Many sources including the issuing label ‘Metal’ Scrap give these Poles less metal credit than they are due. While the band is not accepted as metal by several sources the attribution is largely unfair. There is enough metal here of the Meshuggah variety to make Underdamped System and its Phantom Pain album relevant. It is undeniably heavy, crushing and guttural. Not to say that other elements are not present – think industrial or psychedelic with even the monicker hinting at an industrial engineering periphery – but many metal fans would take to this brutal, guitar-oriented heave of a sound that falls like a ton of bricks.
The band looks like a bunch of hooligan louts who would go around farting upon the planet, but appearance and potentially unfair criticism based on ignorance aside, the gang has concocted a heavy album that is non-stop, changes speeds, often stalks the listener and is never without impact. The rhythm is occasionally oscillated to repeat, Wrath has a modulated vocal and listening to a song like Exile one notices how appropriately successful the production courtesy of Hertz Studio is. Again, the band is alternatively called industrial, electronica or dance and trust the very Metallian who despises joke poseur crap like Fear Factory yet recommends UDS. The music is devastating, the sound is fitting, the package is modern and original and one wonders why the recording, which stems from 2014, was only released in 2016.

Ali “The Metallian”
70/100 (


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