Slowly We Rot #9/2016

Slowly We Rot 9 cover

One should never judge a band's music before listening to it based solely on its provenience, but somehow when you hear Poland and Death Metal in the same sentence you immediately think of well-done music mostly because of Vader, Hate and the likes. This duo bearing a highly offensive band name was founded in 2014 and here we have already their debut full-length album made of 9 tracks that will definitely impress everyone especially since the band appears out of nowhere, and this confirms the "good Death Metal out of Poland rule" (even if they moved to Ireland in the meantime). This debut album displays a fantastic intensity mostly because of the highly energetic and complex drumming of Krystian Mistarz, a drummer I'm sure we'll hear more about in the future. The rest of the instruments, plus the vocals and I include here the compositions too, are the work of the other part of the band, Piotr Niemczewski, a very gifted musician and vocalist at the same time. The guitar part is progressive, technical and sophisticated, traditional and avantgarde at the same time, and supported by an incisive bass line and a subtle but menacing keyboard background here and there manages to create a devastating atmosphere a la Vader / Morbid Angel, yet without being a copycat. The vocals are hateful and disgusted perfectly topping up one of the best Death Metal releases I've heard lately. The band has recruited a third member in the meantime and started playing live gigs; if they are close to what we can hear on this recording I'm sure this band will reach impressive heights in this genre.

Slowly We Rot #9/2016


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