DRUKNROLL "In The Game / В Игре" 2016
/Metal Scrap Records/

1. The Wolf 04:41
2. Abyss 04:37
3. Below 04:39
4. My Role 05:01
5. The Loop of World Creation 04:15
6. In the Game 04:20
7. Monomakh 03:55
8. In the Depths of No Return 04:01
9. In Parallel Planes 04:52
10.Tears 03:20
Total playing time: 44:06

druknroll - in the game





The band’s monicker is something of a mystery to me. What does it mean? Did they drop an ‘n’ accidentally? Were they actually drunk when they invented the monicker and hence… well, you understand.
This Russian-based band believes itself to be “modern metal.” Fine, call yourself whatever nonsensical, meaningless or abstract label you wish, but is it any good? The answer mostly is ‘niet.’ There are the old cliché clean vocals mixed with growls. The good old K&F (Keyboards & Female Vocals) and the standard-issue final track, appropriately named Tears here that have the shrieking menstruating woman, er, proving her worth. My Role is a Russian foray into the world of slow and acoustic intros showcasing the band’s sensitive and hurt feeling. Incidentally, the songs are in the band’s mother tongue. The band has picked an English album title this time around, but its previous releases carried Russian titles. The pits of the album, however, are reached on The Loop Of World Creation. It features the band’s attempt at modernity and for bad measure throws in a clone keyboard of dummy burger and a clone of Poptera’s guitar sound. For my money, there probably are no two worse bands in the world than Pantera and Dimmu Borgir this side of Metallica so a special hatred and disdain goes to this terrible track.
With all that said, why is this a 40/100 and not a 0/100 or similar? The album has several isolated redeeming elements. First, the guitars can be impressive and on occasion quite listenable. The Wolf has a dual guitar harmony that is quite fine. My Role has a soaring solo and an impressive bass sound. The title has a worthy guitar lick. Such moments and a good sound are interspersed throughout the album.
The problem with Druknroll and bands of its ilk is that in its quest to be different and original they stray too far from the realm of fine taste and appeal and go where they should not.

Ali “The Metallian” (http://metallian.com)

Druknroll are a band from Russia that has been featured before in this zine and plays a mixture of death, thrash, and melodic heavy metal and this is a review of their 2016 album "On The Game" which was released by Metal Scrap Records.
A powerful sounding bass guitar lead starts off the album along with some heavy riffs and symphonic synths a few seconds alter and when the music speeds up a great amount of blast beats can be heard and after awhile aggressive screaming vocals and death metla growls make their presence known.
When guitar solos and leads are utilized they are done in a very melodic fashion and clean singing is also utilized at times along with the songs also bringing in a great mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts and clean guitars are also added into certain sections of the recording and when acoustic guitars are utilized they give the songs a more progressive edge and elements of thrash are also mixed into the faster sections of the music and female vocals are added onto the closing track.
Druknroll creates another recording that remains true to their mixture of death, thrash, symphonic and melodic heavy metal from previous releases, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover dark and real life themes.
In my opinion this is another great sounding recording f rom Druknroll and if you are a fan of death, thrash and heavy metal, you should check out this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "The Wolf" "My Role" "In The Depths Of No Return" and "Tears".

OccultBlackMetal (http://extrememetalzine.blogspot.com)

Обложка ATMOSFEAR 18За творчеством саратовской группы DRUKNROLL я слежу давно, начиная со второго альбома. Если я все подсчитал верно, то в этом году группа отмечает свое десятилетие. И отмечает его своим четвертым альбомом. Творчество группы всегда лежало вне стилистических рамок. Для упрощения их называли модерн металлистами, что во многом не соответствует общепринятому понятию о стиле modern metal. Их творчество привлекало своей новизной и непредсказуемостью «открытых» металлхэдов, но и отталкивало любителей ортодоксальных стилей. К четвертому альбому сильно многое не изменилось. Единственное на что стоит обратить внимание, группа научилась преподносить свою музыку в наиболее легком для восприятия виде. Во всем остальном это все тот же DRUKNROLL. Если любили их раньше, то останетесь их фэном и дальше. Тексты не тривиальные, радует проработка и прослушивание вызывает интерес. А вот оформление для релиза можно было проработать также глубоко как музыку или лирику.

7,5 / 10
Neophyte (ATMOSFEAR #18/2016)

