Slowly We Rot #9/2016

Slowly We Rot 9 cover

Underdamped System or in short UDS are a quintet hailing from poland and this is their debut full-length album, a 9 tracks effort clocking almost 45 minutes of playing time. What we get here is a very powerful, inyour- face, fat sounding mix of Groove Metal, Industrial Metal and Progressive Technical Metal, just think of influences from Meshuggah, Fear Factory, Pantera, Gojira and Ministy all melted together and presented on rhythms as intricate as possible, but with a heavy layer of mesmerizing, repetitive, almost bewitching guitar leads glue them all together. The result is impressive, especially from the technical point of view, the debut album from these guys slays and although there are some parts when the compositions become a bit redundant and might loose the listener for a moment, and the vocals are a lacking flexibility and versatility, Phantom Pain is an overall successful album, I'm sure if you're into at least one the the above mentioned genres or bands you will find something to enjoy here. Not sure why it took the band almost 2 years to release it, but it was worth the waiting, a debut that presents an interesting, intelligent and potentially successful new name from Poland. Released on classy Digipak CD format with 8 pages booklet.

Slowly We Rot #9/2016


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