VOICE OF MIDNIGHT "Bifrost" 2011
/Metal Scrap Records/

1.Былины 04:22
2.Голос Войны 03:12
3.Полька 04:10
4.Сказ о суровых норманнах 03:01
5.Рунный Камень 04:32
6.Ветер 03:08
7.Знай себе цену 03:14
8.Регнар и Хельга 04:40



I had for a long time problems getting to grips with the band name Voice Of Midnight. It sounded so anonymous and bland but I’ve grown accustomed to it by now. “Bifrost” is all sung in Russian which makes it hard to decipher what it is that they are singing about. So to me the voice(s) are just another instrument. Musically this ends up somewhere along all the German pagan metal bands like Helfahrt, Eluveite (albeit Swiss) and what not they are called. This is black metal with a strong touch of folklore/music that has become so popular in the last ten years. This is also very nice. Not too folkish that it destroys the metal experience but with enough touches of it to make it interesting enough to stand out a bit from all the ordinary black metal. My main problem with “Bifrost” is that it ends way too soon. This is an album I wouldn’t have minded if it had lasted an hour or so. Cool.


Voice Of Midnight are a band from Russia that plays viking black metal mixed in with a great amount of folk elements and this is a review of their 2011 album "Bifrost" which was released by Metal Scrap Records.
Drums range from slow, mid paced to fast drumming with some blast beats being thrown into the music, while the bass playing has a very strong and powerful sound with primitive riffing that dominates throughout the recording, as for the synths when they are utilized they bring a very epic and atmospheric sound to the music.
Rhythm guitars range from slow, mid paced to fast riffs that combine black and viking metal together mixed in with a great amount of dark sounding melodies as well as some traditional metal influences, while the lead guitars are very melodic sounding guitar solos and leads, as for the acoustic guitars when they are utilized they use finger picking to bring a pagan/folk sound to the music.
Vocals are mostly grim sounding black/viking metal screams mixed in with a brief use of clean singing male and female vocals as well as a brief use of whispers, while the lyrics cover Viking history and mythology with the lyrics being written in a mixture Of English and Russian, as for the production it has a very strong, heavy and powerful sound and you can hear all of the musical instruments that are present on this recording.
In my opinion Voice Of Midnight are a very great sounding atmospheric black/viking metal band and if you are a fan of this style, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Voice Of War" "Rune Stone" and "Regnar And Helga". RECOMMENDED BUY.

OccultBlackMetal (Occult Black Metal Zine)

Just what we need with Blighty disappearing into a white blanket for the Easter weekend - an album with ‘frost’ in the name’.
Just what we actually do need would be some English title translations so we could salvage at least a minor hint of what these Russian black metallers are screaming about in their native lingo. On a par with the commercialistation of the genre that most East European acts seem to be participating in nowadays, speed metal riffs and up-octave solo mixtures al la Megadeth and Anthrax are more the norm for this foursome than the expected Emperor-schooled din.
Adding in the peppery female vocal lead of this album’s unusual third number and her soulful elements on the closing cut, the diversity factor looks satisfyingly stronger. Repetitive prog interludes, notably the folk-like fifth tune and also the bass to the seventh make this a track or so too short at only seven.
Voice of Midnight are yet another outfit that look set on impressing - just please lets have some more English on the sleeve next time guys.

Dave Attrill (www.metalliville.co.uk)

