In preparation since 2005, What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes A Big Mistake, first album of GROSS GROLLAND, leaves finally in January 2012. One thus imagines with difficulty to deal with young first, more especially as the biography of the group makes go up its origin with… 1995! Formed to Kyrgan, in Russia, the quintet brings together young musicians swearing only by the superstars of the Thrash Metal, PANTERA and SLAYER at the head. Shortly after a first demonstration, carried out into 1999, GROSS GROLLAND is put in sleep until the appearance from new line-up : Ivan MENSHCHIKOV and Michail VOROBYOV (guitars), Alexander SOBOLEV (low), Roman KISKIN (battery) and Sergey HOMYAKOV (song) are harnessed thus with the recording of the album.
The press kit qualifies the music of the group from “ Modern Thrash Metal ”. On What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes A Big Mistake, a rather clear distinction with the traditional forms of the kind can indeed be carried out. The titles rest on riffs, certainly frankly bleeding - Kamikaze and Die, in particular, make it possible to be convinced some - but relatively melody. They are freed for example from powerful the muting generally applied to the guitars. In addition, with some exceptions close which the furious Under Sight, the tempo of the titles is not irrational.
For as much, it would not have to be believed that the Russians practise one Thrash edulcorated! One wants of it in particular for proof the very appreciable set of MENSHCHIKOV and VOROBYOV. They release their powerchords with conviction (It) when they do not delectent a pedal Wah-wah, on the intro of Voices. As for the song guttural of Sergey HOMYAKOV, it approaches the Death Metalsometimes.
The innovative option of the group is erased sometimes with the profit of more traditional pieces. Such is in particular the case at the end of the album, through 648 or Friday, which has sonorities “ old school more”. Moreover, the name of the LP lets show through the usual quarrelsome intentions, which the little ambiguities Kamikaze or Diecomes to confirm. Useless d' to hope to see into Bye any appeasing: site Encyclop?dia Metallum teaches us that this title constitutes an acronym for “ Be Your Enemy ”!
GROSS GROLLAND will have taken all its time for concocter potion What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes A Big Mistake, but the result proves very convincing. Without losing sight of the fact the lesson of the Masters of the Thrash, the Russian formation offers an interesting development to this current, which testifies to its vitality.

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