DREAMS OF VICTORY “Dreams Of Victory” 2014
/Metal Scrap Records/

01. Overture 04:33
02. The Patriot 05:28
03. Dreams of Victory 04:24
Total playing time: 14:25




Hailing from Ukraine, here is Dreams of Victory. They play symphonic metal in a very progressive way. They formed in 2002 and now they have their second EP just released. The line-up of Dreams of Victory is Sergey Lyubimov on keyboards, Aleksandr Kypriyanov on drums, Sergey Lukasevitch on bass, Nalaia Dzizinska on violin and Max Nabokov on guitars. In 2011 they had their first EP 9 Stairs released and now it is time for their second one, which is self-titled.
The second EP contains three songs with an total length of 10 minutes. Ten minutes of very progressive symphonic metal. You hear a lot when you listen to this, keyboard passages, heavy guitars, but last but not least, it is heavy while melodic. There are two sorts of vocals on this EP. One is sort of high, clean and the other is a little bit more raw and darker. This is definitely a band to watch, especially for fans of symphonic or progressive metal. But metalheads who also are looking for other new bands to add to their collection should surely take a listen to this. This is some nice music.
Symphonic metalfan? Progressive metalfan? Both? Go listen to Dreams of Victory. You will love it!

Tim Van Velthuysen (Dutch Metal Maniac)

Dreams of Victory are a band from Ukraine that plays a very progressive and symphonic form of metal and this is a review of their self released 2014 ep which was released by Metal Scrap Records.
Dark sounding synths start off the ep along with some violins that give the music a classical music feeling which leads up to more of a heavy symphonic metal sound which also brings in a good mixture of both clean and heavy parts and on the second track the band starts adding in more elements of prog rock/metal.
When vocals are added into the music they are mostly clean singing vocals while you can also hear a few seconds of growls in the background and the vocals also gives the ep an avant garde feeling at times and when solos and leads are added into the music they bring in even more of a melodic progressive metal sound and after awhile female vocals can be heard for a few seconds and the last track is all instrumental.
Dreams Of Victory plays a style of progressive metal that is very heavy yet symphonic sounding at the same time and they also add in a touch of gothic metal to add more originality to their musical sound, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover philosophical themes.
In my opinion Dreams of Victory are a very great sounding symphonic, progressive metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this ep. RECOMMENDED TRACK "The Patroit".

OccultBlackMetal (Extreme Underground Music Zine)

DREAMS OF VICTORY are a Progressive Symphonic Metal band from Ukraine; apparently very new and very underground, having just released their debut, and self-titled, EP. I’m very much torn, because while the musicianship, production and composition is extremely well-done, the vocals, one of the most prominent timbres in the genre, completely turn me off; no disrespect to the vocalist, of course.
“Overture” is the first track on the EP. Entirely instrumental, it was an extremely enjoyable 3 minutes. While the riffs are jarringly-heavy and the melodies proficiently technical, the soaring atmospherics and keyboard work fatten up the sound delectably and set it to greater heights. In fact, they keyboard work is my favourite thing about this track, and the album in general.
“The Patriot” begins in a different fashion, much calmer, steadier and slower-paced; quite the DREAM THEATER-like intro, a greater emphasis on meaningful and methodical, melodic passages. Alas, the vocals soon started. I have no idea what the man is trying to pull off, but the vocals run rather flat, with some changes in pitch and volume actually verging on painful; if he is trying to achieve a MANILLA ROAD approach, I’m not sure he’s getting it. However, when he reaches deeper, gruffer, baritone reaches, the vocals become much more listenable and fitting to the music. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen often. Underneath all of this, however, is instrumental work ranging on virtuosic.
The band’s namesake track is, thankfully, another purely instrumental piece. The Prog magic that obviously lies in this band resonates in this track, with technical mastery coming to life in beautiful, multi-layered arrangements; particularly the guitar work partway through.

Daniel Fox (Metal Temple)

Rock Hard 26Další z Ukrajinských vlaštovek, tentokráte se nám prostřednictvím svého debutního EP představuje DREAMS OF VICTORY. Šestice mladých muzikantů v sobě kloubí prvky symfonického metalu, ale nepohrdnou ani klasikou a progresem, cizí jim není ani gotika, doom a klasický heavy metal. Již úvodní instrumentální „Overtre“ ukazuje jak zdatnými muzikanty DREAMS OF VICTORY jsou, umě kloubí výše popsané do jednoho songu, který může směle konkurovat zkušeným mazákům těchto stylů. Druhá skladba „The Patriot“ mě trochu trápí, nějak si nemůžu zvyknout na jeden ze dvou čistých vokálů, je tak silně emotivně vypjatý až mi to vadí. Hudebně se projevuje ona náklonnost k progresu, skladba se vrství a progresivní prvky krásně rezonují. Závěrečná „Dream Of Victory“ jen podtrhává to co jsem výše popsal. Velmi kvalitní věc. Potenciál tato kapela rozhodně má, jen to chce vyměnit zpěváka a šance na průlom se mnohonásobně zvýší.

Martin Barták (Rock Hard #26)


Dreams Of Victory took place in Top 10 Best Albums of December 2015 by We Love Metal /Canada/

Dreams Of Victory is a six-piece Progressive Symphonic group out of the Ukraine. Strange name for a group to say the least, don’t always judge a group by their name until you’ve heard what they have to offer. In addition to those genres, the group also includes traditional metal elements as well as some flavorful keyboard pieces. There are moments of heaviness and moments of melody, making a satisfying blend of metal for your niche metalhead. Influenced by the tumultuous and eventful incidents that have been happening in Ukraine these last few years, the atmosphere at random moments reflects the group’s mood on this topic. Even the occasional presence of Doom and Goth metal make their way into this three-track EP.
The opening track titled, Overture, kickstarts an eerie, somber and slightly bold atmosphere. The progressive double bass, old-school riffs and addition of the fresh violins cook up a perfect recipe for a strong opening track. No vocals on this one, make sure to stick around for the epic clash of cymbals and fearsome double bass. The keyboards add that extra touch of awesomeness with a killer breakdown later on. Boy what a track! The Patriot has a more intimate melodic aspect with the vocals finally making an appearance in it’s clean nature. While I have no idea what they’re singing about, you can tell though there’s a passionate essence in whatever the lyricism entails. Very keyboard heavy, it’s a pretty simplistic track, although the intriguing and fast-played tapping solo really catches your attention. The self-titled track, Dreams Of Victory, is also an instrumental only track that is fast-paced and very atmospheric. The harmonization with the guitars and keyboards really is addicting and stimulating. Theres plenty of melody, harmony, heaviness and a little bit of a dark tone to appease many.
A quick listen, there really weren’t any moments on the EP that were terrible. While progressive metal is repetitive in nature, hence the name of the genre, Dreams Of Victory did a satisfying job of keeping the album diverse and interesting. It would have been even more interesting if there were some death metal growls in there but that is just personal taste. If you like to keep things, simple yet heavy, give these guys a listen to. No they’re not technical in any sort of manner but sometimes simplicity can offer something that others cannot. Overall, I am a fan and hopefully the group releases their full-length album in the near future. Stay Metal \m/

Fernando (We Love Metal)


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