Crown of Viserys

My first listen through Varang Nord‘s Fire of the North revealed a nice and short EP that is on the death metal side of folk metal, with a ton of Viking metal thrown in for good measure. It’s almost like Ensiferum and Amon Amarth had a jam night with members of Korpiklaani and Finntroll hopping in once in awhile.
As far as instruments go, it’s not as intense as some bands in the folk or Viking styles. In fact, Varang Nord is only four people, playing guitar, bass, vocals, and accordion. I’m assuming there is either a session drummer, or possibly a well-produced drum machine was programmed. Despite not having a million members, they are able to have a wonderfully round sound.
Considering Fire of the North being only 22 minutes long, it’s a damn good snapshot of what this band can do. The EP is well produced, with a big sound and an epic feel. Clearly, the Viking sound is quite alive in the green hills of Latvia, and this EP is proof positive of that. It’s short and sweet, and if you’re a drinking horn hoisting kind of person, I recommend it mightily.

Dustin Ekman (Crown of Viserys)


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