GROSS GROLLAND "What Doesn't Kill Me Makes A Big Mistake" 2012
/Metal Scrap Records/

2.Под Прицелом
8.Полицай Тропилло

Pochodzący z rosyjskiego Kurgan neothrashowcy z GROSS GROLLAND powracają po latach niebytu z pierwszym pełnowymiarowym materiałem „What Desn`t Kill Me Makes A Big Mistake” (hmm, gra słów w tym tytule coś mi zasugerowała...). Nie jest to osobiście mój ulubiony rodzaj thrashu, jednak trzeba przyznać, że nie brakuje chłopakom energii i zapału do grania. Kawałki, utrzymane raczej w wolniejszych lub średnich tempach, przewalają się z ciężarem potężnego drogowego walca. Nie jest to odkrywcze, ale prawdopodobnie tak miało być. Bardzo przesterowane gitary młócą tremolami co rusz. Gdzieś w tle świszczą i zgrzytają wyższe dźwięki, co sprawia, że te walcowate riffy nie są bez wyrazu. Bas i perkusja podążają zgodnie i zamaszyście i brzmi to poprawnie. Jeżeli się mogę tak wyrazić, to czuć zdecydowany metalowy groove i w tym GROSS GROLLAND wiedzie prym. Słychać inspiracje panterowym majstersztykiem - „Vulgar Display of Power”. Jest mnóstwo energii, agresji i siły. Im dłużej się tego słucha, tym bardziej wciąga się w ten agresywnie bujający groove i jest to duży plus, bo pierwsze wrażenie może być mylne. Muzycy z GROSS GROLLAND mieli pomysłów na dziesięć siarczystych kawałków metalowego mięcha, jednak myślę, że błędem, o którym wspomniałem na początku, mogło być właśnie umieszczanie ich wszystkich na albumie. Zwyczajnie - takiego „nowoczesnego” grania słuchacz nieobyty z tym gatunkiem może po prostu nie strawić w takiej ilości. Jednak dla maniaków, którzy to lubią, będzie to ciekawe danie. No i te teksty w języku Puszkina...:-).

Korbolkatus (Atmospheric Magazine)

In preparation since 2005, What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes A Big Mistake, first album of GROSS GROLLAND, leaves finally in January 2012. One thus imagines with difficulty to deal with young first, more especially as the biography of the group makes go up its origin with… 1995! Formed to Kyrgan, in Russia, the quintet brings together young musicians swearing only by the superstars of the Thrash Metal, PANTERA and SLAYER at the head. Shortly after a first demonstration, carried out into 1999, GROSS GROLLAND is put in sleep until the appearance from new line-up : Ivan MENSHCHIKOV and Michail VOROBYOV (guitars), Alexander SOBOLEV (low), Roman KISKIN (battery) and Sergey HOMYAKOV (song) are harnessed thus with the recording of the album.
The press kit qualifies the music of the group from “ Modern Thrash Metal ”. On What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes A Big Mistake, a rather clear distinction with the traditional forms of the kind can indeed be carried out. The titles rest on riffs, certainly frankly bleeding - Kamikaze and Die, in particular, make it possible to be convinced some - but relatively melody. They are freed for example from powerful the muting generally applied to the guitars. In addition, with some exceptions close which the furious Under Sight, the tempo of the titles is not irrational.
For as much, it would not have to be believed that the Russians practise one Thrash edulcorated! One wants of it in particular for proof the very appreciable set of MENSHCHIKOV and VOROBYOV. They release their powerchords with conviction (It) when they do not delectent a pedal Wah-wah, on the intro of Voices. As for the song guttural of Sergey HOMYAKOV, it approaches the Death Metalsometimes.
The innovative option of the group is erased sometimes with the profit of more traditional pieces. Such is in particular the case at the end of the album, through 648 or Friday, which has sonorities “ old school more”. Moreover, the name of the LP lets show through the usual quarrelsome intentions, which the little ambiguities Kamikaze or Diecomes to confirm. Useless d' to hope to see into Bye any appeasing: site Encyclop?dia Metallum teaches us that this title constitutes an acronym for “ Be Your Enemy ”!
GROSS GROLLAND will have taken all its time for concocter potion What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes A Big Mistake, but the result proves very convincing. Without losing sight of the fact the lesson of the Masters of the Thrash, the Russian formation offers an interesting development to this current, which testifies to its vitality.

