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The universality of Metal never ceases to surprise my old eyes and ears…
Yes, because some countries in the world have bands. And in all my years as a Metallian, I never heard about a Metal scene on them. This time, the excellent band KADAR comes from Kazakhstan, and is unleashing a very good work on "Essence", their second EP.
They play a way of melodic Technical Death Metal. These simple worlds really can distort what they are really about because their melodies are really catching, with the technique being a consequence of their work, not their main reason to play. And besides the style defined by the label is nothing really new, these two guys are really making a fine piece of music, with melodies of easy assimilation, very good grunts, excellent guitars, and fine work on rhythmic basis created by bass guitar and drums.
In terms of sound quality, I can say that the production was done in a very good and careful way. All the musical instruments are sounding with excellent tunes; the songs have a heavy weight, and they sound clear and aggressive in both ways, in a very good balance between these two aspects. So we can really get the best of their work.
All the six songs are excellent.
"The Night" has a hooking instrumental, along with charming melodies, excellent guitars and good grunts. On "Spider Moves", their more aggressive orientated side appears due the impact of the song, but the guitar solos are extremely good and melodic, using tender technique. An abrasive feeling fills "Essence", with a fine dynamic between the bass guitar and drums, with slow hooking tempos. On "Alexandria", the contrast between melodies and aggressiveness is great, and the guitars are amazing once more. "Paranoia" is a bit more aggressive, because the not so fast tempos help in this way, with good work on vocals and bass guitar. And "Black Train" is really an attack of massive riffs, savage grunts and lesser melodic than the previous songs, but the abrasive arrangements on guitars and rhythmic session are good.
With a better sound quality, these guys can conquer the fans on Europe as soon as possible!

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8
Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia (Metal Temple)


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