I can’t remember the last time I heard any new material from a Russian metal band. What I thought was an engaging album, Cydia‘s latest album, Victims of System is a modern day trip to the groovy and modern side of metal that was prevalent in the last decade.
This 11-track album had me thinking of many prominent names in metal such as Soilwork, Devildriver and Soulfly. Recommended for fans of those bands and like bands the album stays true to their main genres deeming this album pretty direct and aggressive in many ways. Overall, an abundance of heavy groove and even slight, faint hints of metalcore, the album has a big American metal influence to it. What adds to the experimentation of the album is also the hints of electronics, keys and samples also are what enticed me to give the group a shot. Though the album really is enriched by the metal sound of the early millenia, that is not a bad thing at all as metal we know expands many decades and the choice of era does not matter.
From start to end, the album is pretty soild and fairly decent and several of the tracks do stick out more than others which make for a memorable impact. The opening track, Icy March, is captivated as such. Very anthemic instrumentals, no vocals, this is a grand intro that makes was for the first wild one, Dancing on the Grave. Very heavy riffs of course, the bold captivated groove is very obvious and the hints of electronics give this one an industrial sounding theme, let alone an appealing track nonetheless. Really though, if you want things to get more groovy and rhythmatic, check out the track, Scars. A personal preference of melodic guitarwork, the track Imitation of Life, really gets at the pinnacle of things. On the border of clean/rough vocals, really you could feel just the raw emotion from the vocals on this track. The emotion just triggers goosebumps and eargasms to the core.
The guitar structurization and composure gets very bold and confident sounding in Get Me Out. Lots of progressive changes this time around, this is one of those tracks that keeps things engaging, as previously described which keeps the metal blood pumping and very much active. Another aspect of the album highly worthy of checking out is the twin guitar/keyboard work as found on the track, Loop. Above all else, the solos were very much definitive and defining here as a handful of tracks are faint of solos. In all senses what really threw me off that was unexpected but really awesome and I was glad, was the atmospheric and ambient presence in the closing track, Glorious Brave. That is only but just part of the track as the remainder of the final six minutes also comprise of headbanging riffs and pounding drums taking that familiar modern metal approach that’s been heavily dominitative throughout the album.
The more and more I give this album a spin, the more I am enjoying it. It definitely takes me back to my roots of growing up and fuels that more aggressive side in all of us. While their sound could be described as already been done or likewise, they have their own spin on things and they are certainly not a replicated band in the slightest bit. This album is also perhaps one of the more memorable performances from the vocal perspective. For having it be their second release, I am very much looking forward to their next album. After listening to another Russian metal act, I think it’s safe to say we need more Russian metal bands for sure. Stay Metal \m/

Fernando (welovemetal.com)


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