This month a couple of Russian bands have provided us again with new material. The first one is quite new: Voice Of Midnight started in 2008 and releases now, follow-up of an EP, a full length album ‘Bifrost’. One might start a discussion right away: is this a proper full length? With a playing time of half an hour it is rather short. But… maybe it is a relief that it does not take longer…
Well, that is a windfall. Voice Of Midnight will not take the Western world by storm with their heathen songs in Russian language, but we have heard worse things coming from that area. The band includes five rough bards and one woman. Two guitarists, the rhythm section, a male vocalist for raucous vocals and a woman who sings from time to time and plays flute. Her input is not that huge. On Internet I found the English titles, so we can make a comprehensive review and call the songs by name. Everything on the CD is written in Russian, except on the front cover.
‘Epics’ begins with a beautiful, calm guitar intro, but after a ferocious scream it passes into fast, speedy metal with rough vocals (but no grunts or blackened screams). This robust metal gets relished with a cheerful flute in ‘Voice Of War’. Galloping rhythms are interwoven with melodic soloing and vocals are really spit out with scorn here. As expected, ‘Polka’ changes tack. Frisky folk with female vocals and male bard-like interaction. We have heard this all before, although it seems a bit inspired by Cruachan. In ‘Tale Of Severe Normans’ a returning bass run is featured, furthermore it verges more to pure heavy metal, than it is black metal. ‘Rune Stone’ is the moment when tour-de-forces on guitars are shown in finger-blistering solos and folk melodies. Whispering vocals pass into roughness. ‘Wind’ is rather weak, with spit out chants again and dull ‘hey hey’ shouts. ‘Know Your Worth’ evolves from mid-paced to faster and is a proper track, moving stamping towards the end. ‘Regnar And Helga’ is a folk song, based on female and male vocals. A folkloristic end of a diverse first encounter.

Vera (Lords Of Metal)

Normally an album which lists flutes, keyboards and violins in the credits doesn't look interesting at all, but "Voice Of Midnight" is a rare CD in many ways and deserves a listen, they use the folk music as a big influence with many passages of raging black metal and keep the brutality in the entire CD, the guitar solos are fine too. The intensity of this band makes this CD worth a listen. Very good!

Paul Caravasi (AQUELARRE ZINE)

total death zine 7Przenosimy się na wschód proszę państwa, a dokładniej na Ukrainę. Tam stacjonuje zarówno kapela o której postaram się sieknąć kilka zdań poniżej, jak i wydawca tej płyty. Voice of Midnight należy do przedstawicieli melodyjnego black metalu, czy pagan metalu wplatając w swą muzę elementy folkowe. Gdyby coś ode mnie zależało to z miejsca wypierdoliłbym klawisze. Nie wiem czy to wina brzmienia uzyskanego w studio, czy problem leży gdzieś indziej, ale brzmią tragicznie. Niczym z jakieś bajki. Gitary w zupełności dają sobie rade w budowaniu klimatów, a pojawiające się co jakiś czas partie parapetów skutecznie rozwalają atmosferę. Całe szczęście, że nie są eksploatowane zbyt często. Również nie podchodzą mi elementy folka, tak mocno wykorzystane w utworze trzecim, którego nazwy wam nie napisze bo cyrlicą wypisana. Kobitka na wokalu, w duecie z gostkiem, skoczna muza, nic tylko zadzierać kiecę i puścić się w tany  brzmi to jak jakieś gówniane Brathanki. Tyle złego pisania, bo tak naprawdę „Bifrost” to całkiem udany album. Na pewno nie trafi on do miłośników, ekstremalnego death metalu, aczkolwiek każdy maniak gustujący w bardziej melodyjnym graniu, z różnymi akustycznymi wstawkami, chwytliwymi melodykami może spokojne sięgać po tę pozycję. Aha, dla jasności całość „Bifrost” kapela odśpiewała w swym rodzimym języku, tak że jak ktoś jest uczulony na język naszych wschodnich sąsiadów to lekko mieć nie będzie hehe. Adres pod wywiadem.

Total Death zine #7

apocalyptic rites 6Rosyjski Voice of Midnight zapodaje szybki i melodyjny (do bólu) Black Metal. Black Metal połączony z Folkiem należałoby dodać. Niestety zupełnie on do mnie nie przemawia. Raptem kilka gitarowych patentów, które śmiało mogłyby się znaleźć na jakimś thrash’owym lub heavy metalowym (skoczne galopady) materiale mogę zaakceptować. Reszta jest nudna. Perkusja brzmi sztucznie, klawisze wygrywają jakieś słodkie melodyjki. Wokale po rosyjsku, i o ile wrzaski są jeszcze do przełknięcia to te zwykłe śpiewane (zwłaszcza żeńskie) są nie do słuchania. Chwilami odnoszę wrażenie, że to taki rosyjski odpowiednik Isengard. Ciężko mi się tego słuchało nawet na raty.

Apocalyptic Rites 'zine #6



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