Chouman (Metal

Gross Grolland have a name that makes me think of a movie with Jack Lemon about an office and some salesmen. Nothing in common with the music that Gross Grolland makes. It’s just the way my mind works. Musically I have a hard time getting to grips with the album. At first I thought it would be a take on Rammstein but as it progressed it turned more into a heavy thrash album, kinda like The Haunted with Marko Aro on vocals, or a Pantera with even more stones in their pockets. That they sing in their native tongue adds to the experience. It gives the music that exotic edge of not knowing what’s going on. Once I ditched any notion of hearing a Rammstein-esque I started to enjoy the heavy thrash that Gross Grolland presents me with.


There is something tragic about it: someone starts a band in 1995, in 2012 the first album is released and then the result is not really what you expect. These Russians play a sort of mix of Pantera, Soulfly and a handful of other bands but so many ideas are put into a song that the chaos is complete most of the time. The sound is perfect, fierce and heavy and all instruments can be heard just fine. Especially the guitars rule. Opening song ‘Kamikaze’ is a classy song to start a record with its rolling drums and chugging guitars. Then the songs are lacking quality a bit but they still are nice to the ears. ‘Policeman Tropillo’ then again is another scorcher, also because it has a clear identity and more direction like opener ‘Kamikaze’ than the rest of the album. Surely not a bad album and thumbs up to the fact that they sing in their native tongue but it just sounds more like a bunch of ideas in a blender then a cohesive album. Maybe album number two in seventeen years?

Berto (Lords Of Metal)

Today, well it didn’t start in the present time period but since the mid 90s, I have been evident to lots of tags to Thrash Metal. When people were smacked to the floor by the impact of PANTERA in the late 90s, just as they idiotically chose to renounce their 80s heritage that only provided golden moments and yeah even without you Mr. Anselmo, Thrash Metal, later on became a lot groovier in the US while spreading around the world, was perceived differently. GROSS GROLLAND of the Russian Federation seemed to me like almost any other New American Metal type of band. They sound aggressive, singing in their own native Russian language (A cause for admiration or what?), modern in their pumping groove, and to some extent Thrash, Metal music but all in all, they repeat and reprocess themselves almost all the way from top to bottom.
“What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes A Big Mistake” (I really liked the rephrase of the old saying) via Metal Scrap Records, is their debut album and a first violent message to the world that the Russians can make the same New Wave of Metal thing just as the same as the original American version. By and large, I couldn’t distinguish that much between the songs of the album. The one who really impressed more than the rest was the diverse vocalist, Sergey Homyakov that barfed out his intestines with some great growl; raspy like Anselmo howls and low end provocative grunts. As for his peers in the lineup, mainly the rhythm section, they were doing the same stuff as are apparent on more than a handful of bands of the same kind. Here and there Ivan Menshchikov & Michail Vorobyov, without the knowledge of there were both on the act, provided a few lead guitar licks and one maybe two simple solos. Furthermore, “What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes A Big Mistake”was produced just as every modern American Metal, though I would have to let these guys know that while mixing the producer provided too much bass to the player’s channel. He or She might take that to account next time around.
“Bye (Be Your Enemy)”, “It” and “Friendship” were the great turnouts that the album had to offer. I found some cool ideas that could have been capitalized upon yet as always, there is always a first time for everything. GROSS GROLLAND might have sung the same song, even if it was in their language, but at least they have something to work with. It might not be the old school beast of KORROSION METALLA, but it is still worthy.