Rockcor 4 2016У одиозного саратовского коллектива в нынешнем году большой юбилей – ровно 10 лет назад этот состав был запущен человеком, который вынес в название проекта свой псевдоним и стал экспериментировать по совмещению самых разных металл-направлений: от пауэра, трэша, дэта, симфо, модерн-металла, прогрессива и вплоть до традиционного хэви-металла и альтернативы. Со временем проект превратился в полноценную группу, которая, окрепнув и набравшись опыта, всё также продолжает смешивать, взбалтывать и предлагать слушателям свой стилистический коктейль Молотова. “В игре” – уже четвёртый полноформатный альбом коллектива, и его, безусловно, можно назвать самым профессиональным, выверенным и совершенным. Взяв постапокалиптическую смелость модерн-металла, математическую изощрённость прогрессива, бронебойную прямолинейность дэта, трэшевый кач и симфо-металлическую помпезность, Druknroll по сути играют всё тот же хэви металл – всё тот же хэви, но с поправкой на тот простой факт, что на дворе уже давно третье тысячелетие. И их музыка – это действительно металл нового миллениума: агрессивный, жёсткий, свежий и убедительный. Особая тема в творчестве Druknroll – тексты. Они почти по-крупновски цепко и рельефно написаны, имеют смысл и вполне определённый идейный посыл, который временами даже не чужд патриотических аллюзий (“Мономах”), и наконец, они просто очень приятны на слух. Группа великолепна, их новый альбом шедеврален. Что сказать ещё? Быть может только то, что если вы имеете аллергию на авангард в любом его проявлении, а от винегрета у вас начинаются мигрени, то, возможно, принимать этот препарат стоит дозировано. Но принимать стоит.

Алексей “Astarte Eel” Иринеев (Rockcor #4/2016)

DrukNRoll is a band Russian Heavy Metal band who has been around for ten years now. In that time, they have kept themselves busy, releasing one EP and four full-length albums. The album that I am focusing on today is entitled In The Game and is both the newest record released by the band and the first one with an English title (as opposed to the previous three, including the EP, which all had titles in their native Russian). It is worth mentioning, however, that every last one of the ten tracks present on In The Game have both a Russian and an English title: And from what I can gleam, the songs are performed in a mixture of these two languages as well. An amusing little fact, but not something that neither saved nor ruined the album for me. Musically DrukNRoll have managed to create a very rare sound for themselves by taking a Heavy Metal frame and adding piles and piles of melodic elements to it (which is mostly noticeable through the use of keyboards and sound effects). This, as some of you might now, is something that I generally like and look for in bands; A unique sound shows character and talent, in my opinion at least. However, when a band strays too far from the genre that they started out playing (Heavy Metal in this case), I generally end up being discouraged due to it not resembling what I would usually expect. This is not, per se, the case with In The Game; It is special, definitely, and at the far end of what I would classify as Heavy Metal (but still within the parameters). All in all that made it difficult for me to relate to it. Luckily for me, the last track on the album (”Tears”) made it a lot easier for me: The addition of a bit more emotion and a female vocal track on top of the very powerful, very angry frame that permeaded the rest of the album tipped it into my ‘I like it’ bowl. Sadly, that track is not present on YouTube, so I will instead link to the next best thing: The track ”The Wolf”, which can be found as the very first track on the album.

Brian (metal-revolution.com)

LEGACY103Im konsequenten Rhythmus von zwei Jahren beweist das Quartett aus Saratov, dass sie hoch hinauswollen und gern als die neuen Soilwork bekannt wären – DRUKNROLL mischen jedoch die Stile von zahlreichen Bands, und so schreddert hier auch immer wieder eine Children Of Bodom-Anlehnung durch die schnellen, keyboardlastigen Songs, die sich allerdings durch ein Element von der Konkurrenz abheben: Die Russen singen in ihrer Muttersprache und klingen auch von der Melodieführung einfach anders als das Übliche, was unsere skandinavisch-verwöhnten Ohren gewöhnt sind. Leicht zugänglich sind sie damit nicht, und speziell die Keyboards haben einen irritierend fiesen Hauch an sich, der von der unbehaglich düsteren Atmosphäre ein Stück an Gojira erinnert, doch immerhin muss man den Russen lassen, dass sie etwas erschaffen haben, das es nicht zwei Mal gibt. Rock’n’Roll sucht man bei DRUKNROLL übrigens vergeblich, aber irgendwo grooven die Herren sich etwas zwischen Melodic Death, progressiven Klängen und gelegentlich sogar Folk-Elementen zusammen. Dies ist der erste der vier bisher veröffentlichten Longplayer, die mit englischsprachigen Songtitel versuchen, dem internationalen Publikum den Zugang zu erleichtern, doch wer sich auf DRUKNROLL einlässt, muss ein offenes Ohr für neue Welten mitbringen, denn 08/15-Sound liefern die Russen definitiv nicht.

9 Punkte
ACS (Legacy #103)


The Russian Druknroll is a band that knows how to persevere. Their fourth album 'In The Game' is again an album sung entirely in their native tongue and that will certainly not constitute a large fan base outside their own country. The music is just like on the previous albums a mixture of various styles and bands. A kind of melodic death metal with a lot of keyboards (and even piano) and alternately raw and clean vocals. They play very enthusiastic, but there is still little balance in the music. There is little consistency in the songs and in the weirdest places they include a kind of Russian men's choir mixed through the music. This album will surely soon be forgotten I'm afraid.

