ECLIPSE "Triumph of the Pain" 2011
/Metal Scrap Records / More Hate Productions/

1.Ak-47 02.48
2.One word 02.48
3.Mindsuffer 03.32
4.Last breath 04.04
5.Nothing but the hate 03.36
6.Upgrade 03.47
7.Dream forgotten after first try 04.35
8.Triumph of the pain 04.47
9.Epilepsy bout 02.48

I like Cannibal Corpse and have done so ever since I heard their debut album. My relationship with them has been up and down but I’ve stood by them no matter what. So whenever I hear an album clearly inspired/influenced by Cannibal Corpse I listen with an extra ear. Eclipse plummet me with their intense death metal. No prisoners are left behind. It is kill or be killed. I will survive. Nothing is going to kill me. I will take on Eclipse’ death metal with all necessary means available. And although it will be an epic battle I will stand victorious in the end. I like this kind of very primal, not simple, death metal. There is something liberating to full on, no holds death metal. It’s like a cleansing of all everyday bullshit we get subjected to. You come out on the other side feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world again. What else could you want from a death metal album?

Anders Ekdahl (

The album opened by sounds of shooting guns. Well, after that musicians begin to shoot listeners, led by their instruments. Fast, energetic, vibrant drums, bass and vocal immediately set up the desired mood. Hearing this meaty brutality is just impossible to sit still even while writing review. And how fun it must be to drive on live concerts of the band!
The CD contains nine tracks in length fairly standard for brutal death metal, sounding through this even stronger and more confident. Quick, one after another as emerging from the barrel of the machine bullet.
Blast bits sound powerful, bass - bold and confident, vocal - lush, guitar solos and even more now sweeten hearing picture. So, if you like quality brutal death metal - do not miss this album!

Grimmsberg (HeavyMusic.Ru)

On the new album ECLIPSE proved that there is life in the old veins yet and the balls in the trousers. In their performance death metal borders with grindcore and in general it gives good results adding the brutality and aggression in the general picture. Also glad the fact that in this dense wall of broken rhythms and beats blast was a place for interesting melodic solo that in fact is the hallmark of the album releases on many other colleagues in the brutal league. It is impossible not to pay attention to the quality of records and mixing - all done at a high level, clearly hear each instrument and there’re no "smear" sound of iron or pushed to the background bass. Individual respect to vocalist - vocal sounds at 5 +, in the best traditions of the genre. ECLIPSE can be proud of the work done - earned it!
From songs I like the first "AK-47", which sets by its aggression throughout the mood for album, from first to last song. So all the material "Triumph Of The Pain" is worthy attention of fans of brutal death metal, because it does not often appear on our open spaces such music with high-quality implementation.


Eclipse. Well. That's quite an original name there, lads. I think there is just, oh, say a few dozens of other bands with that name strolling around in our global metal scene? Thankfully, Eclipse's music is pretty much as original as their name is. In this case, we are dealing with the Ukrainian version, a three piece originally founded mid-nineties, but who only started to take shape in 2007 - with a new vocalist in their midst - and who made their debut with 'Grind, Suffer, Dreams' in 2009. The trio is back at the Eastern front (oh my, that's a bad play on words if I ever wrote one) with 'Triumph Of The Pain'.
Alright. Unoriginal muck then? Well, yes. But underhand, it is damn enjoyable as well! This stuff is so straightforward and blunt it just becomes good again. Of course, one could also use 'obtuse' to describe this, but Eclipse's mix of Cannibal Corpse worship and more modern USDM influences is just too damn vivacious to sit still. You just want to bounce around to the drums and riffs, whilst grinning like an idiot. If I were asked to do a video for these guys, I would just put up a camera above a barren field and film three or four hours of ploughing tractors and play it at such speed that the field would be well ploughed and furrowed at the end of a three minute song. End video. 'Triumph Of The Pain' luckily has a playing time of just over half an hour. More than the nine tracks that are on the album would probably be too much to take in at once and still enjoy the plain rude enjoyable stupidity of it. Warning: listening to 'Triumph Of The Pain' whilst driving may cause speeding tickets, pain and death.

