Here is another representative of the Latvian Metal scene, which has feast at the table of Ukrainian label Metal Scrap Records, where is gathering around the table mainly bands from Eastern Europe, but not only.
The idea VARANG NORD is clearly inspired by the medieval era of Europe, and especially its northern regions, as evidenced by the cover-art adorned with runic letters. And musically it is Death Metal, which draws an inspiration from the old school Scandinavian Death Metal in style of UNLEASHED or ENTOMBED. However, Death Metal of VARANG NORD has a folk melodies, which are caused by the accordion, which I admit that I meet with this for the first time on my way that I take for 40 years. Of course, I mean Death Metal with the sounds of the accordion.
Although the melodic line of the accordion could be more varied, because the melodies of the accordion are a bit monotonous. Despite all, the sounds of the accordion connected with the crushing guitars and the powerful growls create a dark and melancholic atmosphere, sometimes it is creating an association with medieval songs about heroic warriors.
For additional noteworthy is song with banal title “Blood for Blood”, but with unusual music. You could say it’s a Metal Hymn, which makes surprise with the refrain in the style of folk and solemn choral songs, very melancholic,with the heavy guitars in the background. Overall, the pathos with folk in style of East-Slavic was appear in the song.
Another advantage of these folk-death-metal arrangements turned out to be lyrics in the mother tongue or Russian language, which for many centuries was used by the Latvians. If the whole album was be similar to “Blood For Blood” then would be more interesting and more folk.

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