Pest Webzine/Slowly We Roth Magazine

slowly we roth magazine 6Surprisingly good this debut EP by Russian Halberd, it's already the 5th or 6th time I'm spinning it and still enjoying it. The band was founded in 2012 and they already managed to get a deal with Ukrainian Metal Scrap Records. This debut EP is made of 5 tracks of pure, traditional Thrash Metal a la Megadeth I'd say although the band's influences range within the whole Thrash Metal spectre so we're not dealing with a copycat. Although young they seem to have the necessary technical abilities to come up with catchy and at the same time interesting tunes and still keep it traditional and old-school. Nothing new for the scene, but definitely an enjoyable EP full of catchy elements, backed up by a crystal-clean sound and excellent production, worth an audition for sure.

Adrian (Pest Webzine/Slowly We Roth Magazine)


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