Berto (Lords Of Metal)

NECROMANCE 0416Bueno pues sigo descubriendo buenos grupos procedentes de Rusia, en este caso le toca a la banda DRUKNROLL y su nuevo álbum “In The Game”. Lo primero que me llamo la atención y no para bien, fue la portada, comprometida con el título del álbum, pero nada llamativa, pero al escuchar la música que guarda dentro se olvidan prejuicios, aunque deberían atender un poco más al artwork.
Formados en 2006 como proyecto de un solo músico, DRUKNROLL , realizó un single de lanzamiento contando con la colaboración de Alexander a las voces y Peter a la percusión (también batería de la banda rusa KNIAZ’ T’MY), para después realizar en 2010 su álbum debut, “Brownian Motion” lanzado a través del sello NewRock. Tras un segundo álbum dos años después ante el éxito cosechado y participar en varias recopilaciones, deciden en 2014 y tras dos años de trabajo la edición de su tercer LP “Boiling Point” a través de su sello actual Metal Scrap Records por el cual nos ha llegado su nueva y cuarta obra, en la que mezclan elementos del thrash, del death con toques progresivos y modernos, influenciados por CHILDREN OF BODOM, MERCENARY, y los actuales INFLAMES.
“The Wolf”, inicia el álbum con un solo de bajo y pronto comienza a desarrollarse el tema con toques sinfónicos dados por los teclados y programaciones a cargo de Andrey “Druknroll”, también guitarra y bajo. Las voces también son muy potentes de la mano de Alexander, apoyadas por coros programados y operísticos. Mientras que la guitarra principal, sonidos y baterías programadas corren a cargo de Alexey. Un buen tema para comenzar de una forma muy directa, para continuar con “The Abyss”, donde el bajo inicia el tema conjunto con una guitarra acústica a la que se le unen rápidamente unos ritmos thrasher y death agresivos con cortes de percusión.
“Below”, es un tema muy compacto con las guturales más graves del disco, pero con otros tonos más heavies y partes operísticas, tema que me recuerda a DEVIN TOWNSEND, por la composición. “My Role”, pone el contrapunto, un medio tiempo, que se inicia con el bajo (muy presente a lo largo de todo el disco), ambientaciones y una guitarra acústica, un tema con toques épicos y una parte central entremezclando las dos guitarras, muy interesante. Una de las cosas que me gustan de DRUKNROLL , es que ningún tema se hace repetitivo, ya que guardan muchos detalles compositivos.
Con “The Loop Of World Creation” llegamos al Ecuador del álbum, un tema con toques progresivos y thrashers, directo, oscuro y denso, siendo uno de los más rápidos del disco y con unas partes vocales muy buenas. “In the Game”, da el nombre al álbum, y mantienen la tónica presente en todos los cortes con unas estrofas muy peculiares, entremezcladas con pequeños riffs de guitarras. “Monomakh”, es un tema que cabalga entre la calma de sus estrofas orquestales, con un sonido de guitarras y voces limpias y sus partes más agresivas casi death, destacando la parte central del tema con su solo de guitarra, aunque esta vez algunos toques de teclados le sobran.
“In The Depths Of No Return”, es un tema death/gothic, que pasa como uno más del disco y enlaza con las guitarras en “off” de “In Parallel Planes”, death melódico rápido y dispuesto a desatar la locura, intercalando una parte más melódica y pegadiza en el estribillo, para volver a la vorágine death, es un constante ir y venir de melodías, uno de los temas destacados del album, que nos abre el camino a “Tears”, poniendo un final muy gothic/industrial con toques sinfónicos al LP, donde aparece una voz femenina acompañando en las estrofas a Drunkroll. Me recordó a la época intermedia de THEATRE OF TRAGEDY.
DRUKNROLL , aparte del idioma, ya que lo hacen es su idioma materno, quedándome sin poder profundizar en sus letras, han realizado un trabajo muy interesante dentro de su “mundo de juego”, combinando varios elementos y estilos para obtener ese toque de distinción con respecto al resto de grupos del estilo.

Juan Angel Martos (NECROMANCE #04/16)


"In The Game" is the fourth full-length album from Russia's one and only Druknroll. It follows the 2015 EP, "Петля мироздания" ("The Loop Of World Creation") and this 44 minute release features 10 distinct tracks from group-founder Andrey "Druknroll" (guitar, bass, and keys) and company. Starting off strong thanks to forceful opener "The Wolf" (official video ), "In The Game" snakes it's way through a hazard-filled landscape where everything from heavy metal-flavored harsh thrash to melodic death metal just lays there waiting for the perfect chance to spring out and strike you dead! Having previously covered this Saratov-based band back in late April of 2014 (link) I feel somewhat comfortable in saying that style-wise not much has changed for this colorful lot. Of course by that I mean there really is no one true style for this modern metal that has been in existence since 2006. Like it's unique moniker, Druknroll does things however it sees fit and that isn't necessarily a track by track affair, but during the course of a single song! To be fair it doesn't always work as things can and sometimes do become chaotic. That's the danger of trying to put too many ideas into a single song. It's a small danger, but a danger nonetheless. But, what's life without a little danger now and then? It's boring. Thankfully that's not a problem with "In The Game". Above all else it's never boring! Chaotic? Perhaps. But boring? No way! At it's core an album like "In The Game" is geared towards those who like their modern metal to be interesting and maybe even a little bit genre-jumbled. In that essence it works and it makes me wonder what more this band is capable of now that they are more familiar with the English language?

Andy (Heavy Metal Time Machine)


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