I can't say that the description heavy/black metal do much for me. It could be anything. A bird or a fish. Come hell or high-water. But I'm up for the challenge. Always looking for the next big thing. Dammerung is a blank for me. So it is with great trepidation that I take on "Dark Poetry". Judging by the title I could be in for great, big, sweeping melodies draped in the blackest of black metal. At least that's what I hope for and really want/need right now. And I was right. It is big, it is sweeping melodies and it is black metal. Dammerung made me think of Norwegian Twin Obscenity and the way I felt when I heard them the first time; that I never wanted it to end. I was so taken by Twin Obscenity that I craved more than they could give. I kind of got the same feeling from listening to "Dark Poetry". I don?t want for it to end. With almost minimalistic means Dammerung has created a "big" record.

Anders Ekdahl /Battle Helm/

After success debut released by Mexican label, Ukrainian DAMMERUNG continue its activity and this year was released their 2ns full-length album. The music DAMMERUNG represent is some kind of black and death metal, inspired by Paganism and mysticism, and they did all properly and listenable, not into radical way but pretty listeanble and catching. Songs structure made on good level, with measured rhythm-section, semi-raw guitars and screams. Filled with good tempo-changes, interesting melodies and various thresholds they sounds impressive just, and catching. “Dark Poetry” allowed word’ means and music is dark and mystic, with good atmosphere and keys from time to time. Good album for fans of mystic, Pagan black metal.

ANTICHRIST Metalzine, 11/2011


Whenever I hear Russia and black metal mentioned in the same sentence I immediately think of NSBM or folk infused black metal, but actually never of normal melodic black metal with some slight death metal influences. And that's exactly the sort of music Dammerung presents us on 'Dark Poetry'.
Opener 'Geometry Of Shadows' is build up around a number of heavily melodic yet beautiful and gripping riffs. The sort of riffs you can immediately hum along to without ever having heard them before. Also songs such as 'The Legacy' and 'Ancient Mother' are characterized by this. This album is one hell of a catchy motherfucker which can be recommended to anyone who wants melody in his black metal without it becoming pussified. 'Dark Poetry' is an album which keeps on drawing you back in to replay without you noticing it yourself in times when you need melody with balls. Often it happens that these kinds of albums are done in by horrendous productions and that certainly is not the case here. A full sound with the right accents placed sees to it that everything sounds powerful yet clear.
And yes there we go again humming along to a riff. The types of euphoric riffs. Think of a memorable riff like that in Satyricon's 'Mother North'. So, something that will go down a storm live.

Rating: 77/100
Marcel H. (http://www.lordsofmetal.nl/)
Issue 116
July / August 2011

This is the third album of Ukrainian black metal band. And the experience – is a great thing. "Dark Poetry" – is a really powerful thing, where everything is done exactly as it should. There’s nothing excess. There’re powerful sound and catchy melodies. Perhaps this album will attract not only fans of black metal, but fans of more lightweight styles. Maybe this will be a disappointment for fans of orthodox black metal, but for the general population this disc will be not only decoration of the shelves with a collection of CDs, but also regularly listened CD.

Thrashmentor /Terroraiser #46, 2011/

Ukrainian band presented to the audience their third album. The band belongs to the black stage, with occasional drifts into death metal; midtempo music and keyboard support send it to the thoughtful style. I did not like one moment. With the first two compositions the band was able to create a dark gloomy atmosphere which collapsed with the beginning of the song "The Legasy". Here and further on the album. Otherwise, there’s nothing to find fault.


Neophyte (Atmosfear Magazine #8)

Eine Scheibe aus der Ukraine, ein Band-Name, dem was fehlt und ein Artwork der Marke Abraxas-Marchenstunde mit Anfanger-Schriftsatz- Experimenten. Kein Wunder, dass die Erwartungen an die Band aus Kherson zunachst alles andere als hoch sind. Doch – oh, Wunder – nach einem etwas durchwachsenen Anfang mit schleppendem Melo Black Metal samt sehr typischer Keifstimme mausert sich das vermeintlich hassliche Entlein zu einem durchaus erwachsenen Enterich. Das liegt naturlich nicht an der weiterhin recht langweiligen Stimme, sondern an den irgendwie angenehmen Melodien. Die sind zwar lange nicht so catchy wie weiland die gro?artigen Enslavement Of Beauty, nicht so fein gesponnen, eher dreckiger und roher, aber durchaus mit viel schwarzem Gefuhl. „Dark Poetry“ passt also durchaus zu diesen warmen Melodien. Schade eben nur, dass Saurg etwas zu eindimensional krakelt. Wer sich aber drauf einlasst, der wird mit einer herrlichen Zeitreise ins megalomanische Norwegen von 2001 belohnt. Obwohl, die Norweger haben ja auch 2007 und 2009 noch was auf den Markt geworfen… Solange die nicht bestellt sind, tut’s auch die DAMMERUNG. (SM)

