REGICIDE DECEASE / CALCINED "Death Illumination - In Memory Of Evil Chuck" 2012
/Metal Scrap Records/

1.Regicide Decease - Aethyr of Desecration
2.Regicide Decease - Revelation of Dark Gnosis
3.Regicide Decease - Black Sun Psalm
4.Regicide Decease - Born Dead (DEATH cover)
5.Calcined - Stripped by Life
6.Calcined - The Call
7.Calcined - For the Beyond
8.Calcined - Evil Dead (DEATH cover)

This is a split review of an album between Poland's Regicide Decease and Switzerland's Calcide called "Death Illumination... In Memory of Evil Chuck" which was released by Metal Scrap Records and we will start of the review of Regicide Decease which plays a brutal form of death/thrash.
Drums range from slow, mid paced to fast drumming with a great amount of brutal blast beats being thrown into the music, while the bass playing has a very strong and powerful tone with heavy riffing that dominates throughout the recording.
Rhythm guitars range from slow, mid paced to fast riffs that combine the most brutal elements of death and thrash metal together, while the lead guitars are very chaotic sounding death metal guitar solos and leads.
Vocals are all deep death metal growls, while the lyrics cover dark and occult themes, as for the production it has a very strong, powerful and professional sound where you can hear all of the musical instruments that are present on this recording.
In my opinion Regicide Decease are a very great sounding hybrid of death and thrash metal and if you are a fan of this style, you should c heck out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Revelation Of Gnosis" and "Born Dead" which is a Death cover. RECOMMENDED.
Next up is Calcined a band that plays brutal death metal in the early 90's vein.
Drums range from slow, mid paced to fast drumming with a great amount of brutal blast beats being thrown into the music, while the bass playing has a very strong and powerful tone with heavy riffing that dominates throughout the recording.
Rhythm guitars range from slow, mid paced to fast death metal riffs that are very brutal sounding and combines the early 90's sound with the modern sound and there are little to no guitar solos or leads present on their side of the recording except for the last song.
Vocals are mostly deep death metal growls with some high pitched screams being utilized on the last song, while the lyrics cover violent themes, as for the production it has a very strong, powerful, heavy and professional sound to it where you can hear all of the musical instruments that are present on this recording.
In my opinion Calcined are a very great sounding brutal death metal band and if you are a fan of this style, you should check out this recording. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "The Call" and "Evil Dead" which is a Death cover. RECOMMENDED.
In my opinion this is a very great sounding split and I would recommend this to all fans of death metal. RECOMMENDED BUY.

OccultBlackMetal (The True Bringer Of Death Zine)

These 2 death metal bands decided to record a split CD that features a tribute to the master Chuck Shuldiner. Regicide Decease is in charge of Born dead and Calcined brings Evil dead, powerful and blazing covers, they blow away. That's what you get here, pure speed, aggression and standout tracks like "Revelation Of Dark Gnosis"/Regicide Decease and "For The Beyond"/Calcined. Fast drumming, nasty growls and sick guitar solos. These 2 bands will take you straight down to hell. Get in touch with metal scrap records to get this hard to find split CD. This is fucking death metal!

Paul Caravasi (Aquelarre Zine)

This is some sort of tribute to the greatness of Death and Chuck Shuldiner. “Scream Bloody Gore” wasn’t my first introduction to death metal (or whatever it was called back in the 80s) but it was such a monumental album in shaping things to come. I don’t know how many times I spun that album together with Possessed’s “Seven Churches”. Awesome music from an awesome band. I followed Death up until the untimely demise of Chuck. Both bands on this record pay respectful tribute to a sound that will never be copied fully. This is death metal in all its primitive glory. Both Regicide Decease and Calcined do a cover each of a track from “Scream Bloody Gore” as well as three tracks of their own. All in all 8 tracks of awesome death metal. I’m not going to pick a band over the other but just settle for this being a cool release.

