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The band called PEDOPHILE PRIESTS is created by the Poles residing in Dublin. As the name indicates, the members of the band do not like hypocrites in cassocks. The cover-art of CD is interesting. It show a huge vortex and something like a black hole absorbing surrounding space matter and the planet. But in the place of the black hole looks at us big eye of reptilian.
The beginning of the 1st song “Presentiment of Evil” is a mysterious noises, and then follows the storm of sounds, which dominates on the majority of the album. There are aggressive play of guitars with very fast drums and automatic bass drum in the background. The vocal is intensive but usually is sung by a tight throat and sometimes is clean. The third song “Crush, Kill, Destroy” is a cover SARCOFAGO. The 5th song “Sean Ross Abbey – Mother and Baby Home” is one of two exceptions to this death-metal music. The song is a short, melodic, with using the keys, and it gives a little break from the audio violence. The second exception is the last song. This is atmospheric pagan song with a simple Polish lyric with clear pronunciation.
PEDOPHILE PRIESTS stands out among the crowd of death-metal bands. The various components of sharp playing got originally arranged. The band has its own individual way of expression, its own path of creating musical aggression and madness.

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