Lords Of Metal

Halberd hails from Saint Petersburg, Russia and the Ruthless Game MCD is their five track (an intro plus four tracks) debut for Metal Scrap Records. The record label keeps providing us with interesting acts from Eastern Europe, like Halberd. The band is around since 2012 and is kind of a blank page in heavy metal history. I dont know if they ever will claim their place in the book of heavy metal, but Ruthless Game is a convincing first step into their musical career. Their music is pretty aggressive form of thrash metal with melodic twin guitar parts and lots of hooks and rich musical textures. The singer is pretty good as well and fortunately he doesnt have a Russian accent like you often hear in mediocre action movies. The production is great as well and I really cant find anything to complain about. Fans of a new-fashioned present day Metal Church or Toxik should definitely check Halberd out.

Koen (Lords Of Metal)


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