Anders Ekdahl (Battle Helm Magazine)

A tribute comprised not only of covers, but original material as well.
So, by name, one can easily tell that this split was made in honour of our great Chuck Schuldiner (released to celebrate Chuck’s 45 years if he was alive today), and all homage paid in the world could not suffice to attest the legacy of our hero.
But beside of this, is there more to this split? Each band has a Death cover plus three original sounds.
Regicide Decease is a Polish DM band that released one album called Anatomy of Sickness in yesteryear and now are back thriving in their traditional form of death metal inspired by bands such as Slayer, Obituary and, of course, Death. 
Decently produced, it exhibits some intricate extreme sound, decent enough to make some heads roll. All the three tracks deal with changes of tempo and ultra heavy guitars, and if the band isn’t the revelation of the year, axeman Jakub Hajduk does all possible to please our ears with respectable soloing that imbues their whole side with class. The peak is the first track Aethyr of Desecration. 
The cover chosen was Born Dead from Death’s album Leprosy. 
The Swiss band Calcined has a more primitive approach to their death metal resounding the old days of the style. Clearly more inspired by Death than Regicide Decease, the band attacks with more ferocity, but with a rude production, sometimes failing here and there to link their sound together, they might sound a bit lacking to the expert ear. 
But it isn’t enough to imperil their effort and the sound becomes more brutal as time goes by, satisfying the lust for those about to bang their heads: it’s raspy, cruel and cold-blooded.
They cover Evil Dead and do it with aplomb.
Altogether it’s a pleasant release that goes rapidly in its 30 minutes and will quench the desire for headbangers avid for underground acts. 
Death Illumination - In Honour of Evil Chuck is out now.

Daniel Death (METAL AS FUCK'zine)

The bands Regicide Decease and Calcined have joined forces to pay tribute to Chuck Schuldiner. He would have been 45 years as we speak, but I can’t think of any other direct reason right away. That’s okay, any excuse to pay a respectful and worthy homage is a good one. It is remarkable however that they now refer to him as “Evil Chuck”, but that was way behind him in the last years he was given. And in the years it did play a part, it was clearly more a gimmick than that you could actually accuse him of having true morbid sympathies. What to think of a quote (by heart after a translated article) about Satanism: “I reject any form of religion that condones the practice of animal sacrifice or even hurting animals”. If you take that literally, that would include Christianity, Judaism (part of his own roots, but not a part of his education) and Islam too, but I can’t think of him being after offending people in that corner. On top of that, he adjusted the Death logo on some point and he polished out all evil symbolism. I have met and spoken him, he was closer to Gandhi than he was to Manson, trust me.
The bands both are allowed to play three songs plus one Death cover. That is their tribute and when you think about it, it makes more sense to write your own material, than to copy his. I think he would have appreciated that way more. Both bands play death metal at which the guitars slightly unveil that Schuldiner has had some sort of influence on them. But to go as far to say that their writings are in fact a true tribute, I don’t really see the point of that. And neither are the covers, actually. In all respect still. Regicide Decease fetches ‘Born Dead’ (‘of the album ‘Leprosy’), Calcined does ‘Evil Dead’ of the debut album ‘Scream Bloody Gore’. And in both cases those are the true highlights, from the first notes on, but in both cases the vocals are disappointing factors on the songs. Despite all that, the guitarists show that they have quite some nice things to offer to the listeners and all together it still is good clean fun. But don’t buy this because you are a Death fan. Just because you want to have it.

Ramon (Lords Of Metal)

