RAM-PAGE "The Retribution" 2014
/Metal Scrap Records/

1. Angel (MMXIV Version) 03:31
2. The Retribution 03:12
Total playing time: 06:43


ram-page - the retribution



Meat and potato Death Metal trio from Russia. 2 songs is what we get: the new song ”The Retribution” and a re-recording of ”Angel” from their first album ”The Keeper Of Time”.
This single is a taste of what to come in the future, and I think it taste pretty good (even though I don’t eat meat).
”The Retribution” got a Thrash vibe and is probably my favorite of these 2.

Jimmy Blom (Hard Rock Info)

Ram-page is a death metal band from Russia. The line-up is Privalov Sergey on guitar and vocals, Dolgov Dmitriy on bass and vocals and drummer Kasatkin Kiril. They already released three full-length's since 2011 and now they have their digital single out. It is called The Retribution.
The Retribution contains two tracks and has an total length of almost 7 minutes. The first track is the MMXIV Version of Angel, which is a song from their debut album The Keeper of Time. The second song is a new song and has the same title as the digital single itself. In my opinion Angel is a little bit more melodic than The Retribution. The Retribution is more brutal, heavier, faster music that is not for pussies. The fact that Angel is less brutal and a little bit more melodic isn't special. It's because Angel is a new version of an older song and with the song The Retribution Ram-page will make a new step in style changing from thrash/death metal to death/brutal death metal.
So, you never heard of Ram-page and death metal is your thing? Go listen to them!

Tim Van Velthuysen (Dutch Metal Maniac)


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