Gorger's Metal

The Polish duo with the somewhat controversial name were located in Ireland and Norway respectively when the recording of the dйbut started last year.
The music is a solid hybrid, where death metal is flanked by elements from grind core, thrash and symphonic black metal et al. Technical, melodic, progressive, aggressive, brutal and rapid ingredients are mixed in a near schizophrenic mixture.
Polish Piotr ДNiemiecФ Niemczewski, vocalist and guitarist residing in Dublin, formed Pedophile Priests last year. He was joined by drummer Lucass (Sammat Naur, Mork etc.), that at least at the time was living in Norway. After the recording of Dark Transgression Of The Soul, Lucass is however replaced by Krystian "Kruszon" Mistarz (ex-Thy Worshiper).
Through 9 songs the experienced newcomers present 40 minutes of extreme metal with a lyrical journey "through dark corners of the human mind pervading the universe".
The guys haven't been entirely lucky with the sound. Unless an unrefined, somewhat murky sonic fist of brutality has been a first priority, that is. How much is due to the recording and how much is due to later processing is not for me to say, but the dynamics are extremely low, with only DR4 on the scale. Piotr has taken care of recording of guitar, bass and vocals, along with mixing and mastering of the album.
With mixing of various musical expression there's always a chance for musical chairs syndrome, where they risk falling between different stools, or that the guests do not appreciating every chair.
I like the band's mixture, although I think it would have worked better with clearer sound. There's just too many good details drowning a bit in mud, debris and brick dust when the Poles runs amok.
The vocals vary a great deal. The bellowing, moaning form of half-growl isn't to my liking, but lots of proper growling, killer guitar work and striking frenetic drums is also found in the ruins.
Pedophile Priests at least manages to stand out a bit, especially from other Polish bands, as they bite of quite much in a hungry and ambitious, but also charmingly unpolished manner.
I do have a taste for their interesting mix ratio, but Dark Transgression Of The Soul can at times be a bit schizophrenic and inelegant. Parts of the material is very good, while other parts fall between the stools. When Pedophile Priests get to refining their brew properly, along with a professional producer, it can prove to be very exciting. This time I shall content to call it "Pretty Good".

Gorger (Gorger's Metal)


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