ONE STEP BEYOND "The Music Of Chance" 2014
/Metal Scrap Records/

01. Hour of the Wolf 01:59
02. The Music of Chance 05:12
03. Hand That's Dealt 03:37
04. Decay 04:43
05. Up In Smoke 07:12
06. Faith 01:03
07. Planets Like Chess Pieces 04:50
08. Domino Architect 04:42
09. Good World Gone Bad 04:59
10. The Gamble 01:40
11. The Score 03:19
12. Snake Eyes 04:33
Total playing time: 47:54

one step beyond - the music of chance 450 



There is so much wrong with this band and album. There is so much right with the band’s monicker, album title and artwork.
Most importantly this band and its members have no idea what metal is. The band members fantasize being “thrash” and “death” and “grindcore” and “black metal” etc., but they neither are any of those nor do they show an affinity to any subgenre whatsoever. First however, one could call this ‘cold shower’ music. To put it plainly this is a band that can play interludes of very impressive metal – just listen to opener Hour Of The Wolf or Hand That’s Dealt – only to absolutely insist on stopping to add a lame pop, jazz, lounge, whatever minute of the aforementioned to make sure no metal fan derives any enjoyment from the song. One second the song is bobbing forward with metallic intensity only for the next minute to comprise of boring acoustic strumming with some background synthesized nonsense. One more thing, dubs and spoken word intros are clichéd and beyond redundant. Too bad really; this band could cut it if it were serious and would not wimp out at the oh frightening thought of having an actual metal piece of music longer than sixty seconds.
Speaking of metal, here we go again kiddies (Dimmu Borgir fans cover your eyes): grindcore requires blast beasts, down-tuned guitars and crashing hi-hats. Death metal is the subgenre of metal that sings the praises of ‘death’ and yup Soilwork is not death metal. Black metal is the domain of metal bands that worship and support evil and Satan, et cetra. Now that we have shocked 95% of the so-called scene we can revert back to our trio at hand whose musical capability exceeds its sense. Planets Like Chess Pieces – whose title reminds one of something Rush could have come up with – shows again that the band is capable in small bursts but soon tires out and takes the wimpy way out.
It is not all wrong however. The band’s name is absolutely correct. One Step Beyond accurately describes the band’s style or desirability. ‘The Music Of Chance’ is also appropriate given how the gang delivers anything and everything at a moment’s notice leaving the listener with too little and too much simultaneously. The artwork is also right. Firstly, there is the cover model who is encompassed in a … harp… and is blind to see what she is doing. Each track has its lyrics printed on its own page complete with a related illustration. The effort is there. Sadly, the music is not – or rather was and is not anymore.

Ali “The Metallian” (

The Ukrainian label Metal Scrap Rercords used its tentacles to reaching for the album of Australian band, which in 2017 will be celebrate 10th anniversary. So, the band is already experienced at what he does. I do not know the previous albums of the band, so I can only refer to current production.
The music from “The Music of Chance” is not typical, classic nor as you prefer an orthodox genre of Metal. Of course, initially it can be classified somewhere between the Black and Death Metal… or maybe between Doom Metal and Grindcore… And what about the accents in the style of Thrash Metal and Groove Metal and even Reggae and Funk?
Thanks to harsh, aggressive vocals and growls it is really closest to Black Death Metal… The fast and strong rhythms and the aggressive guitars… But interspersed by various melodies and varied tempos… from the rapid irrepressible rhythms to the slow climatic decelerations… The music sometimes can really surprise, even giving the fast phrases in the style of CRADLE oF FILTH and DIMMU BORGIR to would suddenly go into Doom Metal melodies and even Metal licks stylized to Reggae.
The whole sounds quite experimental and avant-garde. The music is rich in a variety of melodies and themes, which coexist like a symbiotic relationship.

Gnom (

obalkaAustrálska scéna nám už priniesla v minulosti zopár prekvapení. Preto moje uši spozorneli. Navyše tu ide už o tretí zásek v diskografii, takže mám do činenia s povestným tretím album, ktorý by mal ukázať potenciál naplno. Priznávam že tu je všetko, ba niekedy je tu toho až moc. Preto niekedy skladby strácajú na “dramatickosti” na úkor toho byť stoj čo stoj progresívny. Ale to asi nezmením, nakoľko si hrajú ONE STEP BEYOND ten svoj progresívny, avantgardný extrémny Metal. V etko sa to odvíja od death š metalu, hlavne teda v jeho technickej vetve. Hudba ktorá nie je určená na jedno vypočutie. Hudba, v ktorej môžete hľadať, skúmať. Hudba o ktorejmôžete premýšľať.

Demon (CREMATION #8)


necromance 05ONE STEP BEYOND, así se llaman estos australianos que tienen casi veinte años como formación y dos largas producciones a las espaldas.
Son músicos de carácter tenaz y con composiciones alegres que nos hacen sentir de forma especialmente positiva. O eso me inspiró su The music of chance lanzado a finales del año pasado y que perteneciendo a una banda más bien poco conocida parece que ha pasado algo desapercibido consecuentemente.
Quizá el disco esta algo descompensado y poco desarrollado linealmente, aunque viniendo bajo la auto-etiqueta de “Experimental Death Metal” puedes esperar cualquier cosa. Incluso el no escuchar nada que tenga que ver con death metal que es lo que me ha pasado a mí.
Sin duda alguna, las canciones más representativas del disco son la homónima; The music of chance y Domino Architect que captan la esencia y personalidad del grupo a la perfección. Originalidad, cambios de ritmo y sutiles punteos melódicos que desembocan en ritmos fiesteros con acordes largos.
El tono del bajo está excelente, se puede diferenciar en cualquier momento y en ocasiones es el alma del grupo. Mientras que la guitarra deja bastante que desear en cuanto a potencia… Suena bastante “light”, no obstante; compensa este defecto bastante bien con la ejecución, extravagancia e innovación de cada uno de los “riff”.
Se echan bastante de menos voces en limpio. Es una banda a la que le pegaría totalmente para acompañar las melodías tan positivamente axiomáticas que tienen y hacerlas un poco más épicas.
Y en cuanto a la batería, podríamos decir que es demasiado cargante y tediosa con un “tupatupa” que no acaba nunca. Podría ser bastante más progresiva y haber dado incluso más distinción musical al grupo de la que ya tiene.
En conclusión, si eres de buscar nuevas experiencias y tienes la mente abierta; este disco es para tí. Entretenido, interesante y provechoso, sin ningún desperdicio. Poco conocidos pero no desmerecen.

Rubén Hernández González (Necromance Web Magazine)

legacy 96Der Name lässt staunen. Aber der Opener ,Hour Of The Wolf‘ hat rein gar nix mit den schwarz-weiß Karierten zu tun. Eher mit einer Cradle of Filth-Thrash-Version in Highspeed. Doch nach 90 Sekunden Ska und Videospielklänge. Uff. Aber nix tata. Hä? Ab Minute 3:00 geht’s wieder ab. Wechselbad der Gefühle. Aber geil. Die Australier überraschen. Da verwundert es nicht, dass die Band sich selbst für Fans von Napalm Death, Macabre, Mr Bungle, Enslaved, Funkadelic, Suffocation, Sleep, Paradise Lost, Fishbone und Edge Of Sanity empfiehlt. Was passt, alles gleichzeitig. Leider geil, dass schon der erste Song zeigt, dass die Adelaider sogar in der Lage sind, astreine Songs zu schreiben, mit Groove und Mitmach-Melodie, trotz aller ausgeflippten Sidesteps. Und es ist auch kein Wunder, dass die Jungs von Spielsucht und Drogenmissbrauch singen – passt makellos zu der abseitigen Mucke der Kapelle. 47 Minuten lang wildern die Down-Underaner in allen Genres – Genres, die einem vielleicht nicht mal einfallen. Dabei sind sie mal ultra-anstrengend (Titelstück), mal richtig eingängig (Titelstück) – und eigentlich trifft das für jede Sekunde der einzelnen Songs zu. Da mal ein Bass-Solo Marke Giorgio, hier ein Opern-Gesang, da pures Drumgekloppe, hier wildes DeathGegrunze. Tempowechsel sind sowieso obligatorisch. Wenn eine Band für sich in Anspruch nimmt, unvergleichbar zu sein, dann sind es ONE STEP BEYOND. Jedenfalls passt kein Vergleich richtig. Was für ein Album… Ein Album zum Staunen. Auch, wenn sicherlich nicht alles gefällt, so gibt es hier wirklich jede Menge zu entdecken.

11 Punkte
Bruno Kaiser (LEGACY #96)

rockcor 2015-2Мощный непредсказуемый альбом от австралийских металлистов наверняка заинтересует многих. Сочные риффы, агрессивный гроулинг и ломаные мелодии составляют основу данной пластинки. Стоит заметить, что редкие прогрессивные вставки теряются на общем фоне, поэтому диск оценит лишь ограниченная группа меломанов. Большая часть данной работы представляет собой ураганное «мочилово», не лишенное, впрочем, здравого смысла. Непрекращающийся натиск практически не дает нам времени передохнуть. Нет, записан альбом здорово. Он получился масштабным, брутальным и эпичным. Наверное, проблема заключается в том, что не соблюден некий баланс. Диск можно разделить на две части. Одна часть грубая и скоростная, другая, как я сказал выше – прогрессивная. Их надо было перемешать между собой, а не давать по отдельности. Тем не менее, на середине альбома ситуация выравнивается. Композиция “Planets Like Chess Pieces” отличается сбалансированным звучанием, она, можно сказать, вобрала в себя лучшее, что есть в этом релизе. Еще не очень понятно, зачем нужны лирические отступления, напоминающие не то русские народные мотивы, не то мелодии из американских комедийных шоу. Вполне вероятно, что те минусы, которые я перечислил, покажутся кому-то несомненными плюсами. В любом случае, альбом интересно слушать. Даже если вы никогда не любили экстремальный металл, послушайте эту пластинку. Может быть, что она изменит ваше представление о жанре. Чистое звучание каждого инструмента позволяет с головой погрузиться в безумную атмосферу, созданную энергичными австралийцами. Техничности музыкантов можно только позавидовать. Да и частичку души в новый альбом они явно вложили. Хотя, лично я вряд ли буду пересушивать “THE MUSIC OF CHANCE” заново. Уж больно он показался мне жестким и угловатым. В некоторой степени, эта музыка давит на психику. Вряд ли, под нее можно расслабиться и спокойно отдохнуть. Наверное, потому жанр и называют «экстремальным металлом». Короче говоря, последнее решение оставляю за вами. Будьте очень осторожны.

Дмитрий Веселов (Rockcor #2/2015)

One Step Beyond are a band from Australia that plays an experimental mixture of crossover, thrash, death metal and grind and this is a review of their 2014 album "The Music Of Choice" which was released by Metal Scrap Records.
Clean playing starts off the album and the music starts to get more heavy a few seconds later along with the band adding in a good amount of melodic guitar leads and after the intro the music speeds up along with some blast beats and high pitched screams and you can hear traces of black and melodic death metal in the bands musical sound.
When growls are added into the music the album starts having more of a grindcore edge and they also clam things down by adding elements of funk and psychedelia into certain sections of t he recording along with all of the musical instruments having a very powerful sound and they also stick more to the heavy side of things and also bringing in elements of thrash to the guitar riffing.
There is a good mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts present throughout the recording and at times the music can also be very progressive and on some of the songs a small amount of spoken word samples can be heard along with a touch of stoner rock and a few of the tracks are long and epic in length.
One Step Beyond plays a very original style of extreme metal that has its roots in death metal, grindcore and thrash and they also expand on it by bring in ska, funk, progressive and experimental elements into the songs to add a different sound to this genre, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover dark and real life themes.
In my opinion One Step Beyond are a very great sounding mixture of experimental rock, death metal, grindcore and thrash and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "The Music Of Chance" "Up In Smoke" "Good World Gone Bad" and "Snake Eyes".

OccultBlackMetal (Variety Of Death Zine)

So today we have another Death Metal treat for all of you reading out there, here with their third full length is ONE STEP BEYOND with “The Music Of Chance”.
So let’s start this one of with the albums second track entitled “The Music of Chance”. From the very start this song goes into overdrive with fast relentless riffs, drum beats and intense vocals to boot, by far this is a very heavy track from the start and it keeps on going showing that this band has the pure capability of keeping the speed and brutality in a nice kept package which allows for any listener including myself to go completely mad with excitement as this song keeps on going faster and faster like a never ending grinder about to hit its mark. What this track also brings to the listener is a taste of this band’s DEATH inspiration, near the middle of this song there is this very familiar riff style that brings memories of the “Human” record to me, the riff style I find in this song is a very tight and well organized style of guitar and bass riffs that show each and every element this band is made of. The song itself is heavy as any other but what makes this one song stand out from the rest is that it holds all sorts of ideas and colors which form a strong picture of a band with a lot to show and a lot more to give.
The next track I thought I would check out from this already strong record is the albums Ninth track “Good World Gone Bad”. Now the start of this song is very different to be very honest, it almost feels like a twisted carnival song carving its way into your brain and driving you even madder then you already are, but that to me is something which seems to be the perfect way of introducing a song to a new listener, I mean what better way to introduce a listener then drive them bat shit crazy, of course when I say this I really mean it in a great way. This song has a more Progressive feel to it as it is not your everyday type of Death Metal at all, it really goes further than anything I have ever listened to and it really drives you to want to go deeper into what this song is already leading you into and I feel that this band has found the perfect formula for creating a new form of Death metal that has the potential to go dare I say deeper than any new age band has gone before. What makes this song so unique for the listener is the fact that it challenges you to listen to it further and see what you can pick out from it.
To conclude. I can say rom listening to this album over a few times that this is the most challenging piece I have ever been given to review and  have to say this is really something else. To any fans of creative, strong and intense music this is the record for you.

Michael Coyle (Metal Temple)

One Step Beyond's "The Music Of Chance" is really beyond my typical comfort zone. However, it's got obvious qualitys. The material is coherently conducted, thus I rate it "okay".

Tre australiere er klare med sin tredje skive. Bandet er ukjent for meg, men jeg vil tro at de som tar seg tid til е lytte ikke vil glemme dem med det aller fшrste. Musikken innehar nemlig en myriade av stiler og elementer sveiset og stripset sammen i kaleidoskopiske mшnster.
Bandet kom til verden i 1997 og diskografien bestеr av skiver i 2002 og 2007, samt en EP i 2010.

Roger, aka Gorger (Gorgers Metal)

Here is a rule I always had, it's very hard to review something this isn't easy to classify. When I listen to the new enforcer I can always compare it to what it tries to be, a throwback to the 80s heavy metal gods, when I listen to something like this, which is more unique I can ofcourse try and compare it to other bands like sleepytime gorilla museum and Mr Bungle but it will be harder to rate. As you can expect when I throw around names like SGM and Mr Bungle One Step Beyond presents us with very experimental, even avant-garde Deathh Metal.
It's the first album I hear by this Australian band but I must say it really is a positive experience, this warrants checking out their older work.
For the booklet the good experience continues. The paper is good quality, the lyrics are actually readable (Metal Scrap Records had some problems with this in the past) and the artwork is well done by Nurgeslag (same guy who did art for Rotting Christ etc).
All in all this is a good release of good experimental metal, wheter you like this sort of thing is up to you but give it a listen and buy if you like it.

Music Guide To The Galaxy

I’ve never been fan of experimental bands, especially when they are experimenting with death metal genre. Actually, and call me a purist, I really prefer death metal music at its purest form, than some aberrations I’ve found out there.
This band left me different feelings and I can’t say if I like it or I hate it. On one hand, the mix extreme metal with high octane guitar riffs and aggressive vocals in the vein of rabid black metal, and in the other hand there are some festive elements I can’t really stand. I know that innovation in metal music is good, but these guys really go one or two steps beyond!! It’s like if you blend different styles in music, going from death/thrash metal, doom, reggae, salsa…. Fuck it! You ever heard Mr. Bungle? I’m sure these guys are huge fans of them. No doubt we are talking about highly qualified musicians and denote high musical skills; since I find compositions definitely you can’t do if you only keep what you learnt in high school. It’s an album with a very particular taste, and it’s full of eclecticism, twisted sections and tons of imagination. I admit this called my attention, but I’m not a fan. It’s recommended for open minds and for those who are looking for metal music from Australia.

Victor Varas (Zombie Ritual Zine)

This was a blast from the word go. A “take no prisoners” approach that leaves no necks not banged. But then all of a sudden this turns into some sort of jazzy free form kinda crap. I am no big fan of the break beats in modern metalcore where they all of a sudden stop and start again. That fucking annoys the shit out of me. I want my metal to be a total blast from start to stop. ONE STEP BEYOND might be extreme but if they insist on these breaks I for one will not listen to it anymore. When they go extreme this is killer. That part I love. But the break part I can be without. So it is with indecision that I listen to this.

Anders Ekdahl (Battle Helm)

Najnowsze dzieło australijskiego One Step Beyond rodziło się w bólach: lider grupy i multinstrumentalista Matt Spencer z pomocą wokalisty Justina Wooda i sesyjnego perkusisty Conny'ego Petterssona nagrywał „The Music Of Chance“ przez cztery lata, a ukończony wreszcie materiał trafił do masteringu w maju 2013 roku. Trochę trwały też poszukiwania wydawcy, aż trzeci album grupy (jak na blisko 20 lat istnienia niezbyt powalający rezultat) ukazał się nakładem Metal Scrap Rec. Wydanie co do jakości i szaty graficznej tip-top, CD z efektownym pit artem, a co na samej płycie? 12 numerów utrzymanych w stylistyce eksperymentalnego death metalu. Z tym, że death w wydaniu One Step Beyond jest często bardzo, bardzo ekstremalny, tak jak np. w następującym zaraz po intro „Hour Of The Wolf“ utworze tytułowym, a owa skłonność do eksperymentów przejawia się w zwolnieniu wykorzystującym zwolnienie kojarzace się z... reggae.
Podobny patent mamy jeszcze w odjazdowym „Up In Smoke“, miarowym „Good World Gone Bad“ oraz „Domino Architect“, numerze pełnym zarówno metalowej agresji, jak i ambientowego zgiełku w końcówce. Słychaż też, że mr Spencer nie lubi żadnych barier, stąd słyszalne w jego utworach basowe, klangowane pochody, jak w „The Score“ i „Decay“, gdzie swoje robią też dysonansowe partie rytmiczne, zaś kojarzący się zarówno z dźwiękami znanymi z płyt The Police jak i Queen bas pięknie napędza też „The Gamble“. Może więc i faktycznie: lepiej wydawać płyty rzadziej, ale takie jak „The Music Of Chance“.

Wojciech Chamryk (Heavy Metal Pages)


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