REGICIDE DECEASE und CALCINED, die beiden Bands, welch mit jeweils vier Songs auf dieser Split-CD vertreten sind, möchten diese als Tribut an Chuck Schuldiner verstanden wissen und haben somit auch jeweils eine Death-Coverversion aufgenommen. Bei REGICIDE DECEASE ist dies `Born Dead`, wohingegen sich CALCINED des Überhammersongs `Evil Dead` angenommen haben. Widmen wir uns erst einmal dem eigenen Songmaterial der Bands. Die drei Stücke von REGICIDE DECEASE können durchaus etwas. Es handelt sich um ureigenes Todesmetall amerikanischer Prägung, der – wie könnte es anders sein? – von Death beeinflusst klingt, aber deutlich weniger auf filigrane Spielweise achtet, sondern eher von Cucks Songs zu Zeiten von „Scream Bloody Gore“ geprägt tönt: schnörkellos, brutal, mitten auf die zwölf. Die Songs sind ein Lehrstück in Sachen geradliniger Death Metal. Die Coverversion hingegen ist leider nur durchschnittlich ausgefallen, sodass man sich lieber auf die eigenen Tracks konzentriert. CALCINED klingen weniger technisch und kontrolliert, sondern stumpf, primitiv und brutal, aber auch chaotisch mit einer deutlichen Goregrind-Schlagseite. Leider überzeugen sie damit weniger. Chaotisch und unkontrolliert, ja fast schon ein wenig stümperhaft und öde wirkt das Geknüppel der Jungs. CALCINEDs drei eigene Songs wirken uninspiriert und überflüssig: keine Ideen, kein Können! Interessanterweise ist aber ihre leicht hysterische Version von `Evil Dead` ziemlich gut ausgefallen und macht wirklich Spaß. Somit kann man als Fazit feststellen, dass REGICIDE DECEASE ziemlich tollen Death Metal spielen, aber lieber die Finger von Death-Coverversionen lassen sollten, wohingegen CALCINEDs Musik leider ziemlich langweilig und nicht wirklich gut ist, derweil ihre Coverversion überzeugt.

Olaf Brinkmann (Legacy #80)

W dniu urodzin nieodżałowanego, dla dużej rzeszy metalowców, lidera DEATH, ukraińska wytwórnia Metal Scrap wypuściła w świat mariaż szwajcarsko-polski, zatytułowany jednoznacznie „Death Illumination - In Memory Of Evil Chuck”. Split o tyle ciekawy i wyróżniający się z tłumu, iż zaopatrzony w klarowną i szczytną ideę. Oba zespoły zaprezentowały po trzy autorskie kompozycje plus po jednym coverze DEATH. Lubelski REGICIDE DECEASE swoją muzykę utrzymuje w konwencji death metalowej z silnymi thrashowymi naleciałościami. Wszystko w nieco old schoolowym i DEATHowym klimacie, z potężnym growlem byłego już wokalisty zespołu Xaosa. Na odnotowanie zasługuje też fakt dokooptowanie do składu drugiej gitary, no i niestety Kuba już nie jest najpiękniejszy w kapeli. W każdym razie zabieg ów będzie mógł się sprawdzić koncertowo na imprezach z udziałem REGICIDE DECEASE. Wracając do splitu, swoje cztery grosze panowie z CALCINED ubrali w konwencję death/grindową i podczas gdy cover lublinian w zasadzie wpasował się w resztę ich materiału, o tyle Szwajcarzy zanotowali znaczącą zmianą stylu wymuszoną oczywiście koniecznością jako takiego odwzorowania coverowanego utworu, co zaowocowało użyciem solówek i innych takich chuckowskich wymysłów. Jak to wyszło, to ocenicie sami. Osobiście wolę pierwsze cztery utwory w wykonaniu REGICIDE DECEASE, naszą rodzimą twórczość, w końcu wiadomo, że dobre, bo polskie. Na osobne słowa uznania zasługuje samo wydanie płyty „Death Illumination - In Memory Of Evil Chuck”, bo chociaż wkładka jest cienka jak dupa węża, to dbałość o szczegóły jest spora, włącznie z świetnie wyglądającym krążkiem. Został on bowiem zaopatrzony w nadruk na spodniej stronie.

