Tironas #6

Tironas 6Varang Nord have actually been around for quite a while. Previously known under the name Балагуры the band changed their name into Varang Nord in 2014. The EP "Fire of the North" is first step of the band after the name changing. It's also can be considered as the band's realization to shift their style from Folk black metal towards more Pagan metal approach. However, this change doesn't affect music much, because Varang Nord still stay closer to their roots and purposes, to those that were also for Балагуры. The Ep “Fire Of The North” is a release with lots of variety and a few pretty heavy songs. The riffs and vocals can hit pretty hard, and you can tell that they really tried to make as intense release as they could, while maintaining some folk inspiration from their previous band Балагуры. The result is a strong EP with lots of variety. Most of the release is a synthesis between the folk and black metal sections. All the sections are extremely well done, featuring some unique sounds including lots of accordion just like on the song "Жертва старым богам" or "Кровь за кровь" etc. A good example of their approach is "Сквозь белую пустошь", which begins with an extended guitar riff and leading accordion section. It's totally instrumental song but at the same time it sounds very gloriously. Overall, Varang Nord's EP "Fire of the North" is a good release where folk and black metal elements are mixed in successful way, so I hope Varang Nord will continue to do so in the future and impatiently waiting for their debut full-length.

Tironas #6



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