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Halberd is a 5-piece Russian Thrash Metal act that was just formed in 2012. These Russian Thrash Metal "rookies," however, play their Thrash Metal with a convincing touch.
It's actually the American/Canadian style of Thrash Metal from which Halberd has absorbed some influences from and it shows in their melodic and surprisingly catchy Thrash. Halberd's songs flow effortlessly, clearly indicating we are talking about a well-rehearsed group here, one that has obviously set some clear goals for themselves as far as their music is concerned. It's actually guitarists Denis Ivanov and Saint Wild who manage to bring the most ass-kickery to the music with their intense and crisp axe work. My guess is that they are pretty familiar with this guy named Jeff Waters, as far as their playing style is concerned. Vocalist and bassist Dmitry Zubov's bass parts are non-existent in the mix while his vocal parts suffer a bit, too. He's OK, vocally, but I'm afraid that's about it. Also, the drum sound has been left a bit in the background, costing the songs a bit of heaviness and punch that could have made this EP stand out more.
Ruthless Game is still a decent start from this Russian Thrash Metal bunch, which appears to have better things ahead. With this in mind, I have good reason to start watching for their next release.

Luxi Lahtinen (Metal Crypt)


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