DRUKNROLL "Петля Мироздания / The Loop Of World Creation" 2015
/Metal Scrap Records/

1. Петля Мироздания / The Loop Of World Creation
2. За Чертой / Below
3. Minus (In Flames cover)




Although released last year in Russia, this baby is doing the press circuit this year so, why not?
Opening with a piano intro, Drunknroll know exactly how to make you guess their genre before even a single riff gets started. It’s melodic death metal as far as the eye can see (as demonstrated by their choice of In Flames’ “Minus” to close the release), with a heavy emphasis placed in the atmosphere. It’s keyboards reminiscent of Children of Bodom and riffs that bring you back to the heavier days of Arch Enemy.
As melodic death metal releases go, this one does like to step outside of the box. From a few dubstep-ish seconds in “The Loop of World Creation,” to a glimpse of what sounds like a eurodance moment in “Below.” These aren’t long moments, nor do they hurt the song that contains them; they seem to simply be curiosities, added by people with a pleasure for trying different things. The same thing goes for the choruses, sometimes coming off as a bit of a chant by a weird death-metal choir. Truly amazing stuff.
Considering that their vocal style differs quite a bit, I was curious about how they’d be able to tackle In Flames‘ “Minus.” It’s a curious choice for a band that, despite sharing the Swedes’ (former) genre, don’t really sound like them. Holy shit was I wrong to doubt them. It’s a terrific tribute to one of the most important bands of the Stockholm scene and, most importantly, a testament to the versatility and skill of Druknroll.
If you’re up for something different, yet familiar, give these guys a try. They absolutely deserve your love.

J (Metal Blast)

Hailing from Russia, Druknroll play modern heavy metal with influences from all sides of metal. This EP called The Loop Of World Creation contains two new songs and a cover of In Flames' Minus. It is released on July 16th.
When this EP start, you'll hear a bit of piano music, but soon guitars and drums will come by. Druknroll know how to make their music special. Symphonic background and heavy instruments over it. Sometimes they even sounds a bit progressive in their way of playing and through the structure of the songs. Vocally they switch from clean singing to heavy grunts/growls. While you should think that singing in English will help you get bigger, Druknroll sings in their mother tongue, Russian. It takes a while to get used to it, but it is not annoying that, in my case, I don't understand it. Sometimes it just doesn't fit, but this does fit.
Go listen to Druknroll's The Loop Of World Creation.

Tim van Velthuysen (Dutch Metal Maniac)

Druknroll are a band from Russia that has been featured before in this zine and pays a mixture of melodic metal, hard rock and death metal and this is a review of their 2015 ep "The loop of All Creation" which was released by Metal Scrap Records.
Dark sounding keyboards start off the ep and they use a variety of many different sounding keys and also mix in with the heavy guitars that kick in a few seconds later and after awhile aggressive yet melodic melodic vocals and death metal growls make their presence known on the recording and the riffs also use a great amount of melody.
Elements of modern groove metal can be heard in the bands musical style and you can also hear all of the musical instruments that are present on the recording and you can still hear elements of traditional metal and hard rock in the bands musical style and the music sticks mostly to a mid paced direction while some fast parts can be heard and they close the ep with a cover of In Flame's "Minus".
Druknroll continue the melodic metal, hard rock and death metal mixture of previous recordings while also going into more of a heavier musical direction this time around, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics are written in Russian and cover real life themes.
In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from Druknroll and if you are a fan of this band, you should enjoy this ep. RECOMMENDED TRACK "Minus".

OccultBlackMetal (The True Bringer Of Death Zine)


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