Paweł (Atmospheric magazine #18)

This split CD in memory of Chuck Schuldiner sees the appearance of two bands, Regicide Decease from Poland, and Calcined from Switzerland. The former have already released an album before this material and we can perceive more experience in comparison with the Swiss, who only have an EP at their shoulders.
The Poles deal with a sort of old school Death/Thrash strengthened by relentless vocals and mostly apocalyptical lyrics in English, Latin and probably Assyrian. Their music enjoys recurring to delightful melodic axe solos and fast, serpentine bass lines. The recording is dirty and the kick drums have intentionally been buried in the mixing process unlike the snare drum which is in the spotlight. For fans of Master, Grave, these three songs are accompanied by a cover version of Death's classic "Born Dead".
When Calcined's first song appears, it's plain that they're more brutal, embodying influences from Deeds Of Flesh and Devourment in particular. I was really well impressed by the lyrics of the opener "Stripped by Life", attacking profit and selling potential, which have turned to be some of the main values nowadays. There's something to improve in the vocals and the mixing unlike the Poles, almost perfect in this respect, but Calcined have a positive aspect, too: they're more various, and "For the Beyond" reminds of Mexico's Disgorge. Expect nothing but intense bludgeoning from this act, clsoing its four-track space with Death's cover version of the renowned "Evil Dead", rendered different from the original especially by hysterical vocals.
The final mark is consequently an average between 75/100 to the Poles and 65/100 to the Swiss, who suffered from a poor recording and mixing.
Not the record of the year, just a split to approach two recently-founded combos that only die-hard fans like me feel the need to have in their collection. All the others buying 10-20 CDs a year had better invest their money elsewhere.



Chuck Schuldiner and Death have continued to be strong influences for metal bands everywhere, and this is not only evident in the style that groups pull from but also the number of tribute releases that come out. One of the more recent efforts was a split album between Polish and Swiss death metal bands Regicide Decease and Calcined entitled Death Illumination - In Memory of Evil Chuck which was put out around the time Schuldiner would have turned 45. On this split the two bands each offer three original tracks and a Death cover, and while Regicide Decease’s side stands out a bit more as a whole this is still a solid effort.
Regicide Decease starts off the split, and while they may be from Poland the instrumentals sound much closer to American death metal. There are hints of Death as well as other prominent acts from the Florida scene throughout their material but it never feels as though the band is simply copying one particular act. The three original tracks display quite a bit of technical prowess as the group moves through slower and fast paced assaults with relative ease. What surprised me the most about the three original tracks as well as the cover of Death’s “Born Dead” were the production values, as there is a perfect balance struck between old school crunchiness and slightly modern cleanness that allows the guitar work to gain the spotlight and catch your attention. Lead singer Xaos Oblivion has a growl falls into the “low pitched but clean enough to understand what’s being said” category and the level of intensity he is able to bring to the performance is consistently strong. There’s still room for the band to continue growing as songwriters and in particular I’d like the guitar work to get even more ambitious, but what’s offered here is strong enough to grab your attention.
There is an immediate shift in sound when Calcined takes over, as they have recorded their material in a rawer manner that bunches the instrumentals closer together and ups the noise level considerably. Compared to Regicide Decease this group feels a bit more traditional, choosing to hit listeners with fast paced blasting and the occasional mid-tempo chug for each of their three original numbers. It’s definitely not bad by any means, but the muffled sound leads to the guitar riffs blurring together and as a result it was a bit to tell them apart. The vocals are what really drew my attention though, as Calcined’s lead singer Magnus has a low pitched gurgle that sounds closer to goregrind. Additionally, the material has been mixed so that the vocals often stand above the instrumentals and as a result the distorted pitches that Magnus is able to hit are really emphasized. But this also ends up being a negative aspect at times as there are some moments where additional backing vocals are added in and they don’t stack up. This is also true on the cover of Death’s “Evil Dead” where I believe a guest singer is being used for the higher tones and it isn’t quite able to do justice to the original. While there were still elements of Calcined that I liked they don’t feel as complete when compared to Regicide Decease.
I’m definitely a fan of split releases like this as it gives underground acts the opportunity to pay tribute to their influences while also showcasing what they have to offer. Both acts have some clear Death influences present but take very different paths, and while Calcined have some noteworthy elements Regicide Decease comes off as the better band due to the intricacies of the guitar work and strong recording quality. It may not necessarily be a must have release, but there’s still some quality material and plenty of potential presented by both of these young acts.