Rating: 70/100
Sicktus (

There were and still are countless Eclipse bands out there but here we have the Ukrainian guys with their second full-length album, " Triumph of the Pain". Basically this could be categorized in the new wave of Brutal Death Metal, but still it has lots of old-school elements and the best thing about it, it somehow kept the old-school atmosphere, the idea that Death Metal has to be horrific and inflict damage, not to be based exclusively on personal instrumental skills and execution speed. So yes, I have enjoyed this release and I'm only sorry it lasts for only half an hour. Recommended for the ones of you in search for old-school type of Brutal and Dark Death Metal, these Ukrainian guys deserve more attention.

Rating: 9/10
Adrian (Slowly We Rot Fanzine /


Nie mialem wczesniej stycznosci z muzyka tego ukrainskiego zespolu chociaz biorac pod uwage popularnosc ich szyldu to wykluczyc tego absolutnie nie moge, ze mialem tylko nie wiedzialem, ze to oni - hehehe. Opisywany tu Eclipse para sie brutal death/grind’em. Muza jest wrecz modelowa dla gatunku czyli rytmicznie nieco polamana, ale bez „onanizacji technicznej”. Raczej prosta z duza iloscia zmian tempa od szybkich napierdalanek do zajebistych zwolnien, ale to nic zaskakujacego. Wokalnie rowniez w konwencji czyli na zmiane gleboki rasowy growl ze swiniakiem lub innymi wrzaskami. Niczym specjalnym sie ten krazek nie wyroznia. Ot napierdalenie w konwencji, ale i bez zenady, ze jakies chujowe.

Apocalyptic Rites 'zine #5


Und noch eine weitere Band aus der Ukraine. ECLIPSE treiben bereits seit 1997 ihr Unheil im ehemaligen Sowjetstaat, doch veroffentlichten nach einem Demo und dem Debut „Grind, Suffer, Dreams“ (2009) erst ihr zweites Werk „Triumph Of The Pain“. Die Entwicklung in den letzten beiden Jahren ist an der Technik und vor allem am Sound zu horen. Rumpelt man sich im Debut noch im urigen Rumpel-Style und mit viel Spa? in den Backen durch das hollandische und amerikanische Brutal Death Metal-Genre, versucht man sich mittlerweile eindeutiger mit Cannibal Corpse und Suffocation zu messen. Doch von diesen beiden Gro?en ist man dann doch noch eine ganze Meile entfernt. Schade ist auch, dass entweder der Drummer oder nur die Snare gewechselt wurde. Zuvor hantierte der Kesselmeister noch auf einer richtig gierig klingenden Jungle Snare, und nun ist Alltagsbrei angesagt. Wie im Brutal Death Metal so ublich, bietet der Vokiller neben den gewohnten Grunts und Screams ein paar lustige Inhales, dass es dem Frosch die Locken von der Stange fegt. Nur leider nicht oft genug – schade. Auf konnt Ihr jedenfalls mal reinhoren. (DJ)

10 Punkte


Eclipse are a band from Ukraine that plays a very brutal form of death/grind and this is a review of their 2011 album "Triumph Of The Pain" which was released by Metal Scrap Records.
Drums range from slow, mid paced to fast drumming with a great amount of brutal blast beats being thrown into the music, while the bass playing has a very dark tone with riffs that follow the riffing that is coming out of the guitars.
Rhythm guitars range from slow, mid paced to fast riffs that combine the most brutal elements of death metal and death/grind together while the lead guitars are very chaotic sounding death metal guitar solos and leads.
Vocals are a mixture of deep death metal growls and high pitched screams as well as a brief use of pig squeels while the lyrics cover hateful and violent themes, as for the production it has a very strong, powerful and heavy sound to it.
In my opinion Eclipse are a very great sounding death/grind band and if you are a fan of this style, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Ak-47" "Last Breath" "Dream Forgoten After First Try" and "Epilepsy Bout". RECOMMENDED  BUY.

