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Heavy metal music has variety and there is no doubt about that. So, everyone can find the kind of music he/she likes. GROSS GROLAND is a new band from Russia and they introduce us to a sound with lot of grooves and modern elements.
They characterize their sound as modern thrash metal, but in my opinion their sound is more complicated than that. Personally speaking I am not a big fan of the modern metal sound that combines thrash and grooves, but I have to be objective and tell you that the guys of GROSS GROLAND are doing a good job. They might not be something new or groundbreaking in the kind of music they play, but they know how to compose interesting songs. I think that a big plus for them is that they manage to keep a good balance between the traditional and modern metal elements in their sound. If you are a fan of the latest SEPULTURA, PANTERA, FEAR FACTORY, SOULFLY and MACHINE HEAD, then I think that you will find here something to make your head bang. Also keep in mind that the lyrics are in the Russian language, but I think that they do fit to the sound of the group.

Nick "Verkaim" Parastatidis (Behind The Veil Webzine)


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