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The album has been recorded and mastered in Hertz studio which secures excellent European production as they already proven (Vader, Hate, Behemoth) many times before. The whole cover art is a design of Michal “Xaay” Loranc, previously known for his stunning graphics to the albums of Nile, Banisher, Trauma and a lot of other amazing bands. All that you can see in pictures is a sort of introduction to the twisted music universe of UDS which I am glad to jump into and lost myself to whatever astonishing it possesses.
And they do it wonderfully. With the sound that is just brilliant the music is a luxury to cope with. They have superb combination of angry vocals, aggressive and multi dimensional guitars that spine the album perfectly. With yet so many rhythm breakdowns, methodical drumming and mind ripping ideas the awesomeness of Phantom Pain is out of question. Technically, this album is not that advanced as Meshuggah for example but both bands give me common impression that their music is like an alien message, a broadcast throughout the body and mind of human kind and I hope they won`t be misunderstood by their own uniqueness. I like it weird, technical, disharmonious, strange and unexpected. UDS is a band that has these characteristics and their songs represents individuality the way they composed them. If I had a little fun with labeling their music then I would say this is thrashy, very mechanical hybrid bitch of modern hard core, prog, industrial and groove. I am not going to write a bad word about this album, I love every part of it!

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