Lior "Steinmetal" Stein (

One might be not to have the titles in English as there are some arts of this Russian metal core offering I’d remember for positive reasons.
Shovelling all the angry, hate- spitting sludge of the genre together at us in lumps, they at least inject some persistent bounce with their brutality. Crunch-driven rhythm guitars swing and pulverise as opposed to the sickeningly common speed-and -hope-they like-it hokum.
Vocalist, Phantom does a good mirror of Earth Crisis’s Karl Buechner to bring some welcome air of familiarity for the seasoned hatecore connoisseur, etching plenty of these ten punishing cuts into the proverbial skull tissue in good time.
Pretty interesting.

Dave Attrill (

Explosive band, they attack with brutal riffwork and angry vocals, their style is truly infectious I must say, they play a very solid thrash metal. This is a solid effort!

Paul Caravasi (AQUELARRE ZINE)

apocalyptic rites 6O ja pierdolę jakaś czarna seria! I nie chodzi mi o Black Metal tylko coś czego moje biedne uszy nie trawią. Rosjanie z Gross Grolland zaczęli swoją przygodę z muzą w 1995 roku i na koncie mają … tylko opisywany tu debiut wydany w br. Długo zbierali się do zaistnienia i … wcale im to na dobre nie wyszło. Panowie grają coś jak … w dupę połamany modern czyli „nowoczesny”… Thrash? … Heavy? … Groove? … Nie wiem, ale wszystkiego tu po trochu i jeszcze podlane to dosyć obficie elektroniką w postaci jakichś sampli. Tyle, że mało mnie to przekonuje. Jak wspominałem mocno to połamane w strukturach, rwany rytm … przekombinowane. Może jest raptem kilka fragmentów, gdzie gitary ładnie pracują i aż chciałoby się pomachać baniakiem, ale to mało. I ta barwa wokalu. Gość drze ryja jak opętany, ale akurat takiego wrzasku to jakoś nie trawię. Wydaje mi się bardziej rozpaczliwy niż agresywny.

Apocalyptic Rites 'zine #6


Heavy metal music has variety and there is no doubt about that. So, everyone can find the kind of music he/she likes. GROSS GROLAND is a new band from Russia and they introduce us to a sound with lot of grooves and modern elements.
They characterize their sound as modern thrash metal, but in my opinion their sound is more complicated than that. Personally speaking I am not a big fan of the modern metal sound that combines thrash and grooves, but I have to be objective and tell you that the guys of GROSS GROLAND are doing a good job. They might not be something new or groundbreaking in the kind of music they play, but they know how to compose interesting songs. I think that a big plus for them is that they manage to keep a good balance between the traditional and modern metal elements in their sound. If you are a fan of the latest SEPULTURA, PANTERA, FEAR FACTORY, SOULFLY and MACHINE HEAD, then I think that you will find here something to make your head bang. Also keep in mind that the lyrics are in the Russian language, but I think that they do fit to the sound of the group.

Nick "Verkaim" Parastatidis (Behind The Veil Webzine)

rlyeh 11Thrash Metal z pewnymi urozmaiceniami- nie jestem pewien, czy może się taki miks do końca podobać. Prawdę mówiąc w tym wypadku język rosyjski nie bardzo pasuje do klimatu muzyki- muzyki skądinąd naprawdę zajebistej! Piękne Thrashowe riffy, potężne brzmienie- syf i ciężar! To wszystko to ścisłe części składowe tego materiału, którego tytuł to luźna trawescytacja F. Nietzego zapewne. CROSS łoi swój Thrash w bardzo „europejskim” stylu. Bliżej im do ASSASSIN w sumie niż do amerykańskich, poprawnych politycznie koleżków ze stanów. Jedyny problem to nie sama muzyka, ale ten nieszczęsny „rosyjski”. W Death metalu czy w Black- to się nawet sprawdza, ale w takim przejrzystym Thrashu ma się wrażenie, że słuchamy tekstu do „Oczi Czernije” na podołacie przyzwoitej muzy. Tak się nie da. I nawet te chujowe techno- połamańce w otwierającym płytę kawałku nie zmieniają faktu, że muza jest pierwszej wody, naturalnym Thrashowym strzałem w pysk. Tylko te wokale- „kalinka, kalinka…” kurwa mać!

R'Lyeh #11



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