsächlich im Midtempo angesiedelt ist und kraftvoll mitzureißen weiß. Veritas düsterer und tiefer Gesang, mit Lyrics in der Muttersprache, gibt den zehn neuen Songs einen besonderen Charme und wuchtigen Charakter, so dass man diesen Ukrainern auf ihrem neusten Werk eine gelungene und interessante Songauswahl attestieren kann. Die Truppe verzichtet dabei völlig auf rasende Tempi und prügelnde, monotone Riffs. Stattdessen verzieren sie ihre Songs mit einer abwechslungsreichen Mischung aus doomigen Passagen, wuchtigen Akkorden und mitreißenden Rhythmus Variationen, so dass jeder Song eigenständig zum Hinhören einlädt. Damit gelingt AETERNUS PROPHET ein Album mit ganz eigenem Wiedererkennungswert, das neben Düsterheit und Aggression vor allem Abwechslung und prägnante musikalische und epische Momente bietet, ohne als Kopie anderer Kopien dastehen zu müssen. Dieses Album lohnt sich daher vor allem für die Fanbase der finsteren Musik, die noch auf Eigenständigkeit und auf Detailliebe stehen und auch bei gedrosseltem Tempo völlig in Wallung geraten!

12 Punkte
STM (Legacy #103)

Necromance 062016AETERNUS PROPHET es una banda ucraniana de black/death metal formada en 2010 que cuenta actualmente con tres miembros: Veritas con la guitarra y voces, Oberon a la guitarra y por último Dessident con la batería. Estos ucranianos nos presentan su segundo y último álbum, “Exclusion of Non-Dominated Material” , de la mano de Metal Scrap Records. Este trabajo consta de diez pistas con una duración total de 53 minutos. Empezando con unos riffs muy afilados y con garra, AETERNUS PROPHET abren el disco con “Removed Eyes”. En cuanto a la voz, se trata de un growl grave pero suave al mismo tiempo. Le falta bastante fuerza y hace que los temas pierdan vigor nada más comenzar. Pistas como por ejemplo “Removed Eyes” y “Total Dominance” ganarían muchísimo más si la voz aportara más cuerpo al conjunto. La voz mejora a mitad del álbum con “Exclusion of Non-Dominated Material”, que presenta momentos más pesados en contraposición con la velocidad y brío de la batería. Por otro lado, en “Fate Will Expect Your Death…” presenta un tono más lúgubre siendo un acierto.
Continuando con las guitarras, que nos ofrecen unos riffs simples salvo en “Diapause of Thought Processes”, en donde contamos con una composición más compleja. Sin embargo, en este mismo tema los solos de guitarra son chirriantes e improcedentes. En “Wipe Off the Mark” nos aportan una atmósfera tenebrosa, recordándonos en algunos riffs a composiciones de Watain, donde impera la oscuridad y el misterio. “Sick Vision” tiene el trabajo de guitarras más bueno y complejo, con un solo que le llega a la altura. Con respecto a la batería, tiene sus momentos de absoluto protagonismo como apreciamos en “Uncaused Defacement“ y en “Total Dominance” En definitiva, “Exclusion of Non-Dominated Material” es un trabajo lento con muchos altibajos, al que le falta fuerza en mi opinión. Cuando no es la voz, es una batería monótona y con falta de vitalidad. AETERNUS PROPHET combinan elementos de black, death y también del doom metal. Sin embargo, no han conseguido obtener un conjunto potente que llegue al oyente.

Maki Pérez Jáuregui (Necromance #6/16)

Anytime I see a demo from a Ukrainian black metal outfit, I think of bands like Drudkh and Khors, and tend to expect something along those lines. I find this to be a generally accurate assumption, though, of course, each band offers a unique spin on that sound. Exclusion of Non-Dominated Material by Aeternus Prophet, however, turned any preconceived notions I had about the Ukraine metal scene upside down.
Aeternus Prophet don’t really have any ambient or folk influences, don’t focus on pagan mysticism in their lyrics, and don’t play anything that can be considered “pretty” or “shoegazey.” Exclusion of Non-Dominated Material, the band’s second full-length, offers instead some pretty old-school-influenced blackened death metal, similar to Belphegor. There are some pretty flashy guitar bits on occasion, such as the speed-demon intro riff on album opener “Removed Eyes,” but Aeternus Prophet mostly stick to a more medium-paced style, emphasizing their death metal influences. “Sick Vision” is a prime example of the old-school style I’m talking about, sounding like a mix of Obituary and classic NWOBHM. Fans looking for 6-string acrobatics, though, might be a little disappointed, since Aeternus Prophet place more emphasis on heavy, old-style riffs than they do in writing super technical tunes, though there are occasionally some cool guitar solos.
The mix sounds a little flat at times, and the formula on each song is more or less the same, making the album seem to drag towards the middle. The tone is just a little too clean, and there just isn’t enough change in dynamics to differentiate song from song. Still, I did enjoy the classic-sounding metal vibe that permeates every nook and cranny of this record, which really goes a long way to making it an enjoyable listen. Though I wouldn’t exactly call Exclusion of Non-Dominated Material indispensable, it’s still worth a spin or two.

Bradley (

AETERNUS PROPHET already exist since 2010. The label Metal Scrap Records will release in June 2016 their second cd “Exclusion Of Non-Dominated Material“.
AETERNUS PROPHET immediately get startetd! Rude Death Metal is here the topic. The guys thereby renounce of songs in higspeed format. But, don't worry! No boredom arises here! All altogether ten songs are located in the mid tempo area. They are dark and powerful. The production receives additionally energy and hardness by the aggressive riffs. The partially halting passages reinforce brutality and anger. The powerful doubleblast drumming and the forceful bass lines yet reinforce the extreme atmosphere. The dark growls ensure that you don't forget “Exclusion Of Non-Dominated Material“ that fast. Recorded with much blood, sweat and tears, each Death Metal fan should have listened to this cd!!!!

Battlepig (Extreminal Webzine)

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