Lords Of Metal

There is something tragic about it: someone starts a band in 1995, in 2012 the first album is released and then the result is not really what you expect. These Russians play a sort of mix of Pantera, Soulfly and a handful of other bands but so many ideas are put into a song that the chaos is complete most of the time. The sound is perfect, fierce and heavy and all instruments can be heard just fine. Especially the guitars rule. Opening song ‘Kamikaze’ is a classy song to start a record with its rolling drums and chugging guitars. Then the songs are lacking quality a bit but they still are nice to the ears. ‘Policeman Tropillo’ then again is another scorcher, also because it has a clear identity and more direction like opener ‘Kamikaze’ than the rest of the album. Surely not a bad album and thumbs up to the fact that they sing in their native tongue but it just sounds more like a bunch of ideas in a blender then a cohesive album. Maybe album number two in seventeen years?

Berto (Lords Of Metal)


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