Chris Dahlberg (CosmoGaming)

apocalyptic rites 6Założeniem tego splitu było oddanie hołdu jednemu z największych zespołów metalowych czyli Death i wydany miał być w 10 rocznicę śmierci Chucka. Co z tych planów wyszło nie wiem, ale zdaje się, że jak piszę tę reckę (kwiecień 2012) to materiał nie ukazał się jeszcze oficjalnie. Niemniej jednak liczę na to, że ktoś to wyda i niekoniecznie w następną okrągłą rocznicę. Lubelski (ogólnie rzecz ujmując) Regicide Decease nie zwalnia tempa. Po całkiem udanym debiucie tym razem częstuje nas nowym materiałem dzieląc krążek ze szwajcarskim Calcined. RD podążą drogą obraną na pełnym albumie czyli wycina Death Metal inspirowany dokonaniami wspomnianego Death i, wg mnie nieco Obituary. Jednak tym razem, w moim osobistym odczuciu, panowie bardziej namieszali w kompozycjach. Obok dosyć prostych, tradycyjnych patentów jest więcej kombinowania. Więcej gitarowych wycieczek, więcej łamańców i zmian tempa. Pod tym względem ich muzyka przesunęła się bardziej w kierunku późniejszych dokonań ekipy Chucka, nie tracąc przy tym jednak rasowego death’owego pierdolnięcia. Dużo, pod kątem brutalności daje wokal Xaos Obliviona, który po raz kolejny wykonał zajebistą robotę. Jeśli chodzi o przytoczone przeze mnie Obituary to elementem, który mi się kojarzy z tą załogą jest mięsiste brzmienie gitar. Swój set RD kończy coverem „Born Dead”. Szwajcarzy z Calcined parają się brutalniejszą odmianą śmierć metalu. Momentami (nielicznymi) ich muza ociera się o Grind. Ale wpływów Death odmówić im też nie można (a może to celowe nawiązania skoro to hołd?) Jest raczej prosto z lekkimi zawirowaniami w tempach i strukturach, ale bez szału i onanizmu. Więcej jest też zwolnień i mielących gitar niż u naszych rodaków. Calcined także kończy swoją część coverem Death, ale oni wzięli na warsztat klasyk „Evil Dead”.
No i się ukazał poprzez Metal Scrap z Ukrainy.

Apocalyptic Rites 'zine #6



rlyeh 11Pora na split poświęcony Chuckowi S. z zespołu Śmierć. Rozpoczyna REGICIDE DECEASE i z marszu zaskoczenie. Po dość średnim, debiutanckim „Anatomy Of Sickness” dostajemy kopa w postaci potężnego Death Metalowego ognia według najlepszych wzorców. Trzy autorskie numery plus cover DEATH („Born Dead”) to czystej wody Death Metal szkoły Florydzkiej i jako taki broni się doskonale. Solówka w „Revelation Of Dark Gnosis” to rzecz ze wszech miar wspaniała- pamiętacie „Land Of Tears” PESTILENCE? O takim zabiegu mowa. Do tego surowy i coraz lepszy wokal, mocne bębny, dudniący bas i jesteśmy w domu. No i sam cover- świetnie wpasował się tło i nie odstaje od reszty ani w jedną, ani w drugą stronę. Git! Pora na CALCINED. Zespół pochodzi ze Szwajcarii i oczywiście wycina Death Metal. Tutaj mamy poprawność w pełnym tego słowa znaczeniu. Minusem są triggery położone na stopach, które nadają muzyce sztucznego posmaku. Wokal jest za bardzo zepchnięty w tło, ale to chyba wina wokalisty, który zdaje się nie do końca naturalnie wydobywa z siebie dźwięki. Zakrzyki w np. „The Call” są najzwyczajniej chujowe. Najlepiej z poszczególnych elementów pracuje tutaj bas. Ogólnie mówiąc zespół obroniłby się wymieniając bębniarza i wokalistę. Także cover („Evil Dead”) wypadł bardzo blado ze względu na wymienione elementy. W meczu Polska- Szwajcaria, zdecydowanie prowadzimy 1:0. Warto Split nabyć ze względu głównie na kapelę z Lublina.

R'Lyeh #11



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