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New bands pops up in all corners of the world like wild weeds. We're heading to Kazakhstan, where we find the progressive metal duo Kadar.
Ruslan Isayev (bass and vocals) and Zufar Sydykov (guitar and keyboards) formed the band in 2009. In August 2014 they released their first mini-album, and here we are served another one. Though, Metal-Archives defines the first one as EP and this as a full length album.
Essence almost reaches half an hour. With eight songs it also feels more like a bit short full length than as an overgrown EP. Two releases of between 20 and 30 minutes at least gives the band a smooth start.
The band serves a wide range of styles that still flows natural and coherent via fairly hassle free joints and with good melodies as binder. With good instrumentation and sound they reach their goal successfully.
Portions of the vocal and methodology can surely be seen as a bit too poppy for extreme metalheads, and similarly can some elements, like growling, be a bit much to swallow for prog-rockers. Still, Kadar don't seek out the extremes. Essence should definitely be of audible art for most. Personally I crave the soft solo guitar over the irascible drum patterns in Spider Moves, where they make contrasts feel like the most natural thing.
The band is not the type to pack every musical brand into one song, or to swear to the most abrupt transitions. Natural flow has a higher priority. They leave nutty mood swings for others to take care of.
Essence is most likely hardly a must, even among larger progg-heads, but Kadar is certainly a pleasant acquaintance, which anyone with a versatile music taste can check out.

Gorger (Gorger's Metal)


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