KADAR "Infidel" 2014
/Metal Scrap Records/

1. Гордыня 03:59
2. I Am Infidel 03:51
3. С Улыбкой На Лице 03:29
4. The God’s Fault 03:11
5. Звёздный Свет 03:18
6. Child of Salvation 02:48
7. Outro 02:25
Total playing time: 23:05



Kadar are a duo from Kazakhstan that plays a progressive mixture of death and thrash metal and this is a review of their 2014 ep "Infidel" which was released by Metal Scrap Records.
Acoustic guitars start off the ep giving the music a progressive edge before adding in bass guitars which leads to a more heavier musical direction along with elements of thrash metal and blast beats which leads up to some deep death metal growls and melodies being added into the music which also brings in a groove metal feeling.
After awhile high pitched screams become a part of the bands musical sound and the solos and leads the band uses are in more of a melodic direction after awhile the band starts adding in a small amount of synths, clean playing and spoken word samples as well as bringing in a mixture a mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts.
Kadar plays a very interesting style of old school death and thrash metal which they also add in a good amount of progressive elements along with a touch of groove to create a sound of their own, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover political themes.
In my opinion Kadar are a very great sounding progressive mixture of death and thrash metal and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this duo. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "I Am Infidel" and "The Child's Salvation".

OccultBlackMetal (The True Bringer Of Death Zine)


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