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Underdamped system is a quintet from Poland and this is their debut album. What we get here is a very powerful and heavy-sounding mix of groove metal and progressive metal, just think of influences by Meshuggah, Fear Factory and Ministry. Musically they rely much on complex rhythms that are connected through melodic guitar parts. The result is impressive from a technical point of view, especially considering the fact that it is a debut album. It remains a problem that the technique wins it from the 'song' and that attention might stray from the listener. There is in that area still a lack of versatility, in which the vocals also leave room for improvement. But 'Phantom Pain' is a winning album, especially if you like the aforementioned bands. Underdamped System present themselves here with the necessary flair to the world.

80 / 100
Berto (http://www.lordsofmetal.nl/)


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