Tironas #6

Tironas 6Kadar are extreme metal band coming out from Kazakhstan. Not too much information about this musical formation and metal scene from Kadar's origin region, but I can mention that the band started their activity since 2009 and until now has released one EP entitled "Infidel" and the most recent debut album entitled "Essence". Musically speaking, Kadar play neither death metal nor thrash metal, but there are elements of both, united under some progressive music elements. Of course I don't want to make anyone think that Kadar by releasing debut "Essence", that sum-up a few music genres, are going to reshape nowadays music or even give it a totally new direction. No way! "Essence" is merely a pretty good effort featuring some catchy, energetic tunes with quite a few enjoyable moments. It seems like Kadar know for what sound they are going ahead. They are capable of coming up with good melodies, decent riffs and a solid rhythm section. Their distorted and not well purified vocals production is probably Kadar's major problem, but it isn't a huge detraction either. Kadar have a better sense of dynamics than most of their contemporaries, which meant the album had a good flow. Although not spectacular, "Essence" is surprisingly enjoyable debut.

Tironas #6


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