Russia’s groove/thrash Metal band TARANTULO have recently released their debut, self-titled album via Ukrainian Metal Scrap Records. The full-length from the Omsk, West Siberia based band features ten songs that are reportedly influenced by diverse spectrum of music, including such bands as Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC, Sepultura, Metallica, Anthrax, Pantera, Guns n’Roses and Biohazard.
The band told ZT more about the lyircal side of things: “In this album we have told you about problems which concern each of us to some extent. Such touchy themes as addiction, violence, social injustice have caused the writing of our songs. The album contains the songs which reflect our mood (“We Drive Now”) and emotional stress because of a close friend bereavement (“Why”). The songs “New Revolution” and “Brothel In A Head” present contradiction and struggling arising in all of us. We have also revealed our attitude to political problems provoking disaffection and as a result riotous conduct in the songs “We Will Fight” and “Coneranchozzz”. Having been inspired with the film “Klass” (produced by Esthonian director Ilmar Raag) we wrote the song “Pride Of Prime”. The unique character of our songs’ sound emphasize the crucial themes we reveal”.

Pavel Palica (Zero Tolerance Magazine #46)

This one started promising. I saw images of old Swedish death metal before my eyes. And it continued in the same style. This is heavy and intense death metal in that same school as early Entombed or Autopsy. I like it. I don’t know what it is but there is something appealing to a band that are as heavy as Tarantulo are. You get a slow rumbling in your nether regions. It’s like a very pleasant bowel movement. No, I’m not comparing Tarantulo to taking a dump. It’s more like when you feel comfortably full after a very nice dinner. Tarantulo is like a very nicely composed death metal meal on the heavier side. For all of you who like your death metal on the heavier side of the stick.

Anders Ekdahl (Battle Helm)

First seconds of first tracks played on my car and I thought “oh man! These Russian guys really know how to damage equipment with low tune riffs, crunchy guitars and a power insane at the throat. The style moves from hard core metal to death metal (between what is called “modern metal” and short pants Pantera styled, you know?) and they dare to explode and over doze all this groove guitar effects, high harmonics, crunchy and jumpy riffs inside 4/4 compasses, wah wah solos, and tons of heavy drum sections. As many other bands in the past, the style produced me a cool head banging …. only the first three songs, but I hardly can make it to the end of the CD. Actually I can’t sit here and say is a bad production. I really liked moments like “Rejected” track where drummer shows an outstanding power (he must be an Olympic athlete or something) or “We will fight” a 99% hard core track where the band shows all the musical capabilities; and of course the entire guitar work in the whole CD which is driven very professional. If you are into all these hard core metal sounds I advise you to look for the band and try to purchase the CD, and if you are not, stay away.

Victor Varas (Zombie Ritual Zine)

Die erste Assoziation des Rezensenten beim Lesen des Bandnamens war Tarantino, aber mit dem hat diese Scheibe nichts zu tun. Vielmehr ist moderner, stark groovender und von Pantera beeinflusster Thrash Metal mit aggressiven Vocals aus Russland darauf enthalten. Es wird aber in englischer Sprache gesungen, und auch sonst merkt man der Band ihre Herkunft nicht an, sieht man vom Akzent des S?ngers ab. Sch?n, dass man darauf bedacht ist, ein H?chstma? an Abwechslung und gleicherma?en Wut zu Geh?r zu bringen. Nat?rlich orientiert man sich an den gro?en Vorbildern, etwa auch Machine Head oder Warpath, falls die noch wer kennt, an modernen Sepultura, Crowbar und Konsorten – aber es ist ja auch nie verkehrt, seinen Idolen zu huldigen, wenn man das Zeug dazu hat. Dabei bleibt zwar ein wenig die eigene Identit?t auf der Strecke, aber jede Wette, dass es war nie das erkl?rte Ziel dieser Musiker war, die originellste Band der Welt zu werden. Fett groovende, schwere B?sse, die direkt in den Magen treffen, eine Rhythmussektion, die alles niederwalzt – dies bestimmt das Bild, welches die Russen von sich zeichnen, wobei besonders `Pride Of Prime` f?r alles steht, was den Sound von TARANTULO ausmacht. Allerdings l?sst es sich die Band auch nicht nehmen, schon beim folgenden Song `Why?` ungew?hnlich ruhige T?ne anzuschlagen, die sehr atmosph?risch sind und somit f?r Abwechslung im Aggro-Gegroove sorgen, sodass man als H?rer bei der Stange bleibt und es nicht bereut, den Russen Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt zu haben. Wer also Lust auf ein modernes Thrash-Album mit Hardcore-Einsch?ben und einer Menge Energie hat, sollte einfach abseits der etablierten Acts schauen und den Russen eine Chance geben, denn sie machen ihre Sache sehr gut.

8 Punkte
Olaf Brinkmann (LEGACY #79)

Nowadays when all the bands are trying to be more brutal than the others, comes this band with a fresh sound. I thought that this style of sound was gone, well it is not the case of Tarantulo which brings an album of good quality, basically I could compare it with "Vulgar display of power", the best songs are "Go in the fucking hell" and "We will fight", I mean the whole album is very good, features a good singer and musicians. Save a little money to go to the record store and buy this CD. Nice!

Paul Caravasi (AQUELARRE ZINE)

slowly we rot magazine 2An excellent debut release for this Russian band, new to my ears, Tarantulo. Combining the best of Hardcore and Groove Thrash Metal with multiple other influences (from Black Sabbath to Rage Against The Machine, to Sepultura, to Metallica, you can hear their mark all over), Tarantulo managed to release a strong, powerful album filled with emotions, good technical displays, and above all a mature, straight-forward composition. The riffs are so fat you can't stop bobbing your head, the drums are so groovy they make you dance, and the vocals are so hateful you wouldn't like to be nowhere near this guy. Their only problem is the use of poor English in their lyrics, but except for that this release is damn spot on, recommended for old-schoolers into Hardcore Thrash. Kick ass!


Adrian (Pest Webzine/Slowly We Rot Magazine #2)


apocalyptic rites 6Rosyjski Tarantulo to kapela stosunkowo młoda (powstali w 2008 roku), która bez zbędnego pitolenia od razu startuje z pełnym krążkiem. Rosjanie parają się czymś, co można nazwać … Groove/Core/Sludge. Dwóch pierwszych tłumaczyć nie trzeba. Jest rwane i skoczne tempo z wykrzyczanym wokalem czyli standardowo w takim przypadku. Sludge dorzuciłem od siebie ponieważ gitary jak dla mnie w wielu miejscach pracują właśnie jak w tym stylu czyli ciężko i zawodząco (w sensie jęczenia oczywiście). W tych cięższych właśnie fragmentach przebija mi Down (zwłaszcza wokal) tudzież inny Corruption. Nie specjalnie przepadam za powyższymi stylami to jeszcze kawałki ułożone są na przemian: raz bardziej Core, raz Sludge. Trochę jakby nie wiedzieli, co chcą grać. Gdyby chłopaki założyli dwa osobne zespoły zorientowane na konkretne gatunki mogłoby to dać lepszy efekt niż takie mieszanie. Nie leży mi ten materiał, chociaż gdybym miał wybierać to zdecydowanie wolę tę cięższą część.

Apocalyptic Rites 'zine #6



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