10 Punkte


Dammerung are a band from Ukraine that plays a very heavy and mid paced form of black metal mixed in with alot of melodic riffing and this is a review of their 2011 album "Dark Poetry" which was released by Metal Scrap Records.
Drums range from slow to mid paced playing with only a small amount of fast playing and blast beats, while the bass playing has a very dark tone with riffs that follow the riffs that are coming out of the guitars, as for the synths they are only used briefly and are used mostly as a sound effect instead of a lead instrument, in addition there is a brief use of folk instruemnts being used on the last song.
Rhythm guitars range from slow to mid paced black metal riffs that have a melodic edge to them that seem to have traditional metal influences mixed in with some clean and soft playing in addition there is only a small amount of fast riffing while the lead guitars are mostly melodic sounding guitar solos and leads, as for the classical guitars which are only utilized briefly they use finger picking to enhance the darkness of the music.
Vocals are mostly grim sounding and high pitched black metal screams mixed in with a brief use of whispers and deep death metal growls as well as a brief use of clean singing female vocals being used on one song, while the lyrics cover honor, way and mysticism, as for the production it has a very strong, powerful and heavy sound to it.
In my opinion Dammerung are a very great sounding mid paced black metal band with a melodic edge and if you are a fan of this style, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Geometry Of Shadows" "Black Arrows of hatred" "Ancient Mother" and "From Earth To Heavens". RECOMMENDED BUY.

OccultBlackMetal (Occult Black Metal Zine)

It has to be said Mother Russia are doing everything right over there, including making the most un-commercial of metal genres somewhat palatable to casual listeners.
Dammerung melodic black metal applies the ‘m’ word to the instrument usage as expected, while also predictably, frontman Saug satisfies to replicate a laryngitis -ridden hyena- happily slow enough to decipher. Allowing a variable twist of rhythms and tempos to connect end-to-end with sounding cobbled in place to pacify, Dammerung lay another example of their nation’s penchant for groove-oriented extreme metal.
Bouncy beats and chugging fist-pumping progressions seem the feature of this album in placed of the usual brutality-meets-speed melee and boy does it rope in fast by the end, even including the Sabbath vibes and even Celtic directions of particular numbers. Some moments do allow them to stall back at square one with the genre’s less endearing aspect but if they hold on tightly to the gift they appear graced with , it is the start of something more than decedent.
Try it!

Dave Attrill (www.metalliville.co.uk)

total death zine 7Jak szpiegostwo donosi “Dark Poetry” to trzeci album tej ukraińskiej hordy. Nie wiem jak duże to uchybienie gdy przyznam, że akurat w przypadku tego zespołu jest to mój dziewiczy kontakt z ich twórczością. No a co my tu mamy? Ano black metal, niezbyt agresywny z dużą dozą melodyki i z wykorzystaniem klawiszy. To takie info dla tych, którzy mają mdłości na samą myśl, że w czarciej sztuce można wykorzystywać parapety. Dodam również, że trio z Dammerung stawia na średnie tempa, bardzo rzadko wychylając się z tej reguły. Czasem słychać w tej muzoli inspirację Satyricon, czasem jak choćby w numerze „The Legacy” wali innym norweskim bandem, Crest of Darkness. Sama muza jest dość prosta, brak tu jakiś fajerwerków, być może dzięki nieprzekombinowaniu album ten wchodzi łatwo i przyjemnie w baniak. Jednym z bardziej urozmaiconych numerów jest ostatni kawałek, odśpiewany w języku ukraińskim „From Earth to Heaven” w którym prócz gitarowej solóweczki, możecie usłyszeć takie cuś jak harfa szczękowa. A jak brzmi ten instrument możecie się przekonać, gdy nabędziecie kopię „Dark Poetry”, tym bardziej że całość muzyczna jest niczego sobie.

Total Death zine #7

apocalyptic rites 6Kurwa co ja się z tym krążkiem namęczyłem aby go sklasyfikować … i wcale nie jestem pewien czy mi się udało. Ukraińcy z Dammerung przyłoili trzecim krążkiem w swojej karierze, choć przyłoili to trochę zbyt dużo powiedziane. Zaczynamy „Geometry Of Shadows” – wolny, marszowy kawałek położony na chórach a la Bathory, tworzącymi klimat. Później wchodzi symfoniczny i lekko nostalgiczno-depresyjny a momentami folkowy BM, a klimat pozostaje już do końca. Dammerung gra przestrzenny, ale przez zastosowane w tle klawisze i różne efekty (wichry, szum morskich fal) trochę wygładzony Black Metal. Do tego mnóstwo melodii (czasami wręcz rockowej), trochę plumkania, trochę szybszych partii, trochę podniośle i wokal, który mnie trochę drażni. Niby agresywny scream, ale jakiś taki babajagowy (jeśli wiecie o co mi chodzi). Niby wszystko, co powinno być w tej stylistyce jest, ale … zaklasyfikowałbym chłopaków raczej do drugiej ligi takiego grania.

Apocalyptic Rites 'zine #6




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