Amidst the deluge of trip hop bands smuggling their way into Metallian Towers (the offending serfs who admit the trash are arrested, thrown into the torture chambers and the mallcore discs with their keyboards and horns burnt in a pyre) comes a serious band called Mental Affliction. This is a band whose hallmarks are gruff dual vocals, wall-of-sound guitars, blasting drums and a palpable anger. Think of Mental Affliction as the offspring of Vader and Sinister.
The band takes the time to deliver quality guitar leads, but those are kept to the barest of lengths.‎ The song Enjoy The Violence slows down and, like the rest of the music, showcases a simple structure before exploding away. The throaty vocals of are central here. Sundraft has an even more old-fashioned solo, which is a treat while Chaos Readings piles on the crunch. The band’s guitar tone takes no prisoners. Armin’s Hunger has moments reminiscent of early My Dying Bride, which is a shame, but the group surely is still one for serious speed and death freaks and not to be missed.

Ali “The Metallian” (Metallian)


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