OccultBlackMetal (Variety Of Death Zine)

Rzeznia pierwszego sortu prosze Panstwa! Mam wrazenie, ze od debiutanckiego krazka ten zespol przesunal jeszcze bardziej swoja patologiczna muze w strone Gore- Grind. Przypominaja mi sie czasy machania glowa przy debiucie CANNIBAL CORPSE- tutaj jest oczywiscie mniej „miesa”, jednak zamiar jest taki sam: zabic, zjesc, wydalic- ot, zycie ubrane w ekstremalna forme. ECLIPSE to chlodna i wyrachowana maszyna do zabijania i patroszenia. Wstretny growl i typowo Grindowe wrzaski swietnie wpasowuja sie w sciane gitar i lupiace z predkoscia swiatla bebny. A jednak jest w tym wszystkim takze chirurgiczna precyzja, aranzacje, i podobne elementy, ktore sprawiaja, ze jednak blizej zespolowi do Death Metalu w klasycznej postaci. „Last Breath”, czy tytulowy numer sa dosc wymowne w tym wszystkim. Co ciekawe trafiaja sie tu dosc czesto patroszace wnetrznosci solowki, odegrane z finezja zaprawionego rzeznika- a takie rzeczy wzmagaja apetyt na miecho. „Triumph Of The Pain” to udany nastepca poprzednika. Nie ma sie co zastanawiac- brac i nie marudzic, chyba zes wegetarianin! Pytajcie w Metal Scrap Rec., lub pod ponizszym namiarem.

R'Lyeh #10


There are a ton of metal bands that have used or are still using the name Eclipse. The one that is the subject of this review is based out of Ukraine and has actually been around since 1995. However, like quite a few groups Eclipse didn’t put out their first full length album until 2009. They followed it up last year with a sophomore effort Triumph of the Pain, which is a heavy hitting death metal album that is reminiscent of groups such as Cannibal Corpse. It certainly feels familiar, but the instrumentalists do the sound justice and as a result it’s worth giving a listen if you’re a fan of this type of slamming, gut wrenching death metal.
Eclipse hits listeners hard, and right from the start they burst out of the gate with fast paced drum beats and guitar riffs that twist and turn to form grooves that land right in your chest. It’s a familiar sound that fits the 90’s death metal mold, but the instrumentalists are able to do it justice and offer more than just constant blasting during the 33 minute running time of Triumph of the Pain. In particular, when the guitars and drums slow down a bit and go for some slower grooves they are able to break things up and leave a memorable impression. The production values are worth mentioning, as the sound on this album is surprisingly balanced and as a result the bass and guitar riffs aren’t buried underneath a wall of drum blasts. Triumph of the Pain may be a fairly short album, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as the group is able to provide enough variation to keep the songs feeling different from one another and doesn’t drag their ideas out to the point of repetition.
Lead singer Volodymyr Deyev has an extremely low, guttural growl that is perfectly suited to Eclipse’s brand of death metal. For the majority of the album Deyev stays at this pitch and consistently brings an intense performance to the table. There are some backing higher pitched shrieks that make an appearance on several of the songs, and as they show up alongside the growls it seems likely that they are done by another member of the band. The two vocal styles work well together, and this is one area where the group could expand further as the interplay between the two keeps the arrangements feeling energized and varied.
Listeners that like their death metal closer to the brutal variety will find a lot to like about Triumph of the Pain. The instrumentalists are able to offer blasting mixed with some slower sections to add just enough variation, and the vocal arrangements bludgeon the listener with constant aggression. It may have taken the band over a decade to start putting out full length albums, but it is clear from this release that they have the experience and songwriting ability to make a dent in this crowded genre.

Chris Dahlberg (CosmosGaming)

Not much to say about these 3 brutal looking and sounding dudes. To me it has a 90’s brutal death metal vibe that adds a more than welcome evilness to the album. The vocals sound like he rushed to the recording studio still munching his lunch, which is kind of twisted and disgusting at the same time. The songs are ok, nothing really ultra technical but good enough. Still, I would say that the band should try to introduce a little bit more variation as it get a little bit boring at 32 minutes.
Nothing really will blow you away but I’m sure will bring satisfaction to some twisted minds.

Jaime Viejo AKA Spanish Fly (Evil Cupcakes)

I’m digging this mash-up tech laced brutal death, almost Krisiun meets Decapitated. Eclipse are a three piece from Ukraine that was founded all the way back in 1993, and they wield the metal with a very experienced hand indeed. A lot of BDM albums cause what I call ‘blast fatigue’ as the torture is just plain relentless, and it ends up turning into one big mush, but Eclipse have a great balance of brutal and groove and breathing space, making this a multiple listen album. It seems eastern Europe has a wealth of hidden gems, and as far as BDM goes, I would say these guys would be one of them.
I guess my mind is twisted with satisfaction.

Averatu (Evil Cupcakes)


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