Slowly We Rot #9/2016

Slowly We Rot 9 cover

3 years after a very good debut album Mind Affliction are following up with a second full-length that advances on the same path as the opener but somehow settles things down and demonstrates the band's potential and maturity. Into the Void is made of 7 tracks totaling over 40 minutes of tight and technical Black Death Metal with a melodic edge all over, an album where the band doesn't explore other territories but decides to deepen their initial way: a brutal, technical, almost mathematic in precision Death Metal with Black Metal influences sprinkled here and there and as said earlier, a very tasty melodic edge that doesn't take away anything from the overall massiveness and brutality of the compositions. I've spinned this for 5or 6 times and I promise you I'm discovering new thing with each new audition, it grows on me like a wild weed and I'm not sure if it's only my impression but I begin to understand the link between the cover artwork, album title and the music on this album, all of them sugest an abyssal, claustrophobic fall into a dark, unknown pit. A definite success for the Polish band, highly recommended by me.

Slowly We